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Vigil Log

As you read this newsletter, we are about to begin the second half of the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion.

This vigil’s goal is to tap into the God’ munificence via prayer and sacrifice so that the gift of life be ever more seen and esteemed by ourselves and all members of our society.

Since, Wednesday, September 26, 2018, the vigil has been going on daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week, at the corner of Berri and St-Catherine streets in downtown Montreal, where five abortion centres ply their deadly commerce.

Below are excerpts from the vigil log; offered for your reading enjoyment and prayerful support:


Day 2, Thursday, September 27, 2018 – Divine Assistance

A sunny day brought more people onto the streets than the previous rainy day. So, more persons walked by the vigil location, many of whom expressing themselves either in favour or not about our presence. I figured the nay sayers outnumbered the yeahs, two to one.

One naysayer surprised me. In mid-afternoon, while praying, I was startled out my revelry by a slight pressure on my back. No sooner, a young appeared before me drawing a large X with a black felt marker on the sign hanging in front of me. He then scurried off.

Removing the signs, I noticed that both had a double X mark swathed on them. Wasting little time, I tried to remove the marks but had limited success.

Then Claude, one of the prayer volunteers, arrived. Quite naturally he offered me his alcohol-based hand cleaner along with a sac of Kleenex. He applied the liquid adroitly along the marks and I worked with the wipes. To my amazement the marks came off easily with no lasting impressions!

Claude was a God send, coming at just the right moment with the right tools. Need I add that alcohol cleaner and wipes are a daily tool I carry with me!

Day 5 – The Life Chain

As the Life Chain is scheduled for this afternoon, a half day will be spent at the vigil location, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. before moving to join

Day 8 – Multiple Encounters

On this overcast day we had multiple interactions with the public, some civilised and others more emotive.

By emotive, I think of three persons – two women and one man, all of whom shouted at us before continuing their way. One lady shouted as she walked by “abat aux obscurantists.” She was followed by a young man who shouted “anti-choix; allez-vous en!” as he cycled by. Finally, near the end of the day, another female pedestrian stopped and shouted for us to go to hell, us and our religion. (How she knew our religion remains to be seen!)

A positive exchange occurred for both Charlotte and I separately. A woman berated Charlotte at first but an exchange followed, particularly so when a man stopped to engage the woman. With me, a young woman stopped to learn my views about rape, my faith, and abstaining until after marriage.

Day 10 – A Day of Visitors (Vigil ¼ mark)

This day many persons dropped by the vigil location to chat and encourage those of us on hand to persevere.

Of this latter group, at the outset of the day were an older gentleman and young Hispanic woman. In the latter part of the morning, Gordon (28) a street evangelizer stopped to chat and blessed me before leaving; we both remember meeting each other at a previous vigil. Charlotte was the recipient of some lauds, with one woman offering her a twoonie. (Interestingly, unlike previous vigils persons have been offering us, particularly Charlotte some monetary gifts - $1, $2, $5)

In the afternoon three visitors came, two of whom chatted for some time – Serge and Joseph. I had 40-minute chats with both. Serge and I saw eye-to-eye on many issues whereas Joseph made me feel uncomfortable on numerous occasions. The latter, a professed Christian, had the tendency during our talk to point his finger at passers-by and stating a judgment about them – “she’s pro abortion”, “him, a good person.. The conversation and exchange flowed better with Serge whereas with Joseph I found myself more listening and questioning the numerous claims he was making. I found he was lacking in mercy.

The third person, Charles, came just as I was closing out the day and when I emerged from 5 p.m. mass he was there with Joseph along with a police officer in conversation.

Day 14 – The Interview

Today’s highlight was the interview by a dozen or so UQAM journalism students.

At around mid-afternoon, I had no sooner taken a break that a first group of four students and then a second and a third approached me almost simultaneously. Young men and women questioned me about what I was doing, why, the support to pregnant women we offer. I gave concrete details about the latter. Finally satisfied, photos were taken and they were off.

I mustn’t forget the post-abortive woman (mid-twenties) who collapsed next to the metro aedicula. This occurred around 11:20 a.m. She was assisted by a male and female of about the same age. I offered the phone no. of a colleague who does post-abortion counselling.

