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Prayer: Our Ultimate and Unconquerable Weapon

Dear Friends of Life,

This past Wednesday, August 20, Superior Court Judge Chantal Lamarche (pictured below) rendered her decision in the case involving our prayerful presence outside three abortion mills and as many expected she ruled in favour of the three plaintiffs against us.

Chantal_Lamarche.jpgI write “expected” because during the hearing of Tuesday, June 16, 2015, Madame Judge showed her bias against our side in varying ways.

One moment in particular I will remember for some time to come. Addressing the charge that our presence on the sidewalks of Montreal is tantamount to accosting clients of the buildings in which the mills are located, our lawyer Me. Robert Reynolds, compared our presence with the all too familiar scene Montrealers face daily entering and leaving the city’s Metro stations.

Many of you undoubtedly know what I mean. There, commuters are “greeted” by peddlers handing out copies of free newspapers.

No sooner had Me. Reynolds made his point that Montrealers are inured to this type of behaviour that Judge Lamarche interrupted him, quipping sarcastically of the absurdity of comparing the actions of these peddlers to what we were doing outside the mills.

The judge’s intervention stunned me. The reaction would be more consistent with an outburst from the attorneys of our opponent rather than from Madame Justice, whose role, I thought, would be to sit impassively listening to both sides, taking notes in preparation of her decision. Yet perhaps her decision had already been made.

So, the order stands; we are not to approach within a city block any of these three mills. (Read her fourteen-page judgment here.)


The first order of business is prayer. We need to remember Madame Justice Lamarche and the other persons involved in this misguided butchery; to pray for their conversion to the culture of life.

Second, do remember us in your prayers. We need to decide on the next course of action in this matter, whether judicial or otherwise. As always your financial support will be greatly appreciated.

MillsBerri2.jpgChildren continue to die at an alarming rate within these mills. According to the Montreal French daily La Presse of this past August 20, 2015, days, these three mills account for close to a third of the yearly abortions performed in all of Quebec. The daily cited that over 25000 abortions are performed annually in Quebec, though no records were produced to substantiate this value. (We believe that the figure is closer to 30 if not 35 000.)

Prayer also includes participating in our next 40-days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion. This is set to begin Wednesday, September 23, 2015 and run through to Sunday, November 1. To date, over 300 locations worldwide have registered – a wonderful testimony to the importance of praying, fasting, and advocating for the cause of the unborn and their mothers.

As we are forbidden to be outside these abortion mills, we will return to our familiar site on Saint Joseph Blvd. East. Though the Morgentaler clinic moved from this location November past, it had been performing its ghastly deed in its seventh floor offices since 1995. Thirty years of abortions year in, year out. As the court documents indicate that they do 3000 per year, these premises have been the site of 90 000 abortions!

Consider joining us on Saint Joseph Blvd. East to render just homage to these senseless deaths much as other memorials worldwide – Auschwitz, Dachau, give fitting tributes to barbarous acts of inhumanity.

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Brian Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator

Quebec Life Coalition


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No Ringing the Bell About Abortion


It has taken years, but the once taboo topic of mental illness has generally found acceptance in society. From a topic spoken about in hush tones and whispers often with malaise decades ago, today it is treated openly enough in the popular media and civil society.

What has not followed suit are discussions about mental illness arising from having procured an abortion. Aside from an increasing documented evidence in scientific peer-reviewed literature correlating abortion with depression, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, and suicide, popular media and civil society continue to shun such talk.

Deborah Rankin develops this point in a blog available on Ville Marie Online.

No Ringing the Bell About Abortion offers a Canadian perspective of this issue, noting how a corporation is willing to champion mental health but draws a line when it comes to examining the role that abortion plays in this illness.

The author continues her Canadiana tour with an examination of the political landscape. Justin Trudeau appears to be a favorite target, and rightly so. He epitomizes much of the Canadian denial and schizophrenic syndrome around the issue of abortion by on the one hand advocating for a woman's choice and forbidding his party peers to vote otherwise, and on the other denying his mother's much publicized abortion and the grizzly death of his sibling.

Other articles by the same author on the topic of abortion include:


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Choose Life at the Ballot

The Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, this past Sunday, August 2, 2015, called Canadians to the polls for this October. For additional coverage on Election 2015, click here.

