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Quebec Life Coalition defends the human person from conception until natural death.



The Culture is upstream from the Ballot Box

South of the border, election fever is gripping many Americans, some of whom are even shooting presidential candidates... Thank God Trump is still alive, no doubt enhanced in the eyes of the electorate after this botched assassination attempt. Whom will voters choose: the bloody, fist-pumping hero or poor "Sleepy Joe"?

Unfortunately, the difference between the two candidates on abortion, mariage and other important issues is less than it used to be: while Joe Biden is still the unconditional champion of abortion, Trump now declares that he supports several exceptions to an abortion ban and that he will not place restrictions on the abortion pill - which is, however, an increasingly used means of abortion, especially to circumvent US state laws restricting abortion.

On the other hand, Trump has chosen Senator J.D. Vance as his running mate. The latter, a convert to Catholicism, claims to be "100% pro-life" but also supports exceptions to the abortion ban for "pragmatic" political reasons.

While our political class works to eke out electoral victories and seeks compromise, we have to work with the culture to fully protect faith, family and life, from conception to natural death. Here are some of the things we're doing to accomplish just that:


In this short volume, David Cooke presents a concise history of euthanasia in Canada. He explains that the 2015 Supreme Court ruling in Carter vs. Canada marked a dangerous departure from centuries of legal and moral principles that protected human life. The subsequent Bill C-14 (in 2016) legalized what was once considered first-degree murder, making some humans “killable.”

Life Chain

The Life Chain is a peaceful, silent demonstration in which participants hold pro-life signs for one hour. Held in hundreds of cities on Sunday, October 6 from 2 to 3 p.m., this initiative is crucial to raising public awareness of the dignity of human life.

Our plan is to triple the number of Life Chains in Quebec. We aim to grow from 11 to 33 chains, increasing our presence and impact across the province. 

Our Annual QLC Corn Roast

Our annual corn roast will be held on Saturday, August 17, 2024, at 3330 Rivier Street, Montreal (Joliette metro) starting at 12 PM. **Speeches delivered during the event will be in French**

  • $10 per person, free for children under 12. Rain or shine.
  • In addition to the delicious corn, participants will have the opportunity to visit our offices and attend an informal conference. To reserve your spot, contact us at (514) 344-2686 or [email protected].

Roe Canada documentary

We recently translated and dubbed the documentary "Roe Canada: Our Forefathers' Land in a Post-Roe World", which explores the potential impact of the overturning of Roe v. Wade in Canada. We invite you to watch it in English or in French.

I'm hoping you can join us at our events or use our resources to help build a Culture of Life in Quebec and beyond!

Yours for Life,

Brian Jenkins
English Outreach coordinator

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Trudeau's MAiD Service

Trudeau's MAiD Service
by David Cooke.

In this short volume, David Cooke presents a concise history of euthanasia in Canada. He explains that the 2015 Supreme Court ruling in Carter vs. Canada marked a dangerous departure from centuries of legal and moral principles that protected human life. The subsequent Bill C-14 (in 2016) legalized what was once considered first-degree murder, making some humans “killable.”

Cooke follows with analyzing the further expansion of MAiD to include those with disabilities and mental illness, highlighting the risks to vulnerable individuals in our society as well as the government’s priority in economic savings over providing care for Canadians. He provides a sharp comparison with Nazi Germany’s T4 program.  He also addresses the dangers of subjective criteria for ending someone’s life.

Cooke is a graduate from Toronto’s Baptist Seminary and has worked as a pastor and as a missionary. He currently serves with Campaign Life Coalition, bringing important and insightful insight to pro-life issues across the country. His short 36 page volume can be purchased in English on Amazon for $5.99, and is also available in French on Amazon. Both French and English volumes are also available at our QLC offices.

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Introducing our Pro-life Resource Centre

In an effort to create more English content, we are starting a new project. Each week, we will be highlighting a pro-life resource that we think you should know about. This may be a book, a website, a video, a movie. Throughout the months to come, we will build up a repertoire of useful pro-life material, with a short commentary on each.

Most of our time at Quebec Life coalition has been geared to better serve our francophone supporters. This is natural, since most Quebecers are francophones. In addition to that, in the past few years, we have expanded our reach to many francophones outside of the province of Quebec, as no other pro-life organization creates regular content for francophone Canadians.

