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March for Life, National Networking and Happy Births!

We are thrilled to share with you the latest news and events from our organization.

Firstly, we're delighted to inform you that Georges Buscemi, president of Quebec Life Coalition, recently visited the Good News Chapel Baptist Church in Montreal to promote the March for Life in Quebec. His visit was a great success, and we also had the opportunity to visit the Montreal parishes of Saint-Monica, Notre-Dame-des-Neiges (thanks to a devoted sympathizer), and Corpus Christi Parish in Senneville. We shared valuable moments with these communities, further strengthening our commitment to life.

(Included below are some photos from Georges' visit to GNC.)

Additionally, our colleague Arpad Nagy attended the Canada Strong and Free conference to establish connections with conservatives and life advocates from across the country, including New Brunswick Premier Blain Higgs. This opportunity allowed us to strengthen our alliances and expand our network to promote the culture of life throughout Canada.

Arpad with the founder of the Danube Institute, John O'Sullivan.

Regarding our Pregnant and Worried (in French, Enceinte et inquiète) pregnancy help service, we have good news to share. Two of the seven women we support have recently given birth to their children: one to twins and the other to a baby boy. A touching anecdote occurred during the birth of the first twin: he came into the world while one of our volunteers was praying with the mother, during a quiet moment when no medical attendant was in the room. We continue to support and accompany the five other women awaiting the arrival of their babies, including one who feels ambivalent. Our colleague Brian will meet her on Friday to offer our support and assistance.

Additionally, we would like to inform you of the following events related to the promotion of life:

  • The March for Life in Ottawa will take place on May 9th on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario. This march is an important opportunity for Canadians to come together and defend life at all its stages. We strongly encourage everyone who can to participate and testify to the importance of protecting human life.

  • We are also saddened by the recent death of Normand Meunier, a victim of severe medical negligence that led him to choose euthanasia. This tragedy underscores the importance of defending the dignity of every person, especially the most vulnerable among us.

  • Finally, we applaud the courage and commitment of Michael Del Grande in defending life. His initiative to display the pro-life flag in all Catholic schools in Toronto is an inspiring example of leadership and determination.

We thank you for your continued support of Quebec Life Coalition, and we encourage you to continue working with us to promote a culture of life in our society.

Best regards,

--Campagne Québec-Vie

p.s. Thank you for helping us promote the very first March for Life in Quebec on June 1st, 2024. Most importantly, be with us on that day!

Click here for more information on the March for Life in Quebec!

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We've passed the 1,200-signature mark: petition against sex reassignment for children

Email not readable? Read it online

Georges —

Last week we sent you a petition to sign, to ban the practice of "sex change" among children in Quebec. We've passed the 1,200-signature mark, but we need to redouble our efforts to reach more people. If you haven't already done so, please sign this petition and share it with your friends.

Also, today is the very LAST DAY of our spring fundraising campaign, and we still have $4,996.88 to raise. First of all, I'd like to thank all those who have donated -- your generosity allows us to continue our work! For the others: with your help, it is more than possible, even at this late hour, to reach our goal.

All our life-saving, family-building and faith-affirming activities require funding. At the moment, five people are working full time for Quebec Life Coalition, thanks solely to your donations.

Thank you for helping us continue to spread a Culture of Life in Quebec and Canada.

Finally, don't forget to save the date for the March for Life in Quebec City:

For Life!

Georges Buscemi
Quebec Life Coalition

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Launch of our petition against sex reassignment for children

Did you know that in Quebec, a 16-year-old teen can have a “top surgery”? Did you know that in Quebec, there is no age limit to take hormone blockers?   

Just to be clear that we are talking about the same thing, when I say “top surgery” I mean the amputation of completely healthy and functioning breast tissue, also called mastectomy. Last year, in Quebec, eighteen minors went through with removing their breasts.  

