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The First Thing

PAY-Charlie-Gard.jpgIt is with regret and sadness I that I learned of the death of Charlie Gard on July 26, 2017.

The 10 month-old Brit gained world-wide attention as his parents fought colossal opponents to safeguard his life and have their parental rights respected.

The boy’s physician, the hospital where he was admitted, and two European courts argued that it was in Charlie’s “best interest” that he receive no further medical treatment.

On the other hand, his parents wanted to transfer him to a US hospital where an experimental procedure could be attempted to cure him from a rare disease.

A not insignificant amount of hope appeared. First, a worldwide appeal for funding brought in close to $2 million. Second, both President Trump and the Holy Father, Pope Francis, got wind of the story and offered support. Finally a New York City physician specializing in mitochondrial dysfunction –the disease which Charlie had – offered his support.

Yet, this hope vanished when the cited physician travelled to England to examine Charlie and diagnosed his condition being beyond his ability.

So on July 24, Charlie’s parents withdrew their opposition to the hospital’s wishes to remove child’s life support. And within days, Charlie was removed from his life support system and died.

Your on-going support of our work at the Quebec Life Coalition allows the Charlie Gards of this world not to go unnoticed and to affirm the place of parents in the lives of their children.

A second assault on the culture of life occurred closer to home. On Monday, July 24, 2017, Montrealers learned of a barbaric attack on a young pre-born child in the wee morning hours of the same day.

An 8 month-old was repeated stabbed by his father while still in his mother’s womb. While the mother’s condition was stabilized, unfortunately the same fate did not occur; the child delivered via caesarian-section died from his wounds.

The incident drew much media coverage. Columnist Richard Martineau wrote passionately about the insanity of Canada’s lack of abortion legislation. Rightly he observed that had the child died while still in his mother’s womb, no criminal charges could be brought against the father as the unborn child does not have any judicial standing until he or she has entirely exited his mother’s womb.

A minute prior to delivery, the unborn child is not considered a human being according to Criminal Law. Or, as Mr. Martineau crassly and correctly puts it: “Beneath the skin, you’re nothing. Above, you’re a human being with an identity and rights.”

We need your prayers.

We are preparing to begin yet another 40 day prayer vigil for the end of abortion. We need to draw public attention to the insanity that is occurring in our country. Your prayers are needed to support those of us who venture into the public arena to not remain silent to the insanity around us.

Your prayers will also help us penetrate the sour looks, the stinging insults and rebuffs, the ridicule and adverse criticism and touch the hearts of all who come in contact with our peaceful and prayerful vigil so that eyes may be opened to the wonder of the unborn life and the insanity that abortion is.

Your prayers will permit hope to enter a troubled culture given over to false idols and allow the love of our faith bring light to the blind. Your constancy in prayers in this public witness, enabling us to persevere until the end, cannot be underestimated.

The beginning of the end of abortion in Quebec is upon us. We have witnessed positive signs over the past years.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Brian Jenkins
[email protected]
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition


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The Virtue of Docility

Don’t you just like it how God is doing marvellous things in our lives?

Further, these past weeks, I got to see what He is doing in the lives of two other people.

First there is the example of little Charlie Gard.

You may have heard how eleven-month old Charlie has some serious culture of death foes aligned against him. His physician, the hospital in London, England, where he is supposedly being taken of, the courts of England and Europe are all obstructing his parents’ wish to withdraw him from the hospital so he may receive elsewhere an experimental treatment for his rare and believed to be terminal disease. These four horsemen refuse believing that keeping Charlie alive will prolong his suffering as there is “no chance” of recovery.

You read correctly; it is better to let Charlie die than to live and suffer !

Charlie_.jpgFortunately for Charlie, his parents think otherwise.

Also, fortunately, news of Charlie’s plight has travelled internationally and spokespersons for the culture of life have stepped forward expressing support for Charlie and his parents. President Trump, Pope Francis, two members of the US House of Representatives and many others have all taken noticed and offered support, including medical treatment using an experimental protocol.

In this latter group of supporters are some 350 000 ordinary people like you and I who have signed a petition which was delivered this past Friday (July 7, 2017) by Charlie’s parents to the London hospital asking that he be released so that he may receive treatment overseas.

Our prayers and petition support are working to confront and reverse this grave contravention of life and parental rights. Here are 3 petition which you can sign:

Second, I wish also to ask your prayers for someone locally caught up in death throes of a different kind.

