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This fall will mark the beginning of my 15th year as President of Campagne Québec-Vie. Our Christian-inspired pro-life movement was founded in 1989 to reverse the trend in Quebec to deny, in the name of liberalism, the laws of God affecting human life and the family.

Liberalism is an ideology that disfigures and ultimately destroys true freedom. This false belief that the freedom to choose takes precedence over all other considerations has deep roots in our contemporary societies and the fight against this erroneous belief will be difficult and probably long term. The fight for freedom and against the disfigurement of it is above all a fight against sin because whoever “does what he wants” without regard to the laws of God, commits sin and becomes a slave to sin, and therefore a prisoner. True freedom is obtained by holiness, that is, the knowledge of God, the love of Him, and the loving obedience to His will, expressed by His laws.

Too many of our contemporaries think otherwise: they believe that freedom consists in choosing for themselves what is good or bad. They thus call themselves “authentic” and “sincere.” But sincerity, although necessary (because one who does good deeds while not believing in them would be a hypocrite), is not sufficient. Yes, you must do everything to understand why this or that thing is bad or good. But then you must do good, true good, to be good. And here lies the difficulty. It often happens that a person makes a mistake. That she “sincerely” chooses evil. This is a great mystery. In these cases, rightful authority, which is responsible for the common good and the lives of the innocent, must protect the weakest. This why it is not up to the woman to decide to have an abortion, because even if she sincerely believes that she has “a right” to abortion, by exercising this so-called “right,” she endangers the life of another – the unborn child – who has a real right to life. Authority must protect the little ones. It must prohibit abortion and other attacks on life and the family.

As I said, this fight against abortion and the other excesses of our era will probably be a long one, because the evil is not only rooted in the souls of individuals, but in the very structures of our “liberal” society, which reinforces the error of liberalism and “choice” at all costs by multiple means: legislation (gay marriage, euthanasia, abortion), media (biased news, trans propaganda, racy magazines, subversive shows, etc.), and education (via courses in ethics and religious culture impregnated with liberalism and religious indifferentism, and others in corrupted sex education, to name two.)

In the light of the above, it may come as no surprise to you that we at Campagne Québec-Vie feel powerless in the face of the magnitude of the task to be accomplished! It is the Church that has the mandate to raise man from sin and to structure societies so that they conform to the will of God, Campagne Québec-Vie constituting at most only a tiny organ within the Mystical Body of Christ. Also, we have recently been looking to increase our strike force in Quebec and in French Canada. This is why we have approached a Canadian pro-life group for logistical and financial assistance necessary for the continuation of our work over the long term.

Following talks that spanned several months, I am pleased to announce that Campagne Québec-Vie is now fully part of the great family of Campaign Life Coalition, the largest Canadian pro-life organization and the principal organizer of the National March for Life in Ottawa. (See the enclosed bulletin for a synopsis the March.) This partnership has already allowed us to add two new people to our team: a director of political operations in Quebec and a graphic designer / news reporter.

Over the coming months, we will continue to integrate our various activities and processes to work ever more effectively, in Quebec and in the rest of Canada, for a Culture of Life. Finally, this partnership will also allow us to extend our influence beyond Quebec to touch the hearts and consciences of Francophones outside Quebec - in Northern Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Alberta, and elsewhere.

On behalf of the entire Campagne Québec-Vie team, I would like to thank you for your support in this work, which will certainly not be lacking any time soon. We have nothing less to do than to show our contemporaries the way to true freedom, one that cares for both God and one’s neighbour, even when the latter lives in this or her mother’s womb.

Yours for Life,

Georges Buscemi
Campagne Québec-Vie

(Mr. Buscemi’s text was translated via Google translator and edited thereafter by Brian Jenkins.)

P.S. The activities that contributed to the great success of the National March for Life in Ottawa (see the newsletter for a short report) have almost dried up our monetary reserves. Your monetary help this month would be a big plus for us get through the summer which is normally a quieter time when it comes to giving; click here to make a gift. We thank you wholeheartedly!

Quebec Life Coalition

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Bus Schedule - National March for Life, Ottawa

Brian --

The National March for Life - Ottawa, is set for next week.

On Thursday, May 11, 2023, two chartered buses, coach style, will make the single day trip to our nation's capital permitting participants to be the voice for the voiceless, the vulnerable of our society.

Click on the picture below to learn how you can be participant.