Hormone blockers like Lupron, block the normal development of puberty, and are falsely advertised as completely reversible. Usually after hormone blockers, the “patient” is given hormones of the opposite sex. Last year, in Quebec, 97 biological girls (14-17-year-olds) received testosterone.   

A recent Radio-Canada report has created some turmoil, exposing the speed and lack of scrutiny for children changing their sex without the need for parental consent. Conventional media has raised some red flags but has not condemned the practice of sex change for children, nor have they asked for the government to stop it.   

So … we are! We are condemning the practice of sex change for children and asking our government to ban the practice!  

Therefore, today, we are launching a petition to ask our elected officials to ban the practice of sex change for children in Quebec. We simply want to make it so that anyone under the age of 18 is protected from doing irreversible harm to themselves. Children are the future. They are malleable, influenceable, often vulnerable and rarely, if ever, mature enough to make such life-altering decisions. Please sign our petition by clicking here.  

Also, along with signing our petition, we need your help with something else. We are in the middle of our quarterly fundraising drive. Many of you have already given, and we are very thankful for the wonderful financial support we receive from you! Thank you!!!  

If you have not recently given, please consider supporting our mission. Any amount of financial contribution, small or large, goes a long way to help us continue our work. With your contributions, we bring you articles, put on events and vigils, organize petitions, and lobby the government on your behalf, and much more. We are here, united with you, to defend life, family and faith. You can access our fundraising campaign by clicking here.  

Have a blessed holy week,  

Arpad Nagy
Political Operations Director
Quebec Life Coalition

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We have our marching orders

I’ve been telling you a lot lately about our very first March for Life in Quebec City on June 1st.

Well, you can now see the official English Website and video here.

What I want to impress upon you today is that the March for Life-- Quebec is much more than one day of pro-life witness.

The March fits into a whole year’s worth of pro-life work we do at Quebec Life Coalition, to defend and promote faith, family, and life in the province of Quebec and in the rest of Canada.

Promoting Life and Family

From March 2nd onward, we have been making presentations before various communities, about the March for Life in Quebec and the importance of defending the unborn.

A picture of our colloquium of March 2nd in Lévis

Whether on Theovox, a popular independent, Christian online network or in person, such as our conference in Lévis, we are informing and equipping Quebecers to stand for Life right where they live. And we’ve only just begun. For example, starting this Sunday, in the weeks up to the June 1st date of the March, I’ll be visiting a different church almost every weekend.

Helping Women, Saving Lives

Meanwhile, we are receiving calls to our toll-free hotline (1-855-871-4442) every week from pregnant women in need. Recently, one woman Desiree, 8 weeks pregnant, contacted us with questions about abortion. She had rent difficulties and did not think she could afford a child at the moment. When we reassured her that we had a lawyer who could help her navigate her rental troubles, she chose life for her child ! (As the situation is on-going, your prayers are most welcome at this critical juncture.)

Here is a glimpse of our other current list of women (names of which have been modified for this email) and their needs :

  • Tania (7 months pregnant) - assisted by Céline and Charlotte; homeless, yet having found sanctuary at the CHUM for the past four weeks;
  • Faith (8 months) - single mother of three (each of which living in foster care) and carrying twins; living in a women's shelter - assisted by Céline;
  • Graziana (7 months) - without RAMQ, abandoned by father and living with brother;
  • Andrea (beginning) - pregnant seeking support
  • Fatima (beginning) - foreign student at Montreal Secretarial college, without RAMQ

and two single mothers - one, from West Africa (husband in detention in Canada) seeking normalization of entry visa (assited by Céline) and the second (husband deceased) living in difficult circumstances (assisted by Jane).

Calling for Witnesses

During our speaking portion of the March on June 1st we will have a time for post-abortion witnesses to come up to the mic to express their regrets about abortion. If you or someone you know can help us with this part of our programme, please contact us.

Your ongoing support is crucial.

