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Pro-abortion activists concerned about "misinformation"

Two pieces of news stand out this week. The first is the allocation of $1.4 million to "pro-choice" (pro-abortion) groups in Quebec by Minister Martine Biron, responsible for the status of women. This is an admission of concern on their part, as they aim to counter the "disinformation" of groups like Quebec Life Coalition, who don't hesitate to speak frankly to the public about abortion, what it is and its consequences for individuals and society.

The second piece of news is that the federal government has decided to wait a while longer before allowing euthanasia for the mentally ill. It's good news that they've decided to slow down their destructive rush to decriminalize assisted suicide, but they're nonetheless showing a great willingness to implement this terrible measure.

Finally, our Students for Life Montreal event was a resounding success. Thanks to our main organizer, Brian Jenkins, for all his hard work!


Quebec Life Coalition 35th Anniversary Dinner

Celebrating 35 years! Since 1989, Quebec Life Coalition has been fighting for faith, family and life, from conception to natural death. Come celebrate with our pro-life family, in all simplicity: we'll be holding our 35th anniversary dinner on Saturday, February 24, 2024, at the Saint-Ambroise church hall in Montreal (side door on rue de Normandville, church located at 1215 rue Beaubien E, Montreal, QC H2S 1T8) with none other than National Coalition for Life president Jeff Gunnarson and myself, CQV president Georges Buscemi and Dr. Paul Saba, this year's recipient of the Gilles Grondin award for outstanding Quebec pro-life activist. Come and join us! Doors open at 4:30 p.m., with dinner starting around 5:30 p.m.

Tickets are $30 each and can be purchased by phone: 1-855-996-2686 or (514) 344-2686. (Please note: Most of the speeches and other interventions will be in French.)

For Life,

Georges Buscemi
President of Quebec Life Coalition

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This trip will pay off for our movement

Last Thursday I traveled to the United States for the March for Life in Washington D.C. In the company of Jean-François Denis and his wife Nancy, hosts of the alternative Quebec media Théovox, I watched with keen interest as this annual March for Life unfolded, where, by my estimate, nearly 100,000 people gathered this year to defend the unborn child.

Our main goal was to study the organization and progress of the March, so we could better organize our own Quebec March for Life, which this year will take place in Quebec City on Saturday, June 1. Mark your calendars now for June 1!

Quebec City March for Life

A historic first

Saturday, June 1, in front of the National Assembly (Fontaine de Tourny)

Gathering from 11am

Speeches at 12pm

March through the streets of Quebec City 1pm

We filmed interviews and took lots of footage from the March on Washington, which you can see by following the link:

Also, we took time to plan certain elements of our future Walk as well as its promotion in the coming weeks. In short, we spent days filled with good memories and very useful exchanges.

Also in Washington, I spent several hours with a group of documentary filmmakers whose director, Léa Claremont-Dion, is a mother of two children and a postdoctoral research associate at Concordia University. Her documentary, filmed on behalf of Télé-Québec and scheduled for release in fall 2024, will focus on the effect, in Quebec and Canada, of the Dobbs decision, the 2022 decision of the Supreme Court of the United States which affirms that abortion is not a right and which now allows each state of the United States to legislate as it sees fit on the matter.

We spent over an hour interviewing and the team followed me through the streets of Washington D.C. and to my hotel. Knowing that Mrs. Claremont-Dion was a doctoral student and had a keen interest in philosophy and issues of social justice, I gave her as a gift the book The Last Superstition, translated in French by Quebec Life Coalition. Suspecting that she would rather be in favor of the legalization of abortion, I hope that our interview as well as the reading of this masterful and enlightening book on several points will give her something to question some of her convictions.

Campagne Québec-Vie's 35th anniversary dinner

Celebrating 35 years ! Since 1989, Quebec Life Coalition has been fighting for faith, family and life, from conception to natural death. Come celebrate with our pro-life family, in all simplicity: we'll be holding our 35th anniversary dinner on Saturday, February 24, 2024, at the Saint-Ambroise church hall in Montreal (side door on rue de Normandville, church located at 1215 rue Beaubien E, Montreal, QC H2S 1T8) with none other than Campaign Life Coalition president Jeff Gunnarson and myself, QLC president Georges Buscemi and Dr. Paul Saba, this year's recipient of the Gilles Grondin award for outstanding Quebec pro-life activist. For tickets (30$) call us at 1-855-996-2686.