But it is also important to note that we have many anglophone supporters who live in Quebec. In addition, we have many anglophones from outside our borders who also support our mission and have a vested interest in advancing the pro-life cause in our province.

As you may imagine, this language situation is one of the main challenges we face. It is a lot of work to do things in two languages, but that is the reality we live in. Sending correspondence to our supporters in their preferred language is important to us. The other main challenge we face is the geography. Quebec is a vast province; Canada is a large country.

We want to create a series of pro-life resources that will be of interest and benefit to all pro-life Canadians. Our French resource series will sadly be more limited, since many pro-life resources are not available in French (yet). We will continue to encourage and support the translation of pro-life books and other materials to better cater to French Canadians.

Here is the first entry in our series, a short volume by David Cooke called “Trudeau’s MAiD Service—a Euthanasia Program for Canada.”


For Life, 
Arpad Nagy

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Reflections on the First Quebec City March for Life

Participants in the Quebec City March for Life carrying a banner of the Virgin Mary. - Photo: Augustin Hamilton

By Father Francis Michael de Rosa

On the First of June 2024, Quebec City witnessed an historic moment when it hosted its first ever “Marche pour la Vie” (March for Life).

The organization behind the event was Campagne Québec-Vie, which in my purview is exceptional for its distinctively Catholic perspective on the “life issues” of such grave concern for modern society.

Not only does the Campagne seek an end to abortion, but it explicitly opposes the other evils on the spectrum threats to human life and human love: from contraception to euthanasia and all the malice in between. These evils are sibling symptoms of a false anthropology disoriented by neo-dualism, and they must be recognized as such by the pro-life movement in order definitively to reset the moral order according to human nature and right reason adequately understood. Can we honestly envision an abortion-free yet contracepting society?

Can there really be a freedom loving nation that attacks its own people? The hydra of sins against life and love must be cut off at the neck effectively to re-boot the moral order.

Notably, Campagne Québec-Vie is consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with the Most Chaste Heart of Joseph. The union of the “Three Hearts” comprising the Holy Family are the mystical community of love that formed the Holy Family at Nazareth, which in turn is the mystical archetype of the Holy Catholic Church. As such “Nazareth” is the home which is open to receiving all of mankind.

Furthermore, Campagne Québec-Vie calls for the reestablishment of the Social Reign of Christ the King, a seldom heard expression in our current idolatrous saeculum. In other words, it comprehends that a properly ordered society without God (most explicitly, without Christ Who is God Incarnate) is not truly attainable. This is because man without God is nothing but an orphan-victim who easily falls prey to satanic forces that prowl about the world looking for someone to devour.

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Fighting for Life

How would you feel if you were offered euthanasia, not once, but several times? It's a traumatic experience. This is the experience shared by Canadian Roger Foley. Hospitalised for 8 years because of his disability, he has no access to home care, but was insistently offered euthanasia:

“There’s a constant reminder of it, I would say it’s a harassment, and they don’t see it as coercion, they see it as informing, but it’s a real blurry area right now in Canada,” says Foley. “Words can’t describe how pillaged I feel and how scared I feel. The suicide prevention in this country for disabled and vulnerable people has been completely obliterated due to the assisted dying regime.”

Remember that the Trudeau government still wants to allow euthanasia only for people with mental illness. After all, it didn't repeal the law extending euthanasia to these cases, it simply postponed again its entry into force until 2027.

At the other end of the life spectrum, the Poles have their work cut out defending the unborn child from the attacks of the new Polish government, which is making it a point of honour to once again extend legal access to abortion, which had been restricted by Poland's Constitutional Court. Several Marches for Life were held in the country of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, during which pro-life Poles demonstrated their support for the unborn child.

40 Days for Life

On 25 September, the autumn 40 Days for Life will run until November 3rd. This event consists of one vigil of 12 hours (or more) per day over a period of 40 days devoted to silent protest and prayer for the unborn child and mothers, close to the places where babies are aborted.

We hope to be able to hold two vigils this year, one in Sherbrooke and the other in Montreal. For more information, contact Brian Jenkins at (438) 930-8643.

Life Chain

On Sunday, October 6th, 2024, the next Life Chain will take place, a local event that takes place simultaneously across Canada and the world, and consists of an hour of prayer on public ground with signs carrying pro-life messages. Last year we organised 11 chains in Quebec, and we're hoping to triple that number this year! For more information, contact Brian Jenkins at (438) 930-8643.