Your support is crucial in helping us continue doing our life-saving work. Many people have so far given to our Lent and Easter fundraiser, and we thank them. However, if you have not yet had a chance to do so, please give today. Though we have so far raised 2,934.52$, with only 9 days to go, we still have 12,065$ to go to meet our target.

God bless,

Georges Buscemi
President, Quebec Life Coalition

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An event to awaken Quebecers to the issue of abortion

Justin Trudeau has pledged to make universal the access to contraception and abortifacients, the inclusion of abortion in the French constitution is still fresh, and French PM Emmanuel Macron dreams of extending the "freedom" to abort to the constitution of the European Union. Ireland, in an exemplary move, rejected the referendum proposal to remove recognition of maternity from its constitution. Justice Piché of the Quebec Superior Court rejected the request of the Archdiocese of Montreal to grant an exemption to the St-Raphaël palliative care home with regard to euthanasia, while euthanasia rates continue to climb in la Belle Province. Also in Quebec, it will now be possible to write 'X' on your driving licence instead of 'man' or 'woman' - as if it were possible to be neither! Surprisingly, Radio-Canada (French CBC) has turned its spotlight on the practice of "transitions", revealing the hasty methods used to rush children into irreversible processes.

"So what should we do?" you may ask. Quebec Life Coalition invites you to take part in person or through prayer in the very first Quebec March for Life, which we are organising on Saturday, June 1st 2024, in front of the Quebec National Assembly, to raise awareness among our fellow citizens about the issues of life and family and to show the Quebec government that killing is not care. This march is an opportunity to bring together all people of goodwill and to create and strengthen our ties.

This is the brand new website for the March for Life in Quebec City. (An English version is coming soon !) You'll find all the details you need to get there and take part. 

The stage, sound system, promotion, travel and other expenses cost thousands of dollars, so your financial help to get this event off the ground will be greatly appreciated.

Our Lent and Easter 2024 fundraising campaign is underway. Thank you to all who have given so far. It is thanks to your donations that Quebec Life Campaign can lead and continue the fight for the unborn child.

If you haven't yet given, thank you for your generous contribution. Our goal is to raise $15,000 by April 3.

For Life,

Augustin Hamilton
News site manager

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Comparison of federal political parties 2024

Pour la version française, cliquez ici.

With a federal election looming in 2024 or 2025, all political parties are having contests to determine who their candidates will be. Considering this, I thought it useful for me to share a simple analysis of our federal parties from a pro-life perspective. 

At Quebec Life Coalition, we support pro-life values in all political parties and as such, I’m providing recommendations for each party. In our regular correspondence with you, we write more about certain parties simply because there are more possibilities to advance pro-life values in those parties. If you’re active in a party that we do seldom talk about, please let us know so that we can find better ways to encourage a culture of life in those harder to reach places.

Questions related to who to vote for and other political actions we may take will be addressed in a subsequent blog post. 


Here is my pro-life analysis of our federal parties, presented in the order of the current seat count in our House of Commons:


   Liberal Party of Canada (LPC)—Not too long ago, candidates for the LPC could profess pro-life values. It is only under the current leadership that pro-lifers were barred from becoming candidates for the party. In the past, many Liberal MPs were in fact pro-life and voted pro-life. The current position of the LPC is very hostile to the values of life. The LPC has openly discriminated against people who have pro-life values, notably through the Canada summer jobs attestation and through their promised to defund pro-life pregnancy care centres.

   My analysis: With the radicalization of the LPC in the last decade, and with their likely defeat in the next election, I expect things in the LPC to be shaken up. There will likely be a leadership contest to find a new leader and there will be many nomination races in various ridings to replace defeated MPs. In the coming years, the LPC will have to modify their approach to recapture their diminishing supporter base. This might bring forth possibilities to bring back an openness to pro-life values within the LPC.