In mid-June I traveled to Niagara Falls in order to attend a conference dealing with the impact of abortion on men. Not only was this good opportunity for professional development but also to meet old friends. I had met Lynn and Scott two summers ago, separately, on the other side of the country while attending workshops dealing with the impact that abortion has on families.

Miller2.pngLynn lives in the Hamilton area and is doing graduate studies in psychology. She brings a passionate perspective to the topic of abortion in that as an adopted child, she vehemently encourages me to do my utmost to help mothers keep the child they are bearing.

Scott, seen here with me, is a Pentecostal pastor and addictions counselor in Winnipeg. His own experience of abortion lead him to start a ministry whose focus is to bring men to fuller restoration in the various areas that abortion has affected them.

An important area of his work came about unexpectedly. He began prison visits, sharing with the detainees his faith as well as his life experiences, including his part in the abortion of his child. To his surprise, his testimony resonated with many. He subsequently learned that many men have a personal experience of abortion, having coerced a woman to abort or standing passively quiet as the woman aborted their child. Many men remain wounded from the experience.

A month later, I was able to renew other ties, this time travelling to Chicago to attend the fifth annual National Sidewalk Counseling Symposium. Two years ago I participated for the first time when it was held in the Minneapolis/Saint-Paul area, meeting Fr. Frank Pavone, founder of the Priests for Life ministry and Mr. David Bereit co-founder of the 40 Days for Life prayer movement for the end of abortion, persons committed to ending abortion.

At that time I had traveled with Enza Rattenni, the director of the Toronto Aid to Women pro-life organization operating in Toronto. It was a blessing to see her again this year in Chicago and to share about our respective battles to defend life.


As to the next gathering I didn't have to travel as far. Our yearly and quite popular corn roast was on Sunday, August 16 at 12 pm at our offices (3330 Rivier St. Montreal, H1W 3Z9), on the grounds of St-Émile church. This yearly event consists of partaking on some fine fare, sharing stories, and listening to a conference. On this latter point, the Rev. André Blais will shared his reflections on the topic of the upcoming Synod of the Family set for later this year in October. His thirty minute presentation was appreciated and after a dessert break we reconvened for a question and Answer period.


I wish to thank you for your on-going support. Doing so helps us to network with other groups and persons across the country and in other countries to build a culture of life.

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition

We have yet to hear from Judge Chantal Lamarche. On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, her honour presided the judicial hearing to determine whether an injunction will be set concerning our sidewalk counseling ministry. As Judge Lamarche did not render a decision on that day, she has up to six months to do so. Please invoke Saint Michael on her behalf as undoubtedly she is under a lot of spiritual and worldly pressure to decide according to the ways of the world.


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Mother Russia has it Right

Top scientists meet in Moscow, tell Russian government: Fetus is human. Ban abortion.


This headline appeared atop an article written by LifeSiteNews writer Steve Jalsevac about a conference he recently attended in Russia.

The purpose of the conference attended by persons from about 16 countries was to show that "science overwhelmingly confirms the humanity of the unborn child from the moment of conception – and to demand that prenatal infanticide be banned in the country."

As Russian penal law states that "the moment when life begins should be determined by the best scientific evidence," two dozen scientists from around the world gathered to give reasons why life begins at conception.

The symposium proceedings will presented to the Russian government.

The LifeSiteNews article may be read here.

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Savings Lives: From the Courthouse to the Phone Line

Dear Friends of Life,

You may have heard that we were at the Montreal courthouse this past Tuesday, June 16, 2015.

Quebec Life Coalition President Mr. Georges Buscemi, our lawyer Me. Robert Reynolds, and I spent the day defending our position – we have the right to be on the sidewalk - the public right of way, so as to offer alternatives to women and men who are thinking of aborting their unborn child.

Three Montreal abortion facilities had petitioned the Quebec Superior Court this past spring for an injunction barring us from being outside their establishments.

It was quite a learning experience - listening to the proceedings, witnessing the application of the rule of law, testifying. By day’s end, I felt drained.


The presiding magistrate, Judge Chantal Lamarche, ended the day by ordering us to stay away from these abortion facilities until she submits a written judgment. She has six months, maximum, to render her decision.