I hope to see you in Ottawa!

Brian Jenkins
(438) 930-8643

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There is no "right" to abortion

By Georges Buscemi, president of Quebec Life Coalition
Translated by Quebec Life Coalition staff.

On April 26, a column by Elsie Lefebvre (former Parti Québécois MP and Montreal city councillor) appeared on the Journal de Montréal website, discussing an announcement by Martine Biron, Minister responsible for the Status of Women, that she would soon be launching a "consultation" to ensure that the "right to abortion" becomes enshrined in Quebec law. The title of the article: Abortion rights threatened, even here in Quebec.

Lefebvre reviews the more or less well-founded reasons for believing that the "right" to abortion is threatened in Quebec and Canada: "Trumpist" Pierre Poilièvre and pro-life MPs "emanating from the conservative religious right", as well as "pro-life volunteers who are slowly but surely weaving their web" and other boogeyman who “give her goosebumps”, are, according to Lefebvre, working together to weaken access to abortion.

We won't dwell on the hysterical aspect of the analysis (Trump! Pro-lifers weave their web! etc.). What is most annoying is the underhanded manipulation of the reader's mind by claiming, through a headline such as "Abortion Rights Threatened," that the assertion that abortion is a "right" is so obvious that it does not even need to be defended. But the opposite is true: it is obvious that abortion is not a right, that such a "right" cannot exist, and that if there exists today in Western societies permission to abort, or tolerance of the crime of abortion, it is because we have no respect for the right to life of the unborn class of humans. Moreover, if the current state of affairs is now threatened, that is very good news, because not only is abortion not a right, it is a blatant example of a human rights violation. But to understand this, we must first know what a "right" is.

Definition of "human rights"

Human rights are, according to Wikipedia (I'm quoting a source that is certainly not to the advantage of pro-lifers), "a philosophical, legal, and political concept, according to which every human being possesses universal, inalienable rights, regardless of positive law (existing law) or other local factors such as ethnicity, nationality, or religion." Basically, certain things are due to the innocent human person, such as life, speech, the right to associate, and this, regardless of one’s origin, size, beliefs. These rights can only be taken away or limited for serious reasons, such as in the case of a murderer who must be incarcerated for the protection of other citizens. This concept of human rights is incompatible, again according to Wikipedia, "with the idea that building a better society justifies the elimination or oppression of those who are supposed to stand in the way of the realization of that better society."

And this is the simple reason why abortion is a violation of human rights: in order to build a better world for one class of people — women — pro-abortionists claim that it is legitimate to sacrifice the lives of members of another class of people, the unborn. This goes against the very concept of an innate human right, a right that is possessed by virtue of man's humanity and has not been conferred upon him by a state or other human power. We do not have the right to kill the unborn, period, even if that killing might —in the view of the perpetrator, of course, and not the victim — seem to make our society "progress".

Now, here a pro-abortionist might try to take refuge in the nonsensical argument that the embryo is not "human" or "a person". I say "nonsensical" because there are only a few months and a little water and food between the embryo and the newborn baby it will become. Do we dare to claim that adding a little water to an embryo would have changed its nature, transformed it from the simple animal that it was, into a human being? Or worse: would an unborn child become human only after it has completely left the womb, as our delusional Canadian Criminal Code claims, as if the birth canal were endowed with magical powers that could transform a "cluster of cells" into a baby with human rights? The unborn child is therefore obviously a human being, from the moment of conception, regardless of the pro-abortionists who look for a pretext to eliminate it when it is advantageous to them.

Finally, and this is the sad reality, I believe that many pro-abortionists, if they claim to promote "human rights", do not really believe in them. Many of them have a purely material view of existence: all humans, not just babies, are just "clumps of cells" or piles of matter. Rights have no hold on heaps of matter, but only on human beings, endowed with immortal souls created directly by God. Basically, without a conception of the divine and the spiritual, everything becomes matter to be owned or thrown away, and human rights evaporate. All that remains is the will of the strongest at the expense of the weakest, which we see today manifested in many ways. It is up to us, believers in a God who created us and conferred rights and duties on us, to preserve this idea of human rights, even if many of our fellow citizens betray this ideal while praising it.

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National March for Life--less than 2 weeks to go!

The National March for Life - Ottawa, is upon us.

Thursday, May 11, 2023, is less than two weeks away.