Ghyslain may be familiar to many of you who attended this past spring’s 40-day prayer vigil for the end of abortion.

He gave generously of his time, often arriving early and frequently staying until closing, 5 days a week.

Also, he was a joy to be with, expressing abundant good cheer and faithfully speaking in defense of the many unborn children facing death at the nearby abortions facilities.

Lastly, he was a good witness to many: for many years, in his former life, Ghyslain had consumed and sold drugs at the very location where the vigil was going on!

I ask for your prayers for Ghyslain because he has had a relapse.

Yet, again, God is walking with one of His own as the following events show:

  1. At the end of June, a friend of both Ghyslain and myself invited me to a public lecture - a testimony from a young man who left an addiction lifestyle with the help of a faith-based treatment centre.
  2. After the testimony, I met the speaker, Edward, and mentioned Ghyslain to him at which he offered to meet him.
  3. Within the week of the testimony, Ghyslain called me, to my surprise since I had lost contact with him since last April and as he is without a phone and has been evicted from his apartment.
  4. Over lunch, I suggested meeting Edward to which he accepted.

Unfortunately, on the day of the meeting with Edward, Ghyslain was a no show. Edward was consoling, understanding that meeting a former addict can be a giant step for an active user.

Docile to the Holy Spirit

Ending abortion in Quebec is our goal here at the QLC, accomplished largely by the continued support of you and all of our benefactors.

As faithful servants of Our Lord Jesus Christ we need to be docile to His directives in all matters including “defending the human person, from conception to natural death.”

Charlie and Ghyslain have entered our lives and have immediate needs to which our Lord is calling us to attend. This is the battlefront between the culture of life and the culture of death and where with your support we can fight honourably.

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator


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Lead, kindly Light

We’re on the cusp of summer. The signs are unmissable - warm temperatures, blooming lilacs, and life abounding abundantly. Has the harshness of winter been forgotten?

Though the harshness of winter may be forgotten, there is another harshness that cannot be – abortion.

On Saturday, May 27, 2017, several hundred people took part in the 3rd annual March for Humanity and Genocide Prevention, here in Montreal. Originally created in memory of the victims of the Armenian genocide of 1915, this march of solidarity also recalls the memory of other genocides and atrocities committed around the world.

To support our work, consider making a small gift through the monthly giving program. See bottom of page, reverse side.

QLC supporter Marie-Louise Sheitoyan, a first generation Armenian Canadian, was present and spoke openly about the very “first genocide” – abortion.

Though a dictionary definition of genocide is “the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group,” abortion is not dissimilar to genocide as it is both “deliberate and systematic”: 1. Our governments have instituted and have paid for it since the early 1970s and 2. Our governments have not legislated against it though given the freedom to do so by our Supreme Court in 1989.

There is another similarity. Though unborn children do not form a distinct “racial, political or cultural group” – even though girls as a sexual group are disproportionately aborted — unborn children do constitute a "group" as varying factors such as genetic defect, poor timing, etc. bring about their “destruction” resulting in upwards of 30 000 deaths per year in Québec.

Returning to Ms. Sheitoyan, she carried the pro-life message to several people on this day. First, a young woman spoke a “woman’s right to choose” and that “everybody in society accepts it.”

To this, Marie-Louise responded with a personal anecdote. The youngest of 16 kids, her brother may not have survived the fourth month of their mother’s pregnancy, as she was diagnosed with a fibroid and advised by her doctor to either abort or die. A woman of faith, she prayed and allowed nature to run its course and in time delivered a healthy boy with no harm to herself. Today, this boy is nearing retirement age and is the father of four children.

Marie-Louise also spoke with retired senator and General Roméo Dallaire. On sharing her view about the “first genocide,” the retired soldier and diplomat shrugged his shoulders, which she interpreted to mean “but what can we do.” Silence helps the aggressor, never the victim.

Finally, Marie-Louise’s attention was drawn to a well-dressed gentleman. She introduced herself and found out that he was the Armenian consul visiting from Ottawa for the event. She learned how ignorant he was of the Canadian landscape – unhindered abortion and this over the entire gestational period. She schooled him and encouraged him to promote the annual National March for Life.

Beginning with Prayer

Ending abortion begins with prayer. Prayer permits us to hear Our Lord speak to us in the silence of our hearts, on how to carry out His Divine plan, ending abortion in Québec.