Reminder: Students for Life -- this Friday, January 26!

A Students for Life event organized by Quebec Life Campaign will be held at our offices (3330 rue Rivier, Montreal, H1W3Z9) on Friday, January 26, featuring Brian Jenkins, head of our Pregnancy Help division "Enceinte et inquiète", Johanne De Verteuil, who also does pregnancy help in the Drummondville area, as well as Blaise Alleyne of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform and Katie Somers of Toronto Right to Life. The event starts at 5 p.m. Pizza will be served. A nominal fee to offset costs will be appreciated.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi
President of Quebec Life Coalition

This week's featured article:

Large turnout at the March for Life in Washington, D.C.
Tens of thousands of pro-lifers marched in the U.S. nation's capital for the 51st annual March for Life, and time-lapse videos now show the impressive size of the turnout.

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Writing to you from Budapest, Hungary

I am currently writing to you from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. This coming Sunday, I will have the privilege to go to Paris to represent the Canadian Pro-Life movement at the 2024 Paris March for Life. Like at our Canadian National March for life, thousands of pro-lifers will gather for a beautiful public rally in defence of the lives of pre-born children! I will also have the privilege of inviting francophones from other countries to our first ever Quebec march for life happening in Quebec City on Saturday, June 1st!

During my time at the March for Life in Paris, I will have the opportunity to strengthen our ties to pro-life groups from many francophone countries. In these modern times, our ideological opposition has been very good in building a worldwide network that promotes abortion, euthanasia, LGBT and other anti-family and anti-faith ideas. We must do our own networking, but for good, not for evil.

I am also spending some time in Hungary. Hungary has of late brought forward some of the best life, family and faith policies in the world! I will spend several days networking with pro-life politicians and individuals here in Hungary. We hear a lot of talk about Hungary, both in pro-life and in conventional news, and I would like to explore what life is really like on the ground. Of particular interest to me is Hungary’s family policies. Hungary has been able, through sound fiscal and social policy, to slow the plummeting of the marriage rate and birth rate that has been plaguing most western countries.

Not unlike what we are facing in Quebec, Hungary has faced important questions related to identity, immigration, Christianity, and the survival of our subsequent generations, and Hungary has provided a way forward. I intend to explore the things that Hungary does well, things that perhaps could be implemented in Canada and in Quebec, in order to encourage changes that will better respect all life as well as honour our Lord Jesus Christ.  

We need your support so that we can continue in this important work—both in finances as well as in prayer. Our ideological opposition is very well financed, but we have recourse to people of good will, people who are also interceding to the Lord for the continuation of our mission. If you have not had the chance to contribute financially to our work recently, I invite you to do so today. Help us start this new year strong! If you have not included QLC to your regular prayer intentions, please do so as well!

I want to give a special thanks to my relatives in Hungary, as well some of our other pro-life collaborators in Canada and abroad who are helping with my lodging when I am working away from home. This helps enormously at keeping our costs low and in maximizing what we can accomplish with your donations.

Arpad Nagy

P.S. I had the privilege or attending church yesterday in the historic Hermina Chapel in Budapest. Here is a photo:

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Please pray for Mélanie Lachance

Mélanie Lachance, a 42-year-old Quebec woman suffering from a tenacious cancer, has decided to take her own life by euthanasia tomorrow, January 13, 2024. Please read our article on this terrible situation and, above all, please pray for her so that she may receive the light and comfort she needs to reverse her decision.

Students for Life -- Friday January 26!

A Students for Life event organized by Quebec Life Coalition will be held at QLC's offices (3330 rue Rivier, Montreal, H1W3Z9) on Friday, January 26, with Brian Jenkins, head of our pregnancy help division "Enceinte et inquiète", Johanne De Verteuil, who also does pregnancy help in the Drummondville area, as well as Blaise Alleyne of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform and Katie Somers of Toronto Right to Life. The event starts at 5 pm. Pizza will be served. A nominal amount to offset costs would be appreciated.