There are several judicial outcomes. The June 16 proceedings were to determine whether a temporary injunction be set. A second trial shall be held to determine if a permanent injunction be applied. Following this second hearing, either party can appeal; and then after, if I am not mistaken, the Supreme Court, if it deigns to hear the case.

So much for the judicial process.


As you may have thought, our efforts to save lives upset many in our society. The very next day, an article regarding our day in court appeared in the Montreal French daily La Presse on its front page. It was sensational, disparaging and biased.

Consider its headline: Abortion Clinics Seek Protection. From the outset we are presented as a menace, one requiring protection.

This theme of needing “protection” runs through the twenty paragraph article, as the writer attempts to associate us with those who have acted violently in the name of saving life.

The first 3 paragraphs recount an incident involving a man entering the clinic hooded and making intimidating demands to the point where the employees felt the need to call the police. The writer then subtly links us to this intruder, both as menaces to the operation of this facility. One wonders how we who are praying outside on the pavement similar to this intruder !

Then the article misquotes QLC President Georges Buscemi. When asked to comment about the violence done against abortionists, Mr. Buscemi stated “I am against all violence against abortionists, as I am against the violence done to women during the abortion as well as violence against the unborn child.” Yet, the reported quote misinterpreted the second and left out the last of these three. Our society, including the media, is quick to delete any reference to life in the womb.

Finally, the article ends as it began, attempting to associate us with the violent. The journalist gives statistics on how abortionists and their facilities have been the object of some violence over the past 20 years. Hence, we who are praying on the sidewalk and offering alternatives to abortion are portrayed as being guilty by association. “Blessed are you when you are reviled and persecuted for my sake ...”


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« Please help us defray our court costs, click here. Either way, do keep us all in your prayer intentions... as well as those who oppose us for we are all in need of salvation. »
--Brian Jenkins, Outreach Coordinator, Quebec Life Coalition

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Yours in Christ Jesus,

Brian Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator

Quebec Life Coalition


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Life is Worth Living

(Here is a gem I came across in my travels across the diocese. It is dated, yet timeless.)

EVERY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING: Let no one tell you otherwise

BishopCrowley-01c.jpgBy Bishop Leonard J. Crowley (1921-2003)

Auxiliary Bishop of Montreal 

Pope John Paul II has issued a new encyclical letter entitled Evangelium vitae. The directives that he focuses upon, regarding the sanctity and inviolability of human life, are not something new; they are at the very heart of our identity as children of God. For we have always taught and have been taught that God alone is the author and dispenser of life. The pope has taken on the very difficult issues of abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia because these increasingly popular means of terminating life are fast becoming part and parcel of the legislative domain of many generations.

There is no question that many convincing emotional arguments can be made for the termination of hopelessly painful or unwanted life. But each of these pleas for understanding fails to understand that there is a God who initiates, sustains and brings life to its fulfilment. That initiation is a mystery of God’s creative grace; its sustenance is a mystery of his paternal love, and its fulfilment is an integral part of his providential wisdom – all of which are beyond the scope and understanding of medical science, genetic engineering and government control.

Publicity of high-profile cases of assisted suicide, and persuasive arguments on television talk-shows and popular serial dramas do not take away from the fact that our society has lost its basic respect for life. Our young people treat life as an expendable commodity for both their own (witness the high rate of teenage suicide in Quebec) and that of others (witness the extraordinary number of abortions performed upon teenagers, and the very recent horrendous murder of an elderly minister and his wife by three young teen). We have no one to blame for this cavalier attitude towards the termination of life but ourselves and our attempts to justify, on whatever emotional grounds, the direct termination of an innocent life or even one’s own. We are not masters of our own destiny! We are children of a providential God, who has placed us in the “vale of tears” to work out our salvation, to learn the mystery and the wonder of love and to serve humanity by being faithful to the beatitudes. It is the responsibility of each of us, whether we are liberal or conservative in our political and philosophical views, to instill these values in our youth. And there is no better way to instill these precious ideals than by sustaining them in our won outlook on life and living.

The horribly painful suffering and death of the Son of God were not part of the plan of a perverse God who enjoys agony. Jesus’ destiny was and is intended as a model for all of us to recognize the suffering brought on by our sinful condition. We cannot escape that condition in this. But we can try to embrace the saving grace of a God who will always provide for us, even in the darkest, the most lonely and the most agonizing of moments.