Among the prayer volunteers and well-wishers who came and went on this day are Carlos, Suzanne, Alejandra, Charlotte, Denis, Mary and her son Denison.

Comments heard: young woman: “you should be ashamed of what you are doing,” and an older woman: « Vous faites pitié, Monsieur. »

Day 17 – Parting of the Veil

Because of laws and the construction occurring in the vicinity of the vigil location ( I counted five work sites all in visible range of our prayer location), we have an obstructed line of sight to the two abortion centres close at hand. Yet, this day a veil was parted briefly permitting Charlotte and I to witness the tragedy going on.

In sum three couples travelled through our prayer site, proceeding into the clinics and one of the women noticeably feeling the impact of the abortion on returning needing aid from the man accompanying her.

The latter incident particularly affected Charlotte.. The woman needed visible assistance and comfort from her partner to make her way to the metro. Never had we a greater need for our presence to point out the butchering going on.

Our presence on the streets of Montreal brings the love of Christ front and centre, not only to the men and women seeking to end of the lives of their unborn children, but also to the many others who are struggling and who have forgotten God.

Thank you for your support to make this initiative possible.


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So Close, Yet so Far

Here's a wonderful editorial by Journal de Montréal columnist Richard Martineau. He takes on the school of Political Correctness, this time showing itself at the University of Rhode Island, and defends the importance of truth. Yet, how can this man be so adamant about truth and remain blind to the harms of both abortion and transgenderism! Prayers requested for him.



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106 Votes

106 votes! That slim margin was enough to defeat a vote protecting the unborn child!

Let me explain.

I recently attended the Conservative Party of Canada biannual convention held in Halifax, NS.

From August 23 – 25, 2018, about 3500 delegates from across Canada met, including three of us from the Quebec Life Coalition.


CPC members gather once every two years to propose, debate, and vote upon propositions to be added to the party policy handbook.

In the run up to the 2006 federal election, the national Conservatives adopted a motion – Article 65, to NOT reopen the abortion debate.

Article 65 of the Conservative Party of Canada policy platform states that “a Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion.”

At this recent national convention, though as many as eight pro-life, pro-family, and pro-faith resolutions were adopted, unfortunately the proposal to delete Article 65 was defeated by a slim margin; 53% of the delegates (945) voted against removing the article versus 839 who voted in favour.

Only 107 were missing to scratch the article, permitting the Conservative Party to become a voice for the unborn!

Many of us were saddened and disheartened by this result, having travelled so far, petitioned the delegates, and falling short.

Yet our resolve to defend and speak up for the unborn is steadfast. We continue the battle. We return to our churches, our social groups, petitioning our peers for the protection of unborn life.

You’re invited to join us in our efforts.

Consider being with us in one of our upcoming events:

  • Pilgrimage for Life. On Saturday, September 15, 2018, a day-long event, travelling to three abortion facilities and five holy places, offering our prayers and sacrifices to Our Lord that He intercede on behalf on unborn children threatened by abortion. You can join us aboard our chartered bus, by reserving a seat at 514 344-2686.
  • Life Chain. On Sunday, September 30, 2018, a sixty minute silent, prayerful vigil at a busy thoroughfare, signs in hand, drawing the public’s attention that abortion is widespread in our land. There will be two thousand locations across Canada to welcome pro-lifers from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. For details call us at 514 344-2686.
  • 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion. This twice annual event is set to run from September 26, 2018, to Sunday, November 04, 2018. Again, we will be at the heart of the abortion industry in the province of Quebec – the corner of St-Catherine and Berri Streets, Montreal, daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We need your help to bolster our diminishing number of prayer volunteers. Again, call 514 344-2686 for details.

Else, make a pledge. Your financial support funds such worthy projects such as of stalwart services:

  • A toll-free phone line / “Enceinte et Inquiète” Web site, 24/7, for women experiencing a crisis pregnancy.
  • Apologetics courses, instructing people of good will in the hope that is ours.

Finally your prayers ARE an invaluable way to change hearts and our culture.

Evil is in our midst. Moral iniquity is rampant. May we be instruments of good, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and inspired by our saints and the Blessed Mother to be ever faithful to Our Lord in promoting a culture of life.

Thank you for your support!