   My recommendation: Our supporters who are members of this party have important work ahead of them. With a likely leadership race, it will be important to promote those leadership candidates who are open to values of life. Our supporters who are interested in becoming candidates with the LPC should do so even with the expectation to be rejected. Showing that the pro-life position is a normal position to hold as a Liberal is critical so that we can bring back free votes on our issues within the LPC.


   Conservative party of Canada (CPC) — The Conservative Party is the only party with sitting MPs in parliament who openly advocate for pro-life values. Several MPs from this party have brought forward legislation that encourages an openness to life and have initiated life-centred discussion in the House of Commons, in committees, and in private settings. There are, of course, many pro-choice MPs in this party as well. 

   My analysis: This is the party where we currently have the biggest impact in advancing pro-life values through politics. Currently, all openly pro-life MPs are from this party. In the past decade, this party’s documents have become much more in line with our values. Each convention has brought forth some strong policies or statements that support life and family. This was possible through the involvement of many pro-lifers within the internal political mechanisms of the party.

   My recommendation: I encourage our supporters who are not yet a member of any other political party to maintain an active membership in this party, as it currently has the greatest impact of determining pro-life policies in Canada. I recommend our supporters who are members of this party to attend their local EDA (electoral district association) meetings and to run to be on their local EDA board. If any of our supporters want to be candidates for this party, they will be allowed to run for nominations and should receive fair treatment from the party.


   Bloc Québecois (BQ) — The BQ assembles Quebecers from various political persuasions. There are members of the party that think like liberals, some that think like conservative, some that are even apolitical. What they have in common is that they want to advocate for Quebec interests at the federal level. Quebec Sovereignty is at the heart of their mission.

   My analysis: The BQ votes very consistently against what would be good for Quebecers when it comes to the issues of life. Whereas the membership of the party is varied, their sitting MPs seem to be the most radical of all political parties when it comes to our values. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that an involved membership will be able to redirect the party towards a more reasonable position on life. I expect that the BQ will tune back some of their positions once they start losing ground to parties that are more reasonable on the issues of life, but this is unlikely to happen in the near future.

   My recommendation: Any of our supporters that are members of the BQ should stand strong. Keep encouraging the party to be more pro-life, and promote life-friendly candidates for positions within the party administration. Any of our supporters who want to become a candidate for the BQ should expect heavy resistance from the party administration.


   New Democratic Party (NDP) — The NDP is the party that advocates for the working class. They are strongly in favour of unions and stick their neck out for the little guy by creating a strong social net in our society. Recently, the NDP has embraced certain ideologies that are drastically opposed to our values of life. Nevertheless, there are some places where we may agree. For example, all of the NDP MPs recently voted in favour of stopping the expansion of euthanasia.

   My analysis: There is potential for advancing the values of life within the NDP. The NDP has a natural tendency to increase the social net for those in need. Since many of our supporters are active in their communities where they put their pro-life values into action, there is real potential to network with well-intentioned people within the NDP to further help the vulnerable and marginalized. In regard to the direction of the NDP, I expect the modern elements of the party to put up a strong fight against the values of life. This might come to their detriment as a large part of the Canadian electorate is looking for a more balanced approach.

   My recommendation: I encourage our supporters who are a member of this party to keep voicing their position on life as a normal position to hold. Your involvement may be crucial to bring back a respect for life within the NDP. If any of our members want to be candidates for the NDP, they should expect heavy resistance.


   Green Party (GP)— The Green Party’s main purpose is to advocate for a certain type of environmental policy and social justice The GP has been able to elect a very select few MPs in federal parliament. Because of this, they are able to chime in and challenge the other political parties on their areas of interest.

   My analysis: Many of the core values of the GP may seem reasonable, but when it comes to converting them into policies, the GP is not aligned with our position on the issues of life. I expect the GP to grow in popularity as the name of their party is very much in line with the push for radical environmental policies in Canada.