Indeed the advances and technological wonders of science and medicine have done much to alleviate the painful conditions suffered by humanity. That is as it should be. But neither science nor government will ever have the right or responsibility to rip away the rights of divine providence. How paradoxical it is that we condemned with justifiable horror the agonizing genetic experiments of Nazis who sought the ubermensch, - the superman, but we condone the governments that have no more respect for life with their abortion legislation, their euthanasia proposals and their discussions supporting legislation for assisted suicide. Whatever the motivation, be it selfish or humanitarian, the termination of innocent life is morally abhorrent. It is this immutable truth that the Holy Father heroically addresses in his most recent appeal to the moral dignity of mankind. We need the voice of spiritual reason to remind us that, left tour own devices, we are far more inclined to selfish destruction than to selfless creation.

My dear friends, life is all we have. We cannot ever justify or support anyone who would systematically find ways of throwing away the one means we have of proving ourselves worthy of the kingdom that the Father has prepared for us, that this Son has died to open to us and that his spirit continuously leads us towards. However strong or weak we are – however rich or poor, however healthy or sick – our life is worth living. Let no one seductively lead us to think otherwise.

 p.s. The Rosary Walk is set for this Saturday morning, July 11, 2015. Meeting after the 10 am mass at Saint-Joseph's Oratory - 3800 Queen Mary road, we will leave there and walk towards and end at the cathedral Mary Queen of the World on René-Lévesque blvd, where a community pic-nic will be held. Bring a hat or a parasol as sunny skies are forecasted. JMJ

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Celebrating Life in July

Hi friends of life,

celebrate-life1.jpgAs the long days and warm temps of summer are upon us, time for Bar-B-Qs and camping, to enjoy life, there are three events i wish to invite you to partake in  over the next couple of weeks.

First, Michel Cacchione will lead an evening of prayer at Saint-Sylvain church this coming FridayJuly 2. The program consists of adoration, mass and fellowship. It all begins at 7 pm (750, boul. Saint-Sylvain, Laval, near Concorde blvd.). All are invited.

Secundo, on Saturday, July 11, 2015 join us for a hike and a picnic for life. We will meet at Saint Joseph's Oratory for the 10 am mass and head out afterwards towards  to the cathedral. The path to be followed for this ninety minute hike remains to be determined, though sauntering through the Cote-des-Neiges cemetery is a possibility. At the cathedral will meet for a picnic in one of the local parks.

Finally, on Monday, July 13, 2015, an evening commemorating the Blessed Virgin under the titles of Rosa Mystica and Our Lady of Guadalupe is being organized at Notre Dame Porte d'Aurore church (métro Jolicoeur). Prayers and hymns begin the evening program at 6:15 pm. and this will be followed by a personal testimony - I.e., an account from a personal devotion to the Blessed Mother. Mass will follow at about 7:45 pm with fellowship afterwards at about 8:30 pm.

Three events set to celebrate and to promote respect for life. Hope to see many of you.

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Federal election in sight

Dear Friends of Life,

Would you consider voting for me in the next federal election?

This past month I was privileged to meet with the leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP), Mr. Rod Taylor. Travelling from Ottawa to the Maritimes, he stopped off in Montreal and we spoke for several hours discussing among other things the possibility of me running under the CHP banner in the forthcoming federal election, set for October 19, 2015.


Is running as a candidate in a federal election relevant to the work that we at the Quebec Life Coalition are doing – i.e., fostering respect for life from conception to a natural death?

I think so, as your support permits the QLC to battle the culture of death in four ways.

First, there is prayer. Through our conscious contact with God in prayer we try to discern His will to bring about a civilization of love, slaying the dragon that is abortion along with its partners.

The QLC is also involved in education. Compiling newsworthy stories on our website, organizing yearly congresses, making public presentations, supporting youth and young adults with their projects are all examples of educational initiatives we are involved with.

Helping Women. For over three years, we are working to make abortion unthinkable with services such as a toll-free help phone line and a post-abortion ministry.