Brian Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator


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Counting our Blessings

The blessings of summer are here – warmth and sunshine, fresh produce, time for travel and for spending with dear ones.

We've noticed and are benefiting yet without neglecting our duty to defend faith, family and life, from conception to a natural death.

I recently reveled in a four-day pilgrimage to Washington, D.C., where along with fifty others visited shrines, museums and famous spots.

Also, I got to travel to Phoenix, AZ, with my colleague Mario Richard to attend a pro-life symposium. Well over 150 people leaders within the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion movement met to share pro-life experiences.

For instance, Carmela spoke about starting a 40-day vigil in her native Columbia. Overwhelmed by the number of abortion facilities in her town she invited friends to an evening of prayer and to brainstorm on how to end the slaughter of the innocent. The answer came from the lips of a friend: “Have you heard of 40 Days for Life?” She hadn’t and, upon learning more, decided to register to become a campaign leader. God responded.

They built it, …

… and people came!

Carmela was awed by the outpouring of support that the vigil attracted. And it did not end there. Her initiative inspired many others in Columbia to do likewise in their own municipalities in subsequent vigils, proving that across the Columbia and in the rest of the world people want to see the end of abortion.

A second testimony came from Sue Thayer. Sue shared her experience of journeying FROM being a Planned Parenthood (PP) manager in Iowa TO becoming a 40 Days for Life vigil leader at the very clinic she managed!

Again God responded gracing this 17-year former PP manager to comprehend the horrible and destructive force that abortion is. (Sue’s testimony may be found in this month’s newsletter.)

Uniting around the Word of God as found in Sacred Scripture which she made available at the vigil location, the people from the different churches united to pray, resulting in the subsequent closing of the abortion facility!

With your support, here in Quebec, Columbia, Iowa, and across the world, we will achieve the end of abortion. Consider joining us this fall, beginning on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, as Montreal hosts its twentieth 40-day prayer vigil for the end of abortion.

Much more is planned to build up the culture of life and you are invited!

  • Corn on the Cob/Open house, set for Sunday, August 19, 2018. The president of the Catholic Parents’ Association of Quebec, Mr. Jean-Léon Laffitte, will be our guest speaker. The day begins at noon on the grounds of Saint-Émile church, 3333 Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal.
  • August 22-24, 2018, ten to twelve of us will travel to Halifax, NS, to attend the national Conservative Party of Canada Congress. We wish to strengthen the party’s pro-life platform especially as a federal election set for fall 2019.
  • Pilgrimage for Life is set for Saturday, September 15, 2018, a day-long event, travelling to 3 abortion facilities and 3 holy places, offering prayers and sacrifices to Our Lord that He intercede on behalf on the unborn children threatened by abortion. You can join us on our chartered bus.
  • Life Chain is set for Sunday, September 30, 2018. For details call us at (514) 344-2686.

Finally, we remain steadfast in the defense of life of the unborn child and the women living a crisis pregnancy. We are ever manning our toll-free phone line along with the “Enceinte et Inquiète” Web site, as witnessed these past few weeks, helping four mothers and one gentleman with their struggles regarding a pregnancy and raising their children.

In conclusion, Our Lord has blessed with copious fruits particularly during these summer months. Mindful of these, let us not be remised in defending faith, family and life as our opposition is ever at work undermining the culture of life. Thank you for your support!


Brian Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator

Quebec Life Coalition


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Challenging the Federal Liberals

In these times of increasing attacks on faith, family and life in Quebec and Canada, we may become discouraged. On the other hand, we must not forget all the good that is being done to resist and even to reverse these bad tendencies. Over the past year, the Quebec Life Coalition, with your support, has also been active in the fight on several fronts:

Website: We cannot ignore the power of the media. Unfortunately, this power in the last decades has been at the service of evil. This is why the Quebec Life Coalition regularly publishes news translated from reliable sources, which otherwise would not be available in French Canada. Our website receives an average of 20,000 to 25,000 visitors per month.

Annual Symposium: Annually we present a conference that brings together our activists to inform them about the issues of faith, family and life, from conception to natural death. It is a high point of the year when social conservatives and committed Christians meet.

40 Days for Life: Twice a year, we invite Christians in Montreal to pray and fast for the end of the abortion. In addition to more than 300 other participating cities around the world, our 40-day vigils in front of abortion clinics are a great way to fight the deadly culture we live in.