March for Life in Washington D.C.

A contingent from Quebec will be going to the March for Life in Washington D. C. next week. C. I myself will be going with 2 people to take part in this huge march for the right to life of unborn children targeted by abortion. We're studying the March there to make it all the easier for us to set up the first March for Life in Quebec!

Quebec City March for Life -- Saturday, June 1, 2024

Put this first March for Life in Quebec on your calendar now! We are organizing the first March for Life in Quebec. It will start in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City around noon on June 1, 2024. More details and great surprises will follow shortly!

Camapgne Québec-Vie's 35th anniversary dinner

We're celebrating 35 years of Life! Since 1989, Quebec Life Coalition has been fighting for faith, family and life, from conception to natural death. Come celebrate with us and your family, in all simplicity: we'll be holding a spaghetti dinner for our 35th anniversary on Saturday, February 24, 2024 in the hall of Saint-Ambroise Church in Montreal (side door on de Normandville Street, church located at 1215 Beaubien Street E, Montreal, QC H2S 1T8) with none other than the president of Campaign Life Coalition, Jeff Gunnarson, and myself, Georges Buscemi, president of the QLC, and other special guests. Come and join us!

The Adventures of Arpad

Our colleague Arpad Nagy, Director of Political Operations for Campagne Québec-Vie, will be in France (for the March for Life in Paris and for meetings with European pro-lifers) and Hungary, to find out more about the Hungarian government's successes in the areas of faith, family and life. As Arpad himself is of Hungarian origin, we hope that he will be able to gather as much information and useful contacts as possible to help us in our fight here in Quebec and Canada.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi
President of Quebec Life Coalition

Our freatured article:

Mélanie Lachance's imminent euthanasia
Mélanie Lachance will soon die by euthanasia on Saturday January 13, as she had planned. Aged 42 and suffering from a recurrence of cancer, she had given herself about a year to experience all kinds of adventures and travels before she died. Sadly, she will soon be ending her life, although she undoubtedly still has a lot to give to her loved ones.

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Keeping mothers off the conveyor belt to abortion

One important thing we do in defending life from conception to natural death is help mothers facing a crisis pregnancy carry their child to term.

In Quebec, most women faced with a crisis pregnancy will dutifully head to their local government health clinic (called CLSC) and most of the time be plopped onto a virtual conveyor belt to abortion. Our goal is to divert the most women possible from state health care and into more trusted hands, who will fight for both the mother’s welfare and that of her child.

That’s why we created “Enceinte et inquiète” (Pregnant and Worried) more than a decade ago. Unlike most charitable works, which, if they wish to conserve their government funding, must walk on eggshells when they provide services to the public (this means steering from anything even vaguely controversial, abortion being one of the most controversial topics of all), Enceinte et inquiète is unabashedly pro-life in its approach to helping women. We aren’t afraid of being “outed” as pro-life and losing government grants and other state largesse, since we never received a cent from the gov’t and never intend to do so, so long as it remains pro-abortion.

We receive calls for help via our toll-free hotline (1-855-871-4442) or our website ( Needs range from childbirth without health insurance, to teen pregnancy, to help finding housing, to problems with violence, and everything in between.

The last few weeks have been particularly busy, with up to 8 cases being handled at once by my colleague Brian and his growing team of volunteer women. Our work mainly consists in referral to trustworthy, vetted organisations who provide food, lodging and counselling, as well as help with finding various government subsidies or programmes.

We are literally fighting for the lives of babies and their mothers; and whether we win depends to a large extent on whether we are seen or heard. The government already has a very well-established network of referral centres – the aforementioned CLCS’s. For us to be able to divert women from these pro-abortion clinics we must advertise on social media and by other means. We also need funds to maintain our online presence and our toll-free hotline. Finally, we need staff supervised volunteers to field calls and to follow up with the women.

We are in the fight of our lives. Can you help us help women experiencing a crisis pregnancy?