Finally the fourth way we confront the culture of death is politically. We collaborate in planning the yearly National March for Life in Ottawa. Also, you are not unfamiliar with the petition campaigns we have organized against abortion funding, the Quebec euthanasia legislation, and the Supreme Court of Canada ruling on assisted suicide.

Further, regarding the Quebec legislation, we ran a candidate during the 2011 provincial election as a means to inform the electorate not remain silent as the four main political parties were about this issue.

As 2015 is another election year, no federal party, except for the CHP, has a pro-life platform.

As we at the Quebec Life Coalition work to promote the respect for life, the political process is an important tool for championing the plight of the unborn.


First, the CHP is the only pro-life party in Canada.

The Conservative Party of Canada of Mr. Harper, safe for a few backbenchers, has not dealt with the daily slaughter of our most vulnerable Canadians. Canada is the only democratic nation in the world without any law protecting unborn children for the full nine-month term. Incidentally, last month, I received a phone call from a woman in France six-months pregnant who wanted to travel to Canada to abort her child as French forbids abortion after 22-weeks.

So I ask: would you consider voting for me in the forthcoming federal election in order that the unborn, and the other vulnerable members of our society, have a voice in Parliament?

As always, we thank you for your support, in both prayer and in kind, as we plan to run and / or support candidates in the forthcoming election.

May our Lord bless you and your loved ones.

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Brian Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator

Quebec Life Coalition


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Quebecers March on Ottawa

Dear Friends of Life,

Something most unusual happened while bicycling one early Saturday morning.

My attention was drawn to an object falling some fifty yards ahead of me.

As I approached the spot on the roadway where it had landed, a second fell nearby on the sidewalk. To my surprise and puzzlement, I saw two tiny infant squirrels, both visibly shaken by the experience – whimpering, struggling to move, the one on the sidewalk the worst off.

Looking upward into the tree from whence they had come, my bewilderment continued as a third was being tossed, landing on the grass several feet from where I stood.

Wondering how to help, I was immediately confronted by the culprit. An adult squirrel came down the tree and began to inflict additional harm to the one near the trees.

To my surprise witnessing these acts of cruelty had aroused more visceral reaction in me than the fate that happens on a daily basis to members of my own specie through abortion and euthanasia.

Writing on the latter topic, McGill ethicist Margaret Somerville observes:

From a human point of view, for euthanasia, I would say if we legalize this now, how do you think your great-great-grand-children are going to die? Why have we held on trust this value that we must not intentionally kill each other for thousands of years, and then at the beginning of the 21st century, we throw that out and say, “What were we talking about?” I was debating an Australian politician who said that when we pass our best-before date, we should be checked out as efficiently as possible. We are not products to be kicked out of the supermarket of life.

As a society have we lost all visceral sense to the tragedies occurring to our own kind and substituting this for that to the lower creatures.

Somerville seems to think so.

Whether you believe in human exceptionalism matters – that humans are different in kind from other animals – or are we just different in degree? I believe that not seeing humans as special in some ways is currently the world’s most dangerous idea. If you’d do it to your dog, you’d do it to your mother. I think this is the single, biggest, values-ethical-moral-philosophical decision of the 21st century. If we legalize euthanasia, I can’t believe the Supreme Court has done this. I was asked to help draft legislation, only by people who are concerned about it, not by the government. I wrote a letter to Justice Minister Peter MacKay and said you can’t go with this. I thought he should use the notwithstanding clause.
It is a momentous decision. It’s a seismic shift in our most important foundational values, the respect for life.

The Judeo-Christian worldview is an affirming one, in which mankind is made in the image and likeness of God. Our origin is first and foremost the result of a loving God wishing to have us share in His plan of creation, a plan in which love is central and paramount rather than random processes and chromosomal mutations that the secular evolutionary people espouse.

We do not deny evolutionary model is but critically view it as a theory which our intellect can inspect, evaluating its foundational truths.

In addition to our reasoning capacity, the Judeo-Christian worldview is not a predetermined, wound up unfolding but one in which volition plays a role. As free agents we elect between good and evil, right and wrong in our deliberations of exercising our values.

I pray that we do not lose our compassion for all of God’s creation – animal, vegetable, and mineral, nor neglect that for the highest among these – our brothers and sisters.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Brian Jenkins,
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition 


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National March 4 Life - Chartered Buses