March for Life: This annual walk brings together 20,000 people in Ottawa and is a great opportunity to showcase our pro-life convictions, asking the government to protect the unborn child from the moment of conception. The Quebec Life Coalition promotes the event in Quebec, chartering buses from various places in the province so people can attend.

Elections 2018 - 2019 - Conservative Congress Halifax: The Quebec Life Coalition is seeking to amend our federal and provincial laws to make them fairer. We must therefore challenge our politicians by all means available, before, during and after the elections. As well, later this summer we will join several other pro-life organisations from across the country to promote faith, family and life at the Conservative Party convention in Halifax.

Videos: Although we had to interrupt production of YouTube videos, we hope to restart this fall. The videos (of our apologetics seminars and our defense of life and the family) are a great way to spread our values.

Trial: Our lawyer, working pro bono, will soon begin a lawsuit against the Quebec government and its restrictive law against our freedom of expression outside Quebec's abortion facilities. For we need to assert our right to public expression of our disagreement with abortion, and resist any attempt at unjust censorship.

Voice of the Family: This international group of pro-life organizations, of which The Quebec Life Coalition is a member, meets annually in Rome to study more deeply the problems that we have to solve and to propose possible solutions. This gathering represents an unparalleled way to network among top pro-life groups and acquire resources to continue the good fight.

Apologetics Courses: These seminars aim to give a solid foundation to defend one’s pro-God, pro-family and pro-life convictions. Ranging from philosophy to community activism, through Christian apologetics, these courses are offered in both French and English and given on our premises to classes of 15-20 people. We intend one day to make them available online.

Saint-Enfant-Jésus Center: We support this Center which aims to help pregnant women in difficulty and founded on a solid Christian foundation. It seeks to help pregnant women in distress to make the right choice for them and their child. This center, aided by a Montreal pro-life medical doctor, will also provide housing for these women in need. (The Center is currently looking for new lodgings; a vacant rectory has been found and hopefully it will be the centre’s new home soon.)

The toll-free phone line along the “Enceinte et Inquiète” Web site: Complementing the Center, this toll-free line (1-855-871-4442), managed by the Quebec Life Coalition, and the accompanying website offers women experiencing a crisis in their pregnancy provides an important alternative to the pro-abortion government agencies. Women wishing to continue their pregnancy are referred to resources in their community.

You now see that many ways in which we are working to repair the ills in our country - thank you for helping us to continue to defend faith, family and life, from conception to natural death!


Georges Buscemi


Quebec Life Coalition


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A New Home?

We wish to thank you all for your on-going support of the Quebec Life Coalition and its mission of defending faith, family and life, from conception until natural death.

Your prayers, your donations, and your words & deeds all foster a culture of life furthering Our Lord’s commandment to love, to change hearts.

Sacred Scripture

Changing hearts is at the core of our faith tradition. In the Old Testament we read, “I (the Lord) will give you a new heart, and breathe a new spirit into you; I will take away from your breasts those hearts that are hard as stone, and give you human hearts instead.” (Ez, 36:26)

The New Testament announces the gifts that the Spirit supplies us with to carry out this work.

“(4) … there are different kinds of gifts, though it is the same Spirit who gives them, … (8) One learns to speak with wisdom, by the power of the Spirit, another to speak with knowledge, with the same Spirit for his rule; (9) one, through the same Spirit, is given faith; another, through the same Spirit, powers of healing; (10) one can perform miracles, one can prophesy, another can test the spirit of the prophets; one can speak in different tongues, another can interpret the tongues; (11) but all this is the work of the one and the same Spirit, who distributes his gifts as he will to each severally. – 1 Corinthians 12

The Importance of the Father

Father’s Day is upon us, Sunday, June 17, 2018, and these tools are vital to the station of fatherhood.

Vital because an often cited reason why women choose abortion is related to the father.

For example, over a ten-day period two years ago, I received six phone calls from women asking for our help because they were being coerced to abort the child they were carrying and in three of these instances it was the father of the child doing the coercing.

These incidents are not isolated. This past April, I received a call from a young woman who left Gatineau to seek refuge at a friend’s place in Montreal-North so as to avoid the father of the child she bore because he too was pressuring her to abort.