We are currently in the midst of our Advent fundraising campaign; we aim to raise 15,000$. We so far have received 5,719$, for which we are very grateful. However, 9,281$ remains to be raised before the end of Christmas Day. Time is running out. Please give sacrificially today if you can!

God bless,

Georges Buscemi

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Here's how we’ll stand for Life in Quebec in 2024

Yesterday we received news that sums up the particularly Québécois challenges we face as a pro-life group here in Quebec.

The other day, a pollster was commenting on how Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) was rising in the polls everywhere across the country but not yet in Quebec, where the CPC is still behind the Bloc and the Liberal Party.

The pollster then remarked that the Conservatives have strong potential in Quebec, but that they needed a good “Quebec lieutenant,” a person who could sell the CPC brand to Quebecers, translating policy not only into French, but presenting it in a manner they understand and empathize with.

Immediately I thought to myself: “this is a big slap in the face of the current, official CPC Quebec lieutenant, MP Pierre-Paul Hus” who obviously isn’t doing his job, according to the pollster. I thought to myself that the CPC, if they got the pollster’s message, must be looking for someone other than Pierre-Paul Hus, someone Montreal-centric, someone who could speak to new demographics.

And right on cue, just yesterday, out comes Anaida Poilievre, Pierre Poilievre’s wife (who had grown up in Montreal’s east end, having emigrated from Venezuela to Canada with her family), on Quebec television, selling the CPC to Quebecers. Here was a younger, darker-skinned, Montreal-raised woman as a CPC Quebec “lieutenant,” exactly what the pollster had called for a few days before.

And now: what was her message? How was she going to sell the CPC to Quebecers?

She declared the following: “We [she and her husband Pierre] are pro-choice. We have spoken out on this. I am a woman from Quebec, I grew up here. And it’s part of my values.”

This interview was conducted by TVA, one of Quebec’s most-watched news channels (a QC equivalent of CTV). And if you watch the clip, the video editors, when Anaida mentions abortion, cut to an alternate shot (what in the industry is called b-roll) where you see Anaida’s face under a cross mounted on the exterior wall of what looks like a nearby school (most of Quebec’s schools, when they were originally built, were Catholic and had crosses mounted on their exterior walls. They’ve since abolished the Catholic school system in Quebec, but many schools have kept the crosses, for reasons which remain mysterious).

The message was clear: Anaida and Pierre Poilievre aren’t “religious zealot pro-lifers”, the kind that “oppressed” Quebecers in the past during what is commonly called in the province La Grande noirceur (“the Great darkness”), that period from 1944 until 1960 where government was Christian and families typically had multiple children.

That, in a nutshell, is the problem pro-lifers face in Quebec: a culture that has forsaken key elements of its past, those very things that made it possible for it to exist today. For if it weren’t for the very large families populating Quebec, and their piety and tenacity over the decades, there would simply be no francophone Quebec to speak of today.

In that video, we see in all its ugliness the adolescent and narcissistic ingratitude towards all the blessings God has conferred to the Québécois nation until 1960 when, like the Prodigal Son, Quebec decided collectively to “leave the Father’s house”, that is, to live without God, as if He didn’t exist.

Today, with a fertility rate of 1.49 children per woman (and the figure is most certainly much lower if you leave out the children had by mothers who have recently immigrated to Quebec) and 20 to 25 thousand yearly abortions, are Quebecers finally going to admit their spiritual and moral poverty and their need of God? Or are they going to persevere in their prideful, stubborn denial of reality, until they become extinct or largely irrelevant?

This is where Quebec Life Coalition comes in.

In a few weeks time, on January 18, I will be heading to Washington D. C. with two producers of Théovox, a Quebec alternative-media group. We will be soaking up the pro-life atmosphere of the annual D.C. March for Life which yearly draws hundreds of thousands of marchers. This annual March has undeniably played a role in the stunning and historical reversal of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that in 1973 forced U.S. States to allow most abortions.

The main reason for our visit is simple: we want to bring to Quebec the spirit that enabled the U.S. to overcome a major obstacle towards making their country abortion-free. Put simply, we believe that we must start a March for Life in Quebec, and this process begins by seeing how the gold-standard of such marches is conducted.