   My recommendation: Any of our supporters who are members of this party should expect a hard time promoting the values of life. As this is a smaller party, there might be opportunities to have a bigger influence in certain areas through this party.


   People’s party (PPC) — The PPC was born out of disagreements within the Conservative Party. It has become a party that strongly advocates for our rights and freedoms, and the party leader openly welcomes pro-lifers to become candidates for the party. Although he is not 100% pro-life, this party leader, who was a former cabinet minister, has openly called for a debate on abortion. The PPC has been gaining popularity but they don’t hold any seats in our parliament.

   My analysis: The polls indicate that the PPC will not win any seats in the next election. If they did, they would prove to be a strong voice for the values of life in our federal parliament. Even without having elected MPs, the PPC is instrumental in challenging the Conservative Party to be more in line with the values of life.

   My recommendation: Our supporters who are members of the PPC should become more involved within the party. Participation in EDAs (electoral district associations) is key to keeping the party on track in terms of pro-life values. If any of our supporters have an interest in being a candidate for the PPC, they should expect to be fully welcomed in participating in the nomination process.  


   Christian Heritage Party (CHP)—the CHP is the only federal party that is fully pro-life and requires all their candidates to be pro-life. The CHP only gets a few percentages of the votes in the ridings where they field candidates. Last federal election, they only had 25 candidates out of the 338 federal ridings.

   My analysis: Even though the CHP has had very little success in terms of the number of candidates and in the number of votes, their influence will certainly increase if the number of their candidates increases. Whereas the core values of other parties may fluctuate, the biblical foundation of the CHP will ensure that the party will not shift with each social or political wind.

   My recommendation: Any of our supporters that want to be a direct witness to their values but otherwise do not have any serious political ambition should become a candidate for the CHP. This is a relatively low time and energy commitment. Being the pro-life and Christian name on the ballot in your riding would give a clear pro-life option on the ballot to the roughly 75,000 electors in your riding.


  United Party of Canada (UP)— An honorable mention goes to a new party that has every indication of fully promoting pro-life values. The leader of this party ran for leadership of another federal party in 2022 and was disqualified, and questions were raised regarding the grounds of the disqualification. The leader ran as the first (fully pro-life) candidate for UP in a recent by-election but received only 0.73% of the vote. 

   My analysis: Many of our supporters have often had a difficult time to find a party that is both successful and fully in line with their values. UP has the potential to grow into the party that fits this important need. 

   My recommendation: Any of our supporters who do not see themselves involved with other parties should reach out to UP. As this is a new political party, they will be looking for people to take on the vision of UP in your riding as candidates or as supporters.



Other political Parties: Many other political parties exist in Canada, but for the scope of this email, I will not go into them. Through quick research, their pro-life stance should be easily determined by looking at their website.


I hope this has provided you with some insight about how the values of life can mix with our different federal parties.

In future blog posts, I will expand on the value of the different political actions that we may choose to take. Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

  • Why should I vote if I don’t trust the system?
  • Should pro-life candidates always be open about their pro-life position?
  • Why should I be a member of a political party?
  • What are the most impactful things I can do to advance pro-life through politics?
  • How can I best help a pro-life candidate?
  • Are there even any pro-life candidates in Canada and in Quebec?
  • Should the values of life be the only criteria for our political actions?

In future blog posts, I will be addressing these questions and many more politics and pro-life related themes. Stay tuned in!

Arpad Nagy
Director of political operations

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We'll hold our heads up high

Last Thursday, I was on the TheoVox podcast to discuss (in French) the recent constitutionalization of abortion in France. France is the first country to take this particular step towards the abyss: it enshrined a so-called "freedom" of abortion in its constitution. This means that, in this country, the law is not truly respected, for to call the act of killing an innocent human being in the womb a "freedom" (or "negative right", that is, a right not to be prevented from committing abortion) is to completely invert good and evil: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn bitterness into sweetness and sweetness into bitterness!" (Isaiah 5:20).