Fortunately, in this latter case, a friend offered sanctuary, permitting the young woman the time to establish herself on a more secure footing and to continue with the pregnancy.

If only all such cases ended so well.

Fatherhood is an important determinant in the viability of the unborn.

Author and psychologist Dr. G.C. Dilsaver observes that fathers learn that “it is only by imitating Our Lord’s headship over His Church, that men can lead their families to become what God intended, and empower them to resist the threats of secular culture.”

Writer Steve Skojec recognizes that left unto ourselves, men are inadequate creatures to care for their families: “… like so many men of my generation, I don’t really know how to be a man, much less a good husband and father. I have a God-given authority over my family that I’m pretty terrible at using well. And there’s something about having to look it up on the Internet that seems to defeat the purpose.”

Skojec has come to see the importance of humbling oneself and to pursue wisdom by speaking to other men, known and respected, and draw on resources “in hopes of finding good advice.”

As Father’s Day approaches we pray that this day stirs men to the material and spiritual roles they are called to be as husbands and fathers in the lives and welfare of their families.

Yours for Life,


Brian Jenkins, Vice-President


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Revisiting the Supreme Court

I am writing these words the day after the March for Life in Ottawa, Thursday, May 10, 2018. It was a great success, with nearly 15,000 people having braved the rainy weather.

The day began with several Masses, including at Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, at St. Patrick's Basilica, and, according to the extraordinary form, at St. Clement church which I attended.

At the conclusion of the Mass at Saint Clement, some thirty of us processed with a six foot cross, from the church to Parliament Hill while reciting the rosary and other prayers. Honouring Our Saviour and re-enacting a Christian tradition dating back to the seventh century, we – men, and women, and children, traveled through the lower town section of Ottawa and into the busy Byward market area in full witness to commuters, homeless, lunchtimers, and locals.

At around noon, and after a picnic in Major’s Hill Park, sis near the Parliamentary grounds and along the Rideau Canal, we joined the crowds gathering in large numbers on the Hill.

Among the participants, we were pleased to see sisters from the Mater Dei congregation having come from the diocese of Saint-Jérôme and attending their very first march. Their presence this day was meaningful. A recent incident involving the support of a woman in a crisis pregnancy spurred the community and a few of their supporters to charter a bus the week prior to the march. Grace was at work as no sooner had they begun to advertise the pilgrimage that half of the 56-seat coach was filled!

A familiar participant was the dynamic contingent from the diocese of Sherbrooke. Laypeople working with religious from the men’s Missionaries of the Gospel once again filled a bus, allowing for boarding in Granby on the way to Ottawa and back. This group coordinated a gathering on the steps of the Supreme Court of Canada – see below.

Finally, a charter from Quebec City attended this year thanks to Quebec Life Coalition’s own Mario Richard. Almost single-handedly and working from our Montreal office, Mario was able to fill a bus of pilgrims-for-the-day. Nineteen of the twenty-one seats of the Quebec City coach were filled and there had been three last minute cancellations! Further, Mario endured not only two five-hour trips in a single day (Quebec City to Ottawa an back), but also traveled to Quebec City the eve and back to Montreal the day-after. Quite a testimony of stamina and dedication! Thanks, Mario.

We were blessed by the presence of dedicated pro-life dignitaries including many bishops, five of whom were from Quebec including Cardinal Lacroix of Quebec and Archbishop Lépine of Montreal, and politicians, such as Conservative MP the Hon. Harold Albrecht.

On the Hill, I took the opportunity to bring our petition of nearly 5,000 names against the unfair discrimination of Prime Minister Trudeau and his party against pro-lifers and Christians of Canada. As you know, the Prime Minister is relentless in his hostility towards believers and pro-lifers to the point of excluding these from his caucus.

In December, his government made it mandatory for all organizations wishing to obtain government grants to hire students during the summer, to sign a statement that they agreed with the abortion, the "Gay Marriage" and the "transgenderism."

After the march and at 3 pm, many gathered on the Hill to hear the testimony of post-abortive women and men, while a second group of us, nearly a hundred met on the grounds of the Supreme Court of Canada, a few steps west of Parliament, for a short presentation on issues of faith, family, and life, from conception to natural death.