I would like to thank the generous donors who contributed to our summer fundraising campaign. Many thanks! We've raised $7,300 of the $10,000 we were aiming for: we're still $2,700 short. If you haven't yet had a chance to donate, I'd like to ask if you could help us make up the missing amount. We greatly appreciate any contribution.

Thank you again for your help in our mission to defend the unborn child.

Please also keep us in your prayers.

For Life,
Augustin Hamilton

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The dangers of the Culture and Citizenship course

The new Culture et citizenship course, which will replace the old ERC course at the start of the new school year, will include gender ideology in its (already harmful) sex education component.

In an interview with independent journalist Michel Lizotte, Jean-Léon Laffitte, President of the Association des parents catholiques du Québec (APCQ), explains the foundations of gender ideology, which claims that sex is "assigned" at birth and is a social construct.

Is gender theory scientifically based? Mr Laffitte tells us about the very recent Cass report produced in Great Britain, where thousands of people who have undergone "gender transition" now regret having undergone this irreversible procedure, which states that no conclusive study supports the claims of gender theory, namely that "treatments" such as puberty blockers, transsexual hormones or operations are beneficial to children suffering from gender dysphoria.

The suicide of young people who are not given transition is often used as an argument to force parents to approve the transition of their child with gender dysphoria. In response to this argument, Mr Laffitte mentions another study which shows that the suicide rate among young people is no higher if their mental health is looked after rather than if they are transitioned.

The British government, on the basis of the Cass report, is going back on its experience of gender ideology. But in Quebec, points out Mr Laffitte, we are not benefiting from the British experience and are persevering with the same mistake.

Is the government listening to worried parents? Mr Laffitte tells us no, at least not until last year's 1 Million March 4 Children, which mobilised parents across Canada to protest against the LGBT ideology, including gender ideology, being imposed on their children. Following this major event, the Quebec government set up a committee of wise men to receive testimonies and presentations from individuals and associations interested in the issue of education, including the APCQ and EPPNE. Mr. Laffitte seems confident that the committee will do an honest job, but he points out that the committee will not submit the results of its work to the government until December or January, when the QCC course will begin in August. What is the point of a consultation if you don't wait for the results before implementing the programme?

Life Chain

On Sunday 6 October 2024, the next Life Chain will take place, a local event that takes place simultaneously across Canada and the world, and consists of an hour of prayer in a public place with signs displaying pro-life messages. Last year, we organised 11 chains in Quebec, and we're hoping to triple that number this year!

Fundraising campaign

We're on the last day of our fundraising campaign, and we've still got half of it to go - $5,000 of the $10,000 we're aiming for! The 1st Quebec City March for Life, which was a great success, proved to be costly. It's thanks to your donations that we're able to organise such events, and that we'll be organising the next Quebec City March for Life.

It is also thanks to your financial support that we are able to keep you up to date with essential information such as this important video on the Culture and Citizenship course.

Through the donations you make to support us, our work to defend the family is in truth also your work, because without your help we wouldn't be able to do it. Thank you for giving generously from the bottom of your heart!

For Life,
Augustin Hamilton

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The past six months

The past six months have presented Campagne Québec-Vie with numerous challenges to overcome. We organized our very first March for Life in Quebec City, beginning with reserving the venue and initiating contact with the authorities in December 2023. Following that, we conducted over twenty visits to churches and other gathering places to recruit participants for the March, often requiring significant travel.

We then prepared our website, Facebook pages, as well as print and email advertisements. A March is not just a one-day event; it sets in motion a series of meetings with interested groups, many of whom have committed to participating again. These visits enable us to appoint representatives from each group to better maintain our relationships. In fact, we are building an entire provincial pro-life organization from this "one-day" March.

We have started a process that will grow, God willing, and with your help!

We are now just five days away from the end of our Summer 2024 fundraising campaign. Thanks to our loyal benefactors, we have raised $2,812 so far. However, we still need to collect $7,188. Can you help us now with a donation? Thank you!

Next Challenge: 33+ Life Chains in Quebec

We want to immediately start developing the networks we have established and the contacts we have made. Our next major activity, in addition to the 40 Days for Life vigil this fall (you can learn more about this vigil by clicking here), will be the Life Chain. These thousands of one-hour mini-demonstrations for life and against abortion take place across North America on the first Sunday of October (this year, it will be on October 6, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM – locations to be determined). Last year, we organized 11 such demonstrations in Quebec. Thanks to our contacts from the March, we aim to triple this number of Life Chains to 33 (at least!).