Yes, the march is set for that day. Yet there is much more going on, six days of activities; consult the official web site for details - .

QLC Micro-Conference (in French)

Something New at the National March for Life - In addition to those activities, the Quebec Life Coalition is hosting a novel event - a micro-conference. Four speakers will give allocutions: QLC President Mr. Georges Buscemi, Mr. Jeff Gunnerson, president of Campaign Life Coalition, Ms.Tanya Patry, mother of Lily-Rose, and Ms. Lise Dufour. The latter two ladies will give personal testimonies.

When: Thursday, May 11, 2023, from 16h00 à 18h00

Where: Basement of Saint-Theresa church (95 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K2P 0H3).

Re Tanya Patry -- the mother of Lily-Rose, will share her testimony of how she came close to abort her child and what changed her mind. For a preview of her talk, go to the twentieth minute mark of the following video - Théovox.

Re MsLise Dufour, she has recently published a book chronicling her abortion experience and the faith journey permitting her to mourn her loss. Her book, entitled J'ai avorté...par peur. Avec Lui, espérer encore. will be available for purchase.

The fifteen to twenty minute talks will be followed by a question period.

The gathering is free of charge, yet donations are always welcome.

After the event, a chartered bus will return day travelers to Montreal at 6:00 pm. 


Two buses are chartered to bring Montrealers to the National March.

Departures (7:00 am)

  • Downtown-Bonaventure (Tim Hortons, 895 de La Gauchetière Street West)
  • Pointe-Claire (Reno Depot, 400 Brunswick Blvd., Pointe-Claire H9R 5X4)


  • Bus no. 1: 4:00 p.m., Saint Theresa Church, 95 Somerset Street West
  • Bus no. 2: 6:00 p.m., Saint Theresa Church, 95 Somerset Street West

To reserve a seat, call (438) 930-8643.
Cost: 60$ per person, 120$ per couple or family (couple + children under 18), 40$ students and seniors.

See you Thursday, May 11, 2023!

Brian Jenkins
Quebec Life Coalition
(438) 930-8643

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Quebec's National Assembly votes unanimously to support drag queens

Martine Biron, Minister of International Relations and Francophonie and Minister responsible for the Status of Women.

Blog by Augustin Hamilton (Quebec Life Coalition) - Photo: La Presse

To what do we owe this unanimous motion recently voted in the Salon Bleu in defense of the so-called "drag queens"? This message full of emotion (but little reason...), launched at the initiative of Québec solidaire, proclaims: "the National Assembly stresses that drag queens should not, under any circumstances, face violent insults, intolerance and hatred for their participation in the reading of children's stories".

What appalling threats were the poor drag queens subjected to? According to La Presse, which reported the facts (or at least part of them...), a demonstration took place in front of the building where a reading by a "drag queen" known as Barbada was to be held for children, leading the City of Saint-Catherine in Montérégie to move the event. A sign held up by one of the protesters read: "drag queens do not belong in our schools" and "they belong in 18+ places".

It takes a little (or even a lot...) of imagination, with a good pinch of emotion (in the right direction, if you can), to see hatred for "Barbada" — if that's the worst "intolerance", "violent insult" or "hatred" the man has faced.

On the other hand, it is certainly intolerable that a man disguised as a caricature of a woman comes to read dubious stories to children with the aim of deconstructing the "social norm" in them. It is already strange, to say the least, that an individual wants to perform in an immoderate assortment, it is certainly not healthy that he transmits this fad to the younger generations.

Nevertheless, concurrently with the parliamentary unanimity, Éric Duhaime, leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (but not deputy), has launched a petition that goes somewhat against the performances of "drag queens" among children.

In passing, the article in La Presse points out that "Quebec differs from Tennessee's policies in its relationship with drag queens" because that state now bans their display in places where minors may be present. Ugly, isn't it?

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Our pro-life message to a post-Easter world

Humanly speaking, ending abortion in our country, or at least making it illegal, is the political equivalent of reversing the law of gravity. For a man or woman who does not have faith, there is nothing more insane than to get involved in this fight which, from a merely human point of view, is a waste of time. Let us look at the state of affairs, the battlefield in front of us, pro-life fighters, with the eyes of the world.