Incidentally, as I mentioned previously, Quebec public television will be filming a documentary on the reversal of the Roe decision and its possible impact on Quebec. I just received a call this morning confirming that they will be at the D.C. March and will be interviewing us and other pro-lifers at the D.C. March.

And what I told the Quebec public television researcher I will tell you now: Our experiences gathered during the D. C. March will enable us to put on the FIRST EVER Quebec March for Life, which, God willing, will be taking place in Quebec City on Saturday, June 1, 2024.

Making a moribund, abortion-stricken culture into a Culture of Life requires events that literally breath life into the body politic. Quebecers need to see that Pro-Life is the future, and not only the Past. They need to see that God is ahead of them, calling them forth to a fulfilling, bright familial, social, and national life, not somehow behind them, calling them back to the so-called “great darkness” they hear propagandized so often in their atheistic state-funded public schools.

My question to you is, will you help us? Will you first pray that the hearts of Quebecers will become receptive to our message of life and hope? Will you pray that our very First March for Life in Quebec is a success? Finally, will you give us the means to continue working in Quebec for Life, day in and day out, by donating to this advent’s Fundraiser?

We are 10 days away from Christmas, and we still have just over 11,000$ to raise. We thank all donors who have given so far. To those who have waited until now, please give today.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi

P.S.: Even if you are from out of province, Quebec City is a wonderful place to visit. Pencil-in June 1st 2024 on your calendar as a possible vacation date and make it a point to participate in the first ever Quebec March for Life. This is literally a historical event, one that may mark a true first step in exorcising Quebec’s resentment of its Christian, pro-life past.

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Harnessing the power of media for Good

I'm Augustin Hamilton, head of the Quebec Life Coalition news site. For the past six years, I've been publishing daily articles on the QLC site to provide arguments for pro-life advocates, to convince pro-abortionists, to offer hope or to correct the prevailing media narrative.

More concretely, my job involves searching for articles on various websites, translating articles from English to French, editing, writing and reproducing articles that certain websites kindly allow us to re-use, and finally publishing texts by QLC members or supporters. I also help to prepare the weekly emails, which I sometimes have the pleasure of writing, as I did today. I also have to illustrate the articles with free images, which I can assure you is no easy task...

Every year, mainly through our translator Dominique, we translate nearly 700 texts and articles (including the Campaign Life Coalition newsletter).

I write around forty articles a year, mostly on Quebec and Canadian affairs.

We have also published dozens of original articles, letters from supporters and reprinted articles.

We need your support to continue our work in the coming year. Please give generously to our fundraising campaign, we hope to raise $15,000 by December 25th.

"It would be a strange aberration to want to devote one's life to works of the apostolate, if one did not put Catholic journalism at the top of the list of necessary and most effective instruments". - Mgr Philippe Perrier, The power of the press and its mission, 1941.

By 1941, the effect of the press on opinion and morals was already well known. Bishop Philippe Perrier, then Vicar General of the Diocese of Montreal, used the words of Pope Pius XI to underline the importance of the press: "The press," Pius XI told Spanish journalists, "has today become a sovereign power. Power for good, power also, unfortunately, for evil."

And how much stronger this power must have become with the spread of television and the Internet! For good, no doubt, but more for evil, as we can see in Quebec, where all the major media shamelessly promote abortion and many other vices.

At Quebec Life Coalition, our eminently Christian apostolate is to put an end to the brutal murder of unborn children. It would be illusory to try to reverse this situation if we did not exercise some form of journalism!

Please give what you can -- we're two weeks away from the end of our Advent fundraising campaign; we've already raised $2,257, and now have $12,743 to go. Thank you for helping us!

For Life,

Augustin Hamilton

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A Christian Century Initiative

The other day I received an email blast from People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier, who wrote at length on how the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) didn’t have the courage to speak about the impact the 500,000 yearly immigrants have on the country’s infrastructure, housing, education and healthcare. The CPC, Bernier claimed, has to keep its mouth shut about the dire impact of immigration, lest it get demonized by the Liberals as “racist” during the next election and thereby lose its chance at governing the nation.