At the conclusion of the latter it was time to board our buses and return to Montreal.

So once again we were able to send a strong message to the men and women in power: "You have a duty to promote faith, family and life. You must protect the weakest, especially the unborn children who are victims of abortion and the vulnerable people targeted by euthanasia! "

Throughout the day, we broadcast live events on our Facebook page. You can watch the videos by visiting

Yours for Life,


Georges Buscemi, President

p.s. The organization of this day would not have been possible without you. Through your generous donations, you help us educate our fellow citizens and politicians.


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A Special Announcement

Blessed Feast Day!

I write to you on the Feast Day of the Annunciation.

March 25 is generally the day reserved for this feast, the solemn day when the Blessed Virgin Mary is greeted by an angel and professes her faith in God by saying yes to become the mother of God and Our Lord becoming incarnate, a full nine months before Christmas.


However, exceptions do arise. For example, when March 25 falls between Palm Sunday and Divine Mercy Sunday, a fifteen-day period, then the solemn feast is displaced to the earliest date following this interval.

This year March 25 occurred on Palm Sunday and as the earliest day for the celebration of the Annunciation is today, Monday, April 9, 2018, we celebrate it today.

Today is a day for rejoicing!

I and long-time QLC supporter Charlotte commemorated this day in a special manner—via prayer.

We met at an early mass and afterwards across the street from the former Morgentaler abortion facility we prayed. We spent close to thirty minutes reciting the rosary and other devotions, remembering the innocent lives lost in this building. We estimate close to 75,000 children were killed and many women maimed.

And yes women have been harmed by this unfortunately legal procedure.

Consider the testimony of former abortion provider Dr. Kathie Aultman, retired Ob/Gyn of 35 years:

I don’t believe a woman can remain unscathed after killing her child. At some point, usually after childbirth or the inability to get pregnant, the realization of what she did hit her. It was not until after I had my first child that I regretted my own abortion.

At the Quebec Life Coalition, we have been working at righting this wrong for the past 27 years.

During this time we have conducted 19 public prayer vigils for the end of abortion.

During this time, we have started a pregnancy support program including a residential program aimed at providing a sanctuary where women can carry out their pregnancy in a quiet and relaxed environment.


During this time, we have organized pilgrimages to Ottawa once a year—the National March for Life, so our elected members of Parliament know that abortion in our land is not in our Creator’s plan of abundant life.


Our efforts do not end there. Educational programs about the importance of life have been initiated via a Christian and pro-life apologetics courses and daily news updates on our Web site (, the latter regularly reaching nearly 30,000 internet users a month.

With your support, we are achieving this goal of righting a wrong.

Yet, lest we forget that our ultimate success is measured solely on how faithful we remain to God’s will for us daily. As we travel through the Easter season, please pray that we remain always align with the divine will, so that faith, family and life will flourish in Quebec.


Brian Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator

Quebec Life Coalition


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Resurrecting Quebec

Blessed Easter Greetings!

Lent is almost over, Easter is upon us. This is the time of the year when we celebrate the central event in human history, the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

But is it not hard to celebrate knowing the current state of affairs in Quebec? More than 30,000 abortions a year, hundreds, if not thousands, of euthanasia victims, broken families, children bereft of clear guidance exposed to twisted curricula such as the Ethics and Religious Culture course or the new “sex education” course which will be implemented this fall…

And what about the Faith in Quebec? This land formerly populated by believers and sanctified by the sacrifices of its saints is today like a devastated vineyard. The percentage of those regularly attending Sunday mass has dropped to below 5%.

So is Easter but a secret kept in the depths of our heart, giving us hope that at the end of our earthly life, we will see the Promised Land?

No, I believe that Easter is more than that, that God wishes to be even more generous with us.

I believe that together as a movement we are called to do something beautiful in the name of God. I think he wants us to act on his behalf, to resurrect Quebec.

God knows that our movement, Quebec Life Coalition, is humble in size. In fact he likes that way. He wants us to be “pathetic” in the eyes of the world, so that his work through us will be all the more miraculous. He expects us to be completely docile in his hands, ready to do His will in all things.

He expects us to focus on Him alone, depending on Him alone, so as to operate a sign that “will scatter the proud of heart” and “cast down the mighty from their thrones” (Luke 1: 51).