What will pro-lifers in Quebec, heavily influenced by what goes on in France, do to prove ourselves worthy of this moment in history? We'll hold our heads high, and we'll March !

We're organizing Quebec's First March pour Life this June 1st.

We'll March :

  • to "jump-start" those of our fellow citizens who are unaware of the tragedy of abortion;
  • to live our faith with integrity, in private and in the public square;
  • to demonstrate to our fellow citizens -- through our families and our joy -- that there is an alternative to the culture of death;
  • To show Quebec women that their best allies are pro-life Christian men and women;
  • To take our rightful place in the public forum and influence decision-makers and all our fellow citizens;
  • To prepare for action (political, educational, charitable) on other days of the year;

We will march annually, to act as the heartbeat of a restoration of our society. In the U.S., it took nearly 50 years for the March for Life in Washington DC, founded in 1974, to bear fruit in 2022, the pivotal year when Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision which in 1973 imposed abortion on all 50 states, was overturned.

Our Lenten and Easter fundraising campaign kicks off today. The theme of our campaign is that of our March: "I Love Life". We need your help to finance this March and our other actions.

Please contribute generously. Our goal is to raise $15,000 by April 3.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi
President, Quebec Life Coalition

40 Days for Life -- Montreal

Montreal's 40 Days for Life is underway until March 24. My colleague Brian Jenkins, with the help of faithful volunteers, is ensuring a 12 hours a day  (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) presence for 40 days in front of a "health" center where unborn children are being killed. Come and pray outside an abortion center for unborn children and their mothers ==>

Our articles of the week :

Macron celebrates constitutional "right" to abortion at unprecedented ceremony in Paris
For the first time in France's history, a public ceremony was held on Friday to solemnize the inclusion of a new amendment in the Constitution.

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I need your help

I need your help! As you may know, we're organizing Quebec's very first March for Life on Saturday, June 1, at 11 a.m., in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City. We want as many participants as possible. That's why we want to present this great project to as many communities as possible. So: if you live in Quebec and you attend a church or other, and you think this might be of interest to your group, please don't wait, but get in touch with me as soon as possible, either by replying to this e-mail or by calling me at (514) 928-4819. I'm ready to travel 7 days a week to present this great project of a first March for Life in Quebec City.

Quebec March for Life

Preparations for the first Quebec City March for Life on June 1, 2024 are well underway. The official website will be ready soon. For now, relevant information can be found here. Also, you can watch the trailer for this same March and then view the interview between myself and Jean-François Denis of Théovox explaining why this March is important for the future of Quebec and Canada.

Click to view the video -- March for Life - Quebec

Reflections on March 8, International Women's Day

Here you can read my thoughts on the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day:

==>Never will women find better allies than among pro-life Christians

News from our colloquium in Lévis

A CQV colloquium was held on Saturday, March 2 in Lévis. Three speakers showed three facets of a future Christian society that protects faith, family and life, from conception to natural death. You can read the proceedings here. Videos will be available shortly.

40 Days for Life -- Montreal

Also worth noting: the 40 Days for Life in Montreal are underway until March 24. My colleague Brian Jenkins, with the help of faithful volunteers, is lining up 12 hours a day (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) for 40 days in front of a "health" center where unborn children are being killed. Come and pray outside an abortion center for unborn children and their mothers ==>

A new, French-language book on euthanasia in Quebec and Canada

A book on euthanasia in Canada has been translated from English by Campagne Québec-Vie. Here is a message from its author, David Cooke:

Dear friends,

I wanted to share some exciting news about my book, "Trudeau's MAiD Service: A Euthanasia Program for Canada", which was first published in the fall of 2022.

First, with the help of my friends at Campagne Québec-Vie, we now have an updated French edition available to the public as of last Sunday. It's a dream come true for me, as I've always wanted to reach Canada's French population with this message! You can find it on Amazon:


Please pray that the MAiD expansion, scheduled for March 17, does not go forward, and that God convicts the hearts of our legislators concerning the evil, corruption and heartache they have unleashed on our land. As God has made clear, "Thou shalt not kill".