This activity is held at hundreds of locations in Ontario and across Canada – we should certainly be able to organize 33, if not many more!

Enceinte et Inquiète: Taking it to the Next Level

We also plan to enhance our service for pregnant women in difficulty – Enceinte et Inquiète (Pregnant and Worried)– by potentially forming a first board of directors for this service. Over the months and years, several people, in addition to our dedicated colleague Brian Jenkins, responsible for Enceinte et Inquiète, have joined this cause. Some believe the time has come to take it to the next level. Stay tuned!

I am sending you this email because nothing we do can be accomplished without the generosity of our loyal benefactors. With only five days left in our Summer 2024 fundraising campaign, we still need to raise $7,188. Can you help us today? Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

God bless you,

Georges Buscemi
President, Quebec Life Coalition

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Another march next year

The Quebec City March for Life took place about ten days ago, and we're already planning next year's march. We will shortly be holding a meeting between the organisers and various participants to assess the good points as well as the various aspects that need to be improved. After a very successful first one, despite the difficulties and obstacles, we're planning to produce an even bigger and better one.

This week, in surprising news, after a clear success for right-wing parties in the European elections, Emmanuel Macron, President of France, has decided to dissolve the National Assembly! Whatever his reasons for doing so, or the hopes and fears that the next French government will engender, at least one good thing has come out of it: the dropping of the euthanasia bill that was due to be put for vote on June 18th (no doubt with a solid majority). That's always a plus.

Life Chain

The next Life Chain will take place on Sunday 6 October 2024, on a smaller scale than the march, but more local. The Life Chain takes place simultaneously across Canada and the world, and consists of a one-hour prayer event in a public square with placards bearing pro-life messages.

Mass for the unborn

A Mass for the unborn will be held on June 18th at 6 p.m. in St. Peter's Church in Cornwall, Ontario. Everyone is welcome.

812 Pitt Street Unit 27
Cornwall, Ontario
K6J 5R1

For more information, write to: [email protected]

All this is only possible thanks to your donations. We've launched a quick fundraising campaign to, among other things, organise a 2025 March that will be even bigger and better than the one we've just experienced. Our goal is to raise $10,000 in 2 weeks. We've so far collected 2,792$ and therefore we have 7,208$ left to raise. There are 8 days left. Please give generously today!

For Life,
Augustin Hamilton

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A wonderful March for Life!

What a splendid day! What a magnificent march! More than a thousand pro-lifers gathered in Quebec City on June 1st under a shining sun to demonstrate in the name of the unborn child. And all this despite the hostility and incivility of the pro-abortion counter-demonstrators... (For a fuller report on the march, see here.)

The joy was palpable as people arrived and gathered around waiting for the event to begin, getting to know each other, meeting up with friends.

A word must be said about the start of the day. Early in the morning, pro-abortionists had sprayed graffiti on the pavements and low walls surrounding the Fontaine de Tourny, saying: "My body, my choice". After a few pro-lifers added a little more, the message was very different!

Before the event got underway, counter-demonstrators arrived with drums, whistles, rattles and other noise-making objects, chanting slogans and making all the noise they could. In short, they were trying to spoil our event. Fortunately, the Quebec City police eventually separated the sheep from the goats and we started marching.

It was comforting to see the march proceed normally after the initial agitation, and there we saw just how many of us there were, along with the pro-lifers who arrived late.

I can tell you that the march did not go unnoticed in the streets of Quebec, with many motorists honking their horns happily as they passed, all the people seated on restaurant terraces, and others expressing their disapproval.

These two videos of the march will give you a fuller idea.

We ended the March for Life with moving testimonies from women who had undergone an abortion or had chosen life instead, and with a few speeches that had been postponed until the end.

Ah, and then there was the media coverage. Several media were present at the march and reported on it. But they didn't even present it in a neutral way. It was mostly pro-abortion testimonials and short pro-life quotes. The choice of photos also shows a certain amount of bad faith. The confrontation between pro-abortion and pro-life is emphasised, while the most positive part of the pro-life event is absent from the visual aspect. In short, the mainstream media are not our friends.

Finally, a big thank you to all the participants and our fifty+ volunteers. Many thanks to the speakers:

To Toni Di Paolo Lemay, devoted wife, loving mother, cherished grandmother and host of the event.