For Ms. Sheitoyan, this meant sharing the pro-life message. For her mother, permitting the life budding inside of her to continue, trusting that God, the creator, will do what is best.

How do you and I discern God’s will for us in a province though rooted and steeped in religious faith yet mired in a culture of death, if not through prayer?

Lead, kindly Light

LEAD, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom,
   Lead thou me on!
The night is dark, and I am far from home, -
   Lead thou me on!
Keep thou my feet; I do not ask to see
The distant scene, - one step enough for me...

- John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

Abandonning ourselves to God to become his instrument within His plan has moved us at the Quebec Life Coalition to implement different projects:

  • Supporting pregnant women in difficulty at our pregnancy centre and by other means;
  • Promoting of the annual National March for Life in Ottawa;
  • Instructing the grassroots in defending our values and our Faith.

These are the fruits of our prayer, years of prayer, and the prayers of those who have preceded us.

You are welcome to join us on this path of ending abortion in Québec. In fact, we need you to join us.

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition


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Photos - National March for Life

I’m writing to thank you for your participation in the 20th annual National March for Life this past Thursday, May 11, 2017 !

Yes, not all of you were aboard one of the two buses chartered to travel to Ottawa to participate in this day rich in prayer and political action.

Yet I believe that all of you participated in one way or another – by your physical presence, in prayer, and/or in your sacrifices, so that the most defenseless in our society, the unborn child, would have a chance for life.

O Canada! We Stand on Guard for … life.

CLClogo.pngSince our country's founding 150 years ago, Canada has defended for most of those years the life of the child growing in his/her mother's womb. Our very first prime minister, John A. MacDonald, referred to abortion as sapping the life blood of Canada.

Only in 1968, 100 years after the founding of our country, did abortion practices become legal and in 1988 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that our abortion laws were unconstitutional thereby permitting abortions to be done at any moment during the entire gestational period.

Rallies in defense of the unborn child on Parliament Hill began immediately and ten years later The National March for Life was born. From a few thousand people it has grown to well over 20 000 these past four years. The Quebec Life Coalition (QLC) has been actively chartering Quebecers to Ottawa for the day since 2011.

Tridentine Mass, followed by Procession

This year we witnessed several firsts. For instance, there was a larger number of persons boarding at the Pointe-Claire location than in previous years.

Also, for the first time in the 20 year history of the march, a religious service was celebrated in Latin. Organized by QLC President Mr. Georges Buscemi, the community at St. Clement Church opened its doors and welcomed celebrant Fr. Demets, FSSP, who came from Quebec City for the occasion to preside the Tridentine service. About a quarter of the travelers from Montreal got off at St. Clement and joined twice as many parishioners of this lower town faith community. The remaining travelers were dropped off at either Notre-Dame Cathedral or at Ottawa's First Baptist Church.

Finally, after the mass, between twenty-five and thirty of the faithful gathered outside of St. Clement in order prayerfully process down old Saint Patrick road to Parliament Hill. We recited prayers and chanted hymns as we made our way through lower town and the By-Ward market. It took us about thirty minutes to reach the hill.

Thank you, one and all, for your support in making this day possible.

Looking forward to working with you in defense of life and bringing an end to abortion.


Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition


   Your support in prayer and in kind helps us pursue our motto of "Defending the Human Person, from Conception to Natural Death." Click here to make a financial gift.

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O Canada, we stand on Guard for ... Life!

The National March for Life is less than three weeks away!


Canada's Shame

Canada does not have any law regulating abortions. This means that abortions are possible at any time throughout the full nine months of gestation. We along with China and North Korea are the only countries in the world with this "distinction."

The rally in Ottawa on this the 150th anniversary of the founding of our country plays upon the lyrics from our national anthem.

Our respect for life is also mirrored in the beliefs of our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, who opposed abortion and stated that "abortion saps the very life-blood from the nation."


Travel with QLC

Have you made your travel arrangements yet?

There are buses leaving Montreal, Quebec City (and Drummondville), and Sherbrooke.

Montreal - There will be two chartered buses from Montreal on Thursday, May 11, 2017, for this day-trip to attend the National March in Ottawa.

  • One leaves downtown Montreal (895 la Gauchetière street west, outside of Tim Horton’s) and
  • the second from Laval (Holy Name of Jesus church, 899 Chomedey Blvd.)