First, there are the 338 federal MPs in Canada. It is up to them to legislate against the murder of unborn children. To pass a law that would criminalize abortion, a bill would have to be introduced. There is no tolerance for pro-lifers in the following parties: the Liberal Party, the Bloc Québécois and the NDP. That leaves only fringe parties to accommodate pro-lifers, or the Conservative Party, which, although it has fairly regular access to power, barely tolerates the presence of pro-life MPs. If we can now count on about 40 pro-life MPs in that party (mostly from rural ridings in Western Canada), we would need at least 129 more to achieve a majority of votes in the House of Commons. Where will these votes come from today? The situation is similar in the Senate.

Let us now turn our attention to the electorate, for it is ultimately the electorate that has the duty to elect members of parliament. Here the situation is not much better. If barely 10% of the MPs are pro-life, this is only a more or less accurate reflection of the proportion of those who respect the life of the unborn child within the electorate. The 90 percent who are not pro-life, or fully pro-life, are certainly not all zealots for human sacrifice, but they may have an even more serious flaw, a complete indifference and selfishness. They mostly vote for their bellies.

Let us turn to those who are responsible for the formation of the public, for its instruction, education and entertainment. The mass media (the CBC, other news channels, major newspapers, etc.) are won over to the pro-abortion ideology of “choice” without regard for the life of the unborn child. In a newsroom, we would be hard-pressed to find even one pro-lifer out of 100, and the odds would be that the pro-lifer in that room would only have the job of emptying the trash cans and changing the water jug. The situation is the same in theatres or movie studios: if they don’t always produce “pro-choice” propaganda series or films, they very often produce simply vulgar works that corrupt morals and further dumb down the population, making them unable to vote properly. As for schools and universities, they are not in much better shape, most of them working around the clock to free students from the “taboos” (morals) and “superstitions” (faith) that their parents may have tried to instill in them.

Moreover, no country is completely isolated, but tends to form blocs of like-minded countries. Now, the Western bloc (Europe/USA/Great-Britain-Canada-Australia, etc.) is largely “pro-choice,” except for a few states within the US. The Asian blocs (China, India, Japan, etc.) are also pro-choice, in the sense that they do not consider the unborn child a human being in the fullest sense of the word. Africa is rather pro-life, but poor, without much influence, and constantly harassed for its “retrograde” values. Let’s not dwell on supranational bodies such as the UN, the WHO, the European Union, or the World Economic Forum, which constantly promote not only abortion, but everything that contributes to it, such as contraception, gay pseudo-marriage and surrogate motherhood, not to mention a delirious transhumanism and a nihilistic ecologism.

Finally —and I am still speaking from a human perspective—the greatest challenge for pro-lifers is the almost complete collapse, from the second half of the 20th century onwards, of the pro-life institution par excellence, the Catholic Church, which for 2,000 years taught the dignity of Man from the moment of his conception by preaching the existence of a God-Man who became incarnate in the virginal womb of His Mother. The Church today is in such a state of discredit and popular opprobrium, in such a state of demographic decrepitude (priests and religious whose average age is around 75 years) that it no longer seems to be able to counteract the influence of the above-mentioned media and anti-educational mind-deformation systems. On the contrary, in its advanced state of decay, it has not only ceased to oppose contemporary errors, but is hurrying to bless certain so-called “positive” aspects of them, hoping perhaps to gain some recognition, although these attempts at conciliation only provoke universal contempt.

Here then, from a human point of view, are the challenges we face as pro-lifers in Quebec, in Canada and in the world. In order to achieve our goal, we must convert almost all parliaments, senates, courts, media, schools and universities, and international bodies. And in the eyes of churchmen—these representatives of the Institution in charge of converting man from sins such as abortion—we are generally perceived as embarrassing backward people from whom it would be better to be rid of to look better in the eyes of the world…


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Praying and Witnessing

With Easter upon us, I’m writing to wish you and your loved ones a most blessed Easter season.

Further, I’m writing to you only days after the Quebec Life Coalition’s annual Lenten 40-day prayer vigil for the end of abortion has ended. On the final day of the vigil, Sunday, April 2, 2023, between thirteen and fifteen of us came out to pray and witness publicly for the protection of unborn life.

Background: For the past fifteen years, the Quebec Life Coalition (QLC) has hosted twice annually – during Lent and in the fall, public prayer vigils near abortion facilities, inviting people of faith to gather and pray and witness for the end of abortion.