To Georges Buscemi, President and Spokesperson of Quebec Life Coalition and organizer of the March.

To Dr. Paul Saba, family physician in Montreal.

To Jean-Léon Laffitte, President of the Association des Parents Catholiques du Québec and representative of Ensemble pour la protection de nos enfants.

To Jean-François Denis from ThéoVox and co-organiser.

To Richard Décarie, founder of the Conservative Union Movement.

To Debbie Duval and Julia Bissonnette from Campaign Life Coalition.

To Father Marchand for his presence and opening prayer.

To Tanya Patry and Josée Lafontaine, mothers, inspiring witnesses to the choice of life in a time of distress.

To Alie Alive, an abortion survivor with a powerful and inspiring testimony.

To Lise Dufour, author of the book "J'ai avorté par peur, avec Lui, espérer encore".

To Art Lucier, founder of Canadian Firewall and Harvest Ministries. Last year, the event he was planning to organise at the Palais des congrès de Québec was cancelled by the Quebec government on the grounds that it was organised by pro-lifers. He is now suing the government.

To Isabelle Frédéric, a Christian woman who has had an abortion and wants to share her experience.

To Nancy Ménard, a Christian woman who has had an abortion and wants to share her experience.

To Sophie Archambault, Executive Director of Uni-T A Voice for Christian Values (UVVC).

To Georges Antonios for his closing prayer and remarks.

Many thanks also to ThéoVox for its help, and to the Campaign Life Coalition and Valorem constructions for their financial support.

See you next year!

All this is only possible thanks to your donations. We're launching a fundraising campaign to, among other things, organise a 2025 March that will be even bigger and better than the one we've just experienced. Our goal is to raise $10,000 in 2 weeks. Please give generously today!

For Life,
Augustin Hamilton

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We're almost there!

This Saturday 1 June will see the first ever Quebec City March for Life!

We're only 4 days away from the event.

A number of pro-life and pro-family activists will be talking about their efforts and experiences in the fight for the unborn child and the family during the pre-March rally. Speakers include:

  • Georges Buscemi, President of Quebec Life Coalition
  • Dr Paul Saba, family doctor in Montreal
  • Jean-Léon Laffitte, President of the Association des Parents Catholiques du Québec and representative of Ensemble pour la protection de nos enfants
  • Jean-François Denis from ThéoVox media
  • Richard Décarie, founder of the Conservative Union movement
  • Debbie Duval from Campaign Life Coalition
  • And many more!

After the March, women who have undergone abortion or chosen life will give testimonials.

The schedule for the Quebec City March is as follows:

  • 11am Gathering (Fontaine de Tourny)
  • 12pm Speeches
  • 1pm Walk
  • 3pm Testimonies
  • 4pm End

For full details of the Quebec City March for Life, click here.

We are organising buses from Montreal, Granby, Drummondville and Ottawa. Contact Brian Jenkins at (438) 930-8643 for details.

Don't forget to announce your attendance at the March on our Facebook page and to invite your family, friends and acquaintances.

Prayer and fasting

So that God may grant us the success and good conduct of the March, we ask you to help us by praying and, if you want to go that far and if you can, by fasting and abstaining during the three days that separate us from the March for Life, from Wednesday May 29 to Friday May 31. Fasting is currently defined by the Catholic Church as follows: one meal a day, plus two snacks which together do not amount to a full meal. Abstinence, in this case, means not eating meat.

Why make such an effort? We know that by attacking abortion, we are attacking the devil's empire over our society. That's how much we need God's help and protection. In any case, it would be illusory to try to reinstate the Culture of Life in our society without God's help (or a culture at all - in my opinion, a society that no longer even worships God and has such contempt for life and the family no longer has a culture at all).

Here are a few photos of the preparations for the March for Life - check out the banners!

Come and join us at the March for Life on June 1st!

For Life,
Augustin Hamilton

Press release about the Quebec City March for Life :

A historic first: March for Life in Quebec City on June 1
This Saturday, June 1, will mark a historic moment for Quebec City, with the first-ever March for Life in the province. This event joins the ranks of Marches for Life organised worldwide, including the one in Ottawa - founded 27 years ago - which brought together thousands of demonstrators on Parliament Hill on May 9, and the one in Washington D.C., founded in 1974, which drew nearly 100,000 participants in January.

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