Both buses will stop at the Fairview Shopping Centre (Sears) in Pointe-Claire to pick up and unload passengers.

Our Program for the day is as follows:

07h00     Departure
10h00     Arrival and Mass in Ottawa
Noon       Lunch/rally on Parliament Hill
13h30     March through Ottawa
14h45     Testimonials
16h00     Return to Montreal

Register yourself by calling either 514-344-2686 or 438-930-8643. The cost is $40. 

Quebec City
- As in years past, the inter-city coach will leave the diocesan centre - 1073 rue René-Levesque West, at 7 am and arrive in Ottawa at about noon in order to partake of the events on the Hill and the walk. Departure is set for about 4 pm. This bus will pick up passagers in Drummondville - at the Tim Horton's on chemin Yamaska, at about 8:30 am. Register by calling 1-855-996-2686 or 438-930-8643. The cost is $50.

Sherbrooke - For information regarding the Sherbrooke departure, visit the organizer's Facebook page at Marche pour la vie 2017, Diocèse de Sherbrooke for registration information or call deacon Guy Fortin at 1-819-570-6889.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Hill !

Brian Jenkins
Outreach coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition


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Serving God or Mammon

Blessed Easter - The Lord is Risen!


Easter is upon us. It is the anniversary of the definitive victory of Good over Evil. This victory is the source of our hope: Never again will man live his life anxiously in the shadow of death, creating dumb idols for consolation. Never again will man have to make of himself an idol, and think that he can take on his shoulders his life and his destiny, without the help and consolation of grace.

Our life is now lived under the sun of the living God; we grow by the warmth of His grace. In spite of the inevitable sadness that marks our very short journey on this Earth, in spite of disappointments and betrayals - especially those of which we are guilty - we have a living and true Savior, someone to get us out of the sewer of our pride.

Our pride! This is the bottomless abyss that only the grace of God can fill. Our modern world - that is to say proud - claims to live on its own, without the need for grace, without the need for revelation, as it wishes, by killing unborn children, by eliminating the difference between the sexes, denying the Truth. It is because the proud man pretends to be a god, like the toad of the fable, which bursts when he wants to make itself as big as the ox.

Modern man - the proud man - is unhappy, for his refusal of God's help has deprived him of strength and light in his struggle to live well. Above all, his refusal has deprived him of the instrument that opens the door of happiness to every man: the Cross.

Man no longer has to find out how to find happiness: God has laid the way for him.

Whoever wishes to resurrect must be crucified, whoever wishes to save his life must sacrifice it, it is the Law that Jesus promulgated over 2000 years ago. May this Easter celebration be for us who work for Life and the family a new beginning of a life well lived under the sign of the Cross!

Petition Against Justin Trudeau's millions for abortion

Trudeau.PNGSpeaking of modern man, it's hard not to think of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The entire tragedy of modern man believing himself to be god and glorifying himself is incarnated by this man. Woe to him who still thinks himself a Catholic, yet refuses to believe in the humanity of his brother, the unborn child! In early March he announced more than half a billion dollars in spending to promote abortion in the Third World. Now Canada is about to export the sadness of abortion and the aging of the population to poor but often family-rich countries. Let us raise our voices against this terrible program. Here you will find a petition that you can circulate. Also, pray for Justin Trudeau!


Lemieux.jpgConservative Party Leadership Race: Tips on How to Vote

If you have purchased your Conservative Party membership card in order to vote for pro-life candidates participating in the leadership race (the deadline to do so was March 28), you will soon receive your ballot. Some have asked us how to vote and so here is our proposal: You will have 10 choices to make, according to an order of preference. We recommend that you put either Pierre Lemieux or Brad Trost as first and second choice, and Andrew Scheer in third. These are the 3 most prominent candidates. If there was a candidate to avoid at all costs, it would be Kevin O'Leary, who declared himself 100% pro-abortion.

CLC-eng.PNGNational March for Life - Thursday, May 11, 2017

Canada was founded 150 years ago in 1867. Then Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, imported into Canada the British pro-life laws, declaring that “abortion saps the very life-blood of the nation." These laws remained in force for 100 years, until the arrival of a certain Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Since 1969, abortion has taken the lives of more than four million children in Canada. In 2017, who can deny that the words of John A. Macdonald were prophetic?