God bless Canada.

David Cooke

Don't hesitate to buy this short, very affordable, French-language book on the abuses of euthanasia, here.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi
President, Quebec Life Coalition

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Preparations for a March for Life in Quebec City are well underway

Our 35th anniversary dinner in Montreal was a success. You can read a short report here.

Preparations for the first March for Life in Quebec City on June 1, 2024 are well underway. The official website will be ready soon. For now, relevant information can be found here. Also, you can watch the trailer for this same March here.

Click to view the video -- March for Life - Quebec

Also worth noting: the 40 Days for Life in Montreal are underway until March 24. My colleague Brian Jenkins, with the help of faithful volunteers, is lining up 12 hours a day (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) for 40 days in front of a "health" center where unborn children are being killed. Come and pray outside an abortion center for unborn children and their mothers ==>

For Life,

Georges Buscemi
President of Quebec Life Coalition

Our featured article this week:

Gilles Grondin Award presented to Dr. Paul Saba, exceptional Quebec pro-lifer

On February 24, 2024, we celebrated the 35th anniversary of Campagne Québec-Vie (CQV), an organization dedicated to the protection of the unborn child since 1989, at our benefit dinner at Saint-Ambroise church in Montreal. Around 70 people, supporters and volunteers gathered in a warm atmosphere, and we presented the "Gilles Grondin" award to Dr. Paul Saba, an exceptional Quebec pro-lifer.

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A Parliament Hill rally against euthanasia

Our 35th anniversary dinner in Montreal (see below) is fast approaching. Join us to celebrate 35 years of fighting for faith, family and life, from conception to natural death! (**Please note: Most of the evening's proceedings will be in French**)

Next Tuesday, February 27, my colleague Arpad Nagy, CQV's Director of Political Operations, will be on Parliament Hill in Ottawa at 11 a.m. for a rally against euthanasia. In particular, he will be speaking against euthanasia for the mentally ill. Join him for this demonstration! (A bill, C-62, will soon be voted on in the Senate to suspend the extension of access to euthanasia for these mentally ill people. Let's make sure this extension is not only suspended, but definitively cancelled).

Finally, Montreal's 40 Days for Life is underway until March 24. My colleague Brian Jenkins, with the help of faithful volunteers, is ensuring a steady 12 hour per day presence (from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) for 40 days in front of a "health" center where unborn children are being killed. Come and pray outside an abortion center for unborn children and their mothers ==> sign up here for the 40 Days for Life in Montreal

For Life,

Georges Buscemi
President of Quebec Life Coalition

Quebec Life Coalition 35th anniversary dinner

Celebrating 35 years of Life! Since 1989, Quebec Life Coalition has been fighting for faith, family and life, from conception to natural death. Come celebrate with our pro-life family, in all simplicity: we'll be holding our 35th anniversary dinner on Saturday, February 24, 2024, at the Saint-Ambroise church hall in Montreal (6520 rue de Normanville, Montreal) with none other than National Coalition for Life president Jeff Gunnarson and QLC president Georges Buscemi and Dr. Paul Saba, this year's recipient of the Gilles Grondin award for outstanding Quebec pro-life activist. Come and join us! Doors open at 4:30 p.m., with dinner starting around 5:30 p.m.

Tickets are $30 each ($15 for children 6-12 and $0 for 5 and under) and can be purchased online or by phone: 1-855-996-2686 or (514) 344-2686. **Most of the evening's proceedings will be in French**

This week's featured article

Take part in the 40 Days for Life, from February 14 to March 24, 2024!
This winter, hundreds of communities across North America, including several Canadian cities, are simultaneously holding a 40 Days for Life campaign from Wednesday, February 14 to Sunday, March 24, 2024

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