What Bernier himself failed to mention were the reasons why Canada needs immigration so badly: at 1.3 babies per woman (the lowest fertility rate in our history), Canada no longer has the number of workers it needs to pay for the services required by an aging population. Furthermore, immigration is only a bandage-like solution: though it does add to the pool of workers, it doesn’t really lower the average age of the host country, immigrants normally arriving with their aging parents and other adult family members. On top of that, immigrants are normally at first less productive than native-born Canadians, since they typically need many years to learn the language, customs, and skills required to work productively. Finally, we haven't even mentioned the morally questionable practise of first-world nations poaching the best and brightest from other countries, leaving the latter with only the poorest and least employable to run things at home.

What a country really needs then are babies, e.g. people who, once they grow up to be adults, are familiar with the country and are ready to contribute. So where are they? Here we have one piece of politically incorrect information that even the PPC dare not speak of too often, that is, that abortion kills about 100,000 babies per year, and, assuming that the socio-economic conditions have been roughly be the same in Canada since the end of the 2nd world war, contraception and sterilization every year prevents another 400,000 from being conceived. Adding these two numbers gives us 500,000 “disappeared” Canadians per year, almost exactly the number we “import” through immigration! In other words, without widespread abortion and contraception, Canada’s fertility rate would be around 3.5 children per woman, and Canada could easily reach 100 million people by 2100, without any immigration whatsoever.

The effects of abortion and contraception on our country are very real. These twin monsters are sapping the lifeblood of our country and leading to its dissolution. And here we turn to a second, unpopular truth about finding our way back to prosperity as a nation: financial incentives for families only have a very limited effect on the reproduction rates of nations who implement these types of policies. Throwing money at the problem is not the answer. Contraception use has to be curbed, and abortion outlawed as the murder it is. But for this to be implemented, Canada would have to return to its “first love”: it would have to be Christian again.

A Christian Century Initiative

Recently, Canadian high-level business owners, investors and non-profit managers have created a website and charity called the “Century Initiative”. In it, they promote mass immigration and some family-friendly policies as ways to increase the population of Canada to 100 million by 2100. These “elites” of Canadian business and philanthropy recognize that a country like Canada needs more people to both maintain its status internationally and its economic prosperity internally. What they do not, or will not recognize, however, is the fact that the secularist ideology promoted by the “progressive” left these last several decades has created the conditions that have led to our demographic winter. Isolated individuals living in a meaningless world of atoms bouncing around in a void will not commit to the sacrifices necessary to marry and found a family. They are more likely to adopt the maxim of the hedonists: “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” This secularist ideology poisons all our institutions, including our schools, which transform our youth into contracepting and aborting pleasure-seekers. 

We therefore emphatically need a “Christian Century” initiative, putting God at the centre of our lives and enjoining the rest of the country to do the same. At Quebec Life Coalition, we know that our proposed solution is not easy, but we know that it is the true solution. It’s more than about being against abortion (which, of course, one must be) but finding the things that are worth loving, at the source and summit of which is God. To lose sight of Him means to lose sight of the meaning of our lives, and to tumble into hedonism and sterility, the terrible effects of which we are grappling with today.

We are in the Advent season; we await the coming of Christ. Unfortunately, even today, there are powers at work who, like Herod, are seeking to reduce the number of humans in the world. They claim a depopulated world is a happier, more enlightened world. They lie; in reality, it's just the opposite.

At Quebec Life Coalition, we've been fighting since 1989 to counter these attacks on life. It's literally the fight of our lives. In combatting these evils, we announce that the only "real politics" that counts is not the anti-human dogma of the so-called elite of this world, but one conducted by God-fearing people who care about the common good.

Please give generously. We thank all who have given so far. But we have a long ways to go. Our goal for this campaign, which ends on 25 December, is $15,000.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi

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The fight of our lives

Just over a week ago, on 29 November, Henry Kissinger, National Security Adviser and Secretary of State in the administration of US President Richard Nixon, died at the age of 100. Throughout his long career as a diplomat, he was known for applying the doctrine of "realpolitik", which advocates a pseudo-realism in geopolitics that relegates moral or humanitarian considerations to the background (as if to be "realistic" you had to be immoral!).