God abhors abortion, this murder of unborn children. He hates this neutral and faithless school system that undermines the souls of students and deprives them of clear guidance. He hates euthanasia, that is, suicide encouraged by the state. And he is sad to see a people wither due to a lack of faith.

Yet he’s waiting for us—he’s waiting for our movement! He wants us to do what we can, in all humility and realism.

  • He wants to see us alone in the wind and rain during the 40 days for life, our twice-yearly prayer vigils near abortion facilities.
  • He wants us to give Christian and pro-life apologetics courses to a handful of people at a time.
  • He wants us to publish news updates on our Web site ( regularly reaching nearly 30,000 internet users a month, albeit only a tiny fraction of what the mainstream media are reaching.
  • He wants us to march in Ottawa against abortion under the sometimes hostile gaze of downtown workers and the contemptuous mass media.
  • Finally, he wants us to care for needy pregnant women who seek our help, either through our toll-free phone line or via our pregnancy care centre.

God is waiting for us! He wants to make Easter not only a feast of his Resurrection, but also a feast of the resurrection of a people that many think is decimated, depressed, moribund and without a future.

Is not our movement called “Quebec Life?” Do we not want Quebec to be reborn, to have life, both material and spiritual, in abundance?

Not for one moment do I doubt that God loves the people of Quebec. Yet, he awaits the humble and complete submission of our movement to his project. Remember the parable of the mustard seed?

As we approach Easter, I thank you for your generosity towards our movement. Pray that the Quebec Life Coalition will always align itself with the divine will, so that faith, family and life will flourish in Quebec.


Georges Buscemi, 



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Prayers for the Prime Minister

Lent begins in less than a week - Wednesday, February 14, 2018, and this 40-day preparation for the Easter feast of the Our Lord’s Redemption is being bolstered by two branches of government, albeit unwittingly, fomenting this spirit of preparation.

The Judicial Branch

First, an Ontario court has re-incarcerated one of Canada’ finest citizens – Ms. Mary Wagner.


Mary is that pro-life heroine who peacefully enters abortion facilities offering a single red rose to the women waiting to abort their child, sharing a word about the gift of life.

Each rose comes with a card with the words “You can keep your baby. Love will find a way”.

This past December 8, 2017, Mary entered the Toronto Women’s Care Clinic shortly after 9 a.m. Toronto police were called around 10:30 a.m. and within 30 minutes two officers were seen dragging her out.

Ms. Wagner was charged with one count of mischief and two breach of probation. And as she refuses to pay the bail bond because doing so would oblige her to stay away from the abortion facility, something she cannot do in right conscience, she remains in detention until trial which may take several months.

Her incarceration has gained international attention as peaceful protests against her arrest outside Canadian embassies in both the US and Poland have occurred.


The Executive Office

Our Prime Minister continues to impose his pro-abortion policies on Canadians.


Justin Trudeau’s most recent foist is obliging employers wishing to hire a student over the summer as part of the Canadian Summer Student Program to check off a box on the application form stating that they support abortion.

This amounts to an infraction on the charter right of freedom of religion.

Other policy changes which the Trudeau government favouring abortion since taking power in 2014 include:

  • June 2014 – Mr. Trudeau makes it clear that no pro-life person will be admitted as a candidate in the Liberal Party of Canada;
  • March 2016 – Trudeau government pressures Prince Edward Island government to begin offering abortions on-island;
  • March 2017 – Mr. Trudeau announces $650 million to promote “sexual and reproductive rights” in developing countries, earmarking $241 million specifically to abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International.

These anti-life policies are in addition to other Trudeau policies and laws which go against respecting end of life, religious freedom, and conscience rights.

Lenten Observance

As Ash Wednesday is February 14, 2018, and the start of Lent, Roman Catholics throughout the world don ashes as a sign of our nothingness before God, reminding ourselves of our call to deeper humility and penance in this great Season.

As our political leaders have unwittingly contributed to our reflections and devotion, imposing themselves upon right living, we are strengthened by the coming of Our Lord’s Redemption and remember them in our prayers of expiation.

Let us rouse ourselves and prepare for the spiritual battle.


Brian Jenkins

[email protected]


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