It was a beautiful sunny day from start to finish. The closing ceremony began 3pm, reciting some final prayers, doing a half-hour of Eucharistic adoration, and fellowshipping in a local restaurant over some fine Italian food. Many thanks to the prayer volunteers who were able to make it today; and to the many who could not, thank you for your warm wishes.

This Lenten season, since Ash Wednesday, February 22, 2023, when the vigil began, close to eighty different people have prayed and witnessed to the importance of unborn life at the intersection of Berri and St. Catherine Streets in downtown Montreal. These persons have logged a combined total of about 500 hours of prayer/witnessing time.

Under the onus of building a Christian culture that defends faith, family, and the human person from conception to natural death, the vigil combined two of the three foundational elements of our organization – aid to women and education, with the third being political activism.

Regarding the latter, my colleague Arpad Nagy is the active agent in the latter movement while a dedicated team led by QLC President Georges Buscemi works daily to update our website and social media to inform you of events impacting faith, family, and life.

This year the 40-day prayer vigil had a very distinctive quality to it – helping pregnant women.

Since February 22, 2023, we have been privileged to meet and assist three women pregnant experiencing difficult in their lives.

The circumstances regarding each varies.

For instance, one of these women came to see me while I was vigilating on the streets. At the time I was alone, yet the day did not begin that way. From 8am, prayer volunteers came to the site, replacing one another. The flow stopped at around one o’clock when I found myself alone. Then about an hour and an half later, a young couple, mid-twenties, came to speak to me.

The woman began speaking.

With tears gradually filling her eyes, she shared that she could not carry through with her abortion appointment. She recounted that on finding out she was pregnant and having a busy lifestyle as a student, she resolved to abort her child. She made an appointment for the following week and on the appointed day, presented herself at the abortion facility. This is when her epiphany happened. She realized that she was about to end the life which was budding inside of her; a life depended on her.

In tears, standing in front of me she expressed contrition over her initial decision.

I congratulated her for her courage and gave her my contact information saying that if there was anything I could do, I would gladly help.

As for the two other pregnant ladies we are helping, both are resolved in keeping their child, yet because of difficult social circumstances, they and their unborn child are vulnerable prey to our social planners. We are helping them build a support network which will permit them and their children to grow and live in security.

This is just a small part of the work with QLC that your donations help to fund.

Our faith is our strength and so we organize prayer vigils to defend our faith, families, and life.

Wishing you a blessed Easter Season

Sincerely Yours,


Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition



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This is what the world wants to ban

Do you know what conversion therapy is? It's an intervention that aims to lead a person struggling with same-sex attractions to feel these attractions less and, simultaneously, to develop attractions for people of the opposite sex. Nothing more natural than such therapies.

However, these therapies are now illegal in Quebec and Canada. In Quebec, anyone who advertises or offers such therapy faces fines of up to $150,000 and criminal prosecution. And this, even if this therapy is offered to an adult who requests it and consents to it! How is this possible in a country that claims to be in favor of freedom of expression and belief?

Here we see all the hypocrisy of our ruling class: so-called freedom is granted for the exercise of evils such as abortion, euthanasia and gay "marriage" while being forbidden to those who want to live according to the truth -- in the case of therapies, the truth about human sexuality.

One might think that this criminalization of "conversion therapies" is not of great importance for the vast majority of citizens. Let us not be fooled. This is a major step towards criminalizing any expression condemning the immorality that prevails today. Above all, it is an outright attack on Christianity, which is fundamentally incompatible with the LGBT "lifestyle". Indeed, the criminalization of "conversion therapy" is only a thinly-veiled criminalization of conversion in the strict sense, that is to say, the condemnation of sin and the conversion of the sinner. This is what this world wants to ban: the very idea that a person could be wrong and that he ought to change his life, with the help of Christ.

Recently, pseudo-journalists from the Métro newspaper infiltrated Christian groups to find providers of conversion therapy. It's a real witch hunt and it's scandalous that a publication lends itself to such an exercise. We must fight with all our might this latent persecution of people of good will and of Christians.


I wanted to thank those who donated to our Lenten fundraising campaign. According to my latest calculations, we exceeded our initial goal of 12,000$! But if you haven't donated yet, help us surpass our goal even further, allowing us to reach even more people with our Life-giving message.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi

P.S. P.S. The closing ceremony of the 40 Days for Life vigil will be held in Montreal on Sunday, April 2, 2023, at 3 p.m., at the northwest corner of Berri and Sainte-Catherine (1400 Berri street). Program: Rosary of Divine Mercy, adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, followed by a light fraternal meal.