This is why, in the early 1970s, Kissinger was able to produce a shameful document, initially secret but finally declassified in 1989, entitled NSSM 200, which advocated a dramatic reduction in the rate of world population growth, especially in countries that were potential rivals of the United States, in order to preserve American hegemony in the world.

In short, through abortion, contraception and sterilisation, the US government would reduce the size of the armies it would have to confront in the future. The Cold War demanded it: even the unborn child, as a potential future soldier, was a danger to be eliminated. As well as reducing populations to reduce the size of their potential army, these populations also had to be reduced because they had the potential to join communism. Finally, reducing the populations of certain key countries would give the United States easier access to their natural resources.

And how could these population control programmes be implemented without severe pushback from the target countries? The first way was blackmail: no material aid would be granted without a depopulation policy. The second way was through the United Nations and other non-governmental organisations, which, in collusion with the United States (which subsidises these organisations lavishly), would encourage Third World countries to reduce their populations, supposedly to improve their lot.

When, then, we fight abortion, contraception, sterilisation and other attacks on life, the family and marriage, we are fighting powers that stop at nothing to retain their power. They are targeting our families and children, our future, our societies. Fighting them is literally the fight of our lives!

We are in the Advent season; we await the coming of Christ. Unfortunately, even today, there are Herods in the mould of the late Kissinger who, afraid of losing their power over the world, seek to reduce its population, making it puny, pliable and subservient to their ends.

At Quebec Life Coalition, we've been fighting since 1989 -- incidentally, the year the NSSM 200 was declassified -- to counter these attacks on life, and to announce that the only "real politics" that counts is not the monstrous, amoral "realpolitik" advocated by the so-called elite of this world, but the one conducted by God-fearing people who care about the common good.

Thank you for helping us, at the start of this Advent fundraising campaign, to continue to announce to the world that, apart from a right to self-defence, the elimination of the problems faced by human beings does not imply the elimination of human beings themselves!

Please give generously: our goal for this campaign, which ends on 25 December, is $15,000.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi

Our featured article of the week:

Henry Kissinger, instigator of population control
It was Henry Kissinger, as National Security Advisor to President Nixon, who oversaw the production of an infamous memo that made population control a weapon of the Cold War. Even today, his argument that U.S. national security depends on waging war on populations continues to be used to justify the promotion of abortion, sterilization, and contraception around the world.

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We received a call from a Quebec gov't documentary maker

The other day we received a call from a researcher at Télé-Québec. This public channel is preparing a documentary on the effect in Quebec of the fall of Roe v. Wade, the recent US Supreme Court decision that allows each state to penalize - or not - abortion as it sees fit. I spoke to her on the phone for about an hour.

She declared herself to be 'pro-choice' (it's obvious that the overwhelming majority of full-time mass media workers in Quebec are pro-abortion). What's more, knowing the pro-abortion leanings of the Legault government and its Minister for the Status of Women, Martine Biron, who are seeking to make the so-called 'right' to abortion in Quebec 'immutable', I would be very surprised to see anything other than a simple exercise in pro-abortion propaganda when this documentary is released. However, I thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with this woman, because you never know whether a clear, reasoned statement, or simply our patience and willingness to listen to people whose opinions differ from our own, might open a breach in the heart of the person you're talking to. The documentary is planned to appear sometime in the fall of 2024.

If you're interested in seeing a pro-life take on the fall of Roe v Wade and the hope it unleashed in Canada, check out "Roe Canada", the film. You can also host a screening where you live.

Before moving on to this week's news (below), I'd like to share with you a photo of the demonstration in Montreal on 18 November against euthanasia for people suffering from mental illness. Organised by Dr Paul Saba, the demonstration featured a number of high-profile speakers, including Montreal bishop Christian Lépine (on the right in the photo) and renowned Montreal lawyer Julius Grey, who promised to sue the federal government if it persisted in opening the door to euthanasia for the mentally ill.

Yours for Life,

Georges Buscemi

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