Also, don't forget to put The National March for Life on your calendar. This event is held this year on Thursday, May 11. Watch the video to learn more!

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When the media become the sleuths of power to unearth "conversion therapies"

Blog by Augustin Hamilton (Campaign Life Coalition) — WavebreakMediaMicro/Adobe Stock

An article in the Métro newspaper tells us that reporters from the rag have been introducing themselves to Protestant churches as people uncomfortable with their "sexual orientation" and seeking a solution to it, in order to find out if they offer "conversion therapies" — illegal in Canada, and more so in Quebec.

According to Métro:

Some churches are offering conversion therapies for LGBTQ+ people in Montreal, a year after Canada passed a law banning them. Journalists from Métro investigated these churches claiming to want to change their sexual orientation and obtained one of these therapies, which is similar to an exorcism.

Note that said journalists did not hesitate to lie to flush out the purveyors of "conversion therapies," but that the Métro article does not hesitate to point out that these churches denied providing "therapies" when openly questioned by the newspaper. Oh, while we're at it, can you tell me when reporters stop lying so I know if they're telling the truth in their article?

But what is "conversion therapy"? "Conversion therapy" is the term used in Canada's Bill C-4 and Quebec's Bill 70 to refer to any attempt to change or repress a person's "sexual orientation", "gender identity" or "gender expression". However, both laws agree to prohibit only "conversion therapies" aimed at "changing a person's sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression or repressing non-heterosexual sexual behaviour," to quote the Quebec law. So why not prohibit "therapies" that are intended to make a person homosexual? The "therapies" that the Métro spies went through consisted of prayers from the pastor of the church they were seeking, and some advice.

One of the reporters (still under the mask of a lie...) contacted a pastor, claiming he wanted to help his younger brother get over his "sexual orientation," leading Pastor Karl DeSouza to reveal that he would know of support groups for such a person, according to Métro :

The pastor offered to put the young man in touch with support groups located in various places in Canada, including some in Montreal. These groups would be made up of "Christian brothers and sisters" who are "struggling with homosexuality" and who could testify about how they are "overcoming it."

"You are not alone," he assured him. "Once I make contact with these people, they will put me in the network where they will give me other contacts."

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Le Journal de Montréal confirms that “Baby Daniel’s” abortion took place

Augustin Hamilton’s Blog (Quebec Life Coalition)

Yesterday, February 16, 2023, Le Journal de Montréal published an article written by Héloïse Archambault, with the collaboration of Frédérique Giguère, reporting that a hospital felt "compelled to call the police because of aggressive anti-choice activists", essentially confirming that the baby, whom we have nicknamed "Daniel", had indeed been aborted.

This confirms, if it were necessary, that when we announced "Baby Daniel’s" forthcoming late abortion we were not spreading false news, whatever some people may think...

To take the case back to its beginning, before addressing Archambault's article, let's first look at the chronology of events as we have learned it.

On the morning of February 1, 2023, a whistleblower contacted a pro-life organization other than ours, via social networks, to communicate her dismay. She was aware of an exceptional medical staff meeting at Montreal’s Sacré-Coeur Hospital on how to perform an abortion at 38 weeks of pregnancy the next morning.

See: Pro-life organization and Montreal doctor call for challenge to abortion status quo following reports of lethal injection of unborn child at 38 weeks of pregnancy

Faced with the revelation that this barbaric, disgusting act would take place at 38 weeks, we sent an email to our subscribers the same day, asking them to pray that the abortion would not take place, that a baby would be saved.

Later that day, a pro-life Montrealer, Marie-Josée Rivest, contacted us: she had called Sacré-Coeur Hospital and an employee of the institution had confirmed to her that this late-term abortion was really going to take place the next day. Note also that about 100 people responded to our email, but other than Mrs. Rivest, no one informed us as to whether they had contacted the hospital in any way.

The following day, February 2, 2023, our first source informed us that the abortion had taken place as planned.

At noon on Friday, February 10, 2023, Quebec Life Coalition held a press conference at the corner of Fréchette Street and Gouin Boulevard West, not far from Sacré-Coeur Hospital. Note that the rally took place more than 50 meters from the hospital, in order to comply with the exclusion zone imposed by law 92 around places performing abortions.

Click here to view the press conference.

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