In 1880, the words of O Canada were composed for the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society by Adolphe-Basile Routhier. This hymn would never be written today, for it recognizes in God the source of all our blessings. One of the verses of this poem reads: "And in thy arm ready to wield the sword, … to carry the cross!” For the March on May 11, we have adapted this verse to say "And in thy arm ready to wield ... Life".

If one speaks here of Life, capital “L”, it is because it is a matter of defending the unborn child and to honor its Creator!

So, as 2017, your continued support in prayer and financially, we can continue to target the “impossible” – ending abortion in Quebec!

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Georges Buscemi
Quebec Life Coalition


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Our Lord, A Fortress in Deep Waters

This past week a reader suggested I read Psalm 69. Here’s an excerpt:

Save me, O God,
   for the waters have come up to my neck.
2 I sink in the miry depths,
   where there is no foothold.
I have come into the deep waters;
   the floods engulf me.
3 I am worn out calling for help;
   my throat is parched.

My eyes fail,
   looking for my God.
4 Those who hate me without reason
   outnumber the hairs of my head;
many are my enemies without cause,
   those who seek to destroy me.
I am forced to restore
   what I did not steal.

Her suggestion was timely.

In January, I wrote about the “waters” that are engulfing us and particularly the unborn child here in Quebec – judicial, legislative, and cultural tides swamping our efforts to bring about a culture of life to the province.

The culture of death is taking a staggering toll. We estimate 30 000 abortions per year, and this does not account for the undocumented deaths due to contraceptives.

Yet, as Psalm 69 suggests, there is no need for despair as Our Lord is readily at hand:

But I pray to you, LORD, in the time of your favor; in your great love, O God, answer me with your sure salvation.

14 Rescue me from the mire, do not let me sink;deliver me from those who hate me, from the deep waters.

15 Do not let the floodwaters engulf me or the depths swallow me up or the pit close its mouth over me.

16 Answer me, LORD, out of the goodness of your love; in your great mercy turn to me.

17 Do not hide your face from your servant; answer me quickly, for I am in trouble.
18 Come near and rescue me; deliver me because of my foes.

Lent begins March 1st, and as is our custom, on this day we will begin our biannual vigil for the end of abortion with prayers and fasting.

The theme this year will be the Divine Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, March 1st, and continuing through to Palm Sunday, April 9th, we will honour the 14 stations in His journey to Golgotha and His crucifixion. For example, on the first day of the vigil, prayer devotions will remember in a particular way the first station - The Judgment before Pontius Pilate; the next day, gives way to his receiving His Cross, and on the third day, His first Fall in his journey, and so forth.

We invite you to join us at our vigil locations, daily from 8 am to 5 pm.

  • Weekdays we will be at the epicentre of the abortion industry in the province – the corner of Sainte-Catherine Street east and Berri Street, where 5 abortion facilities are within a short walking distance.
  • Weekends we will outreach to the public at Lahaie Park, across the street from the site that for close to twenty years performed an estimated 60,000 abortions, 30 St-Joseph Blvd. East, near the corner of St-Laurent Blvd.

Returning to Psalm 69

The Lord is my light and my salvation
-Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life
–Of whom shall I be afraid?

So, in this dark period of Quebec’s history, where the unborn are savagely disrespected and women given inaccurate information about nascent life and the consequences of their ill-fated decisions, we at the Quebec Life Coalition wish to be a light in the darkness for the upright, by

  • supporting women experiencing difficulties during their pregnancy,
  • aiding women and men who have been ill-advised to abort their child, and
  • in 2016, founding a residential pregnancy centre for pregnant women in need.

So, in 2017, with your continued support in prayer and financially, we can continue to target the “impossible” – ending abortion in Quebec!

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition


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Achieving the Impossible

Blessed New Year greetings to you and your loved ones.

As 2017 begins I invite you to join us at achieving the “impossible” – ending abortion in Quebec!

“Humanly impossible,” but not divinely!

Ending abortion is humanly impossible. Impossible because the four parties represented in the National Assembly all favour the destruction of the unborn, innocent child. And the media, the entertainment industry, and the elite are overwhelmingly pro-abortion.

Also, abortion is deeply entrenched in the popular psyche as the numbers reveal. There are about 30 000 surgical abortions yearly in Quebec and as contraceptives (IUDs, the abortion pill, ...) are readily available, countless are the undocumented chemical abortions.

Yet Christ tells us that “… to God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26).

God has intervened in human affairs in numerous and varied ways. Consider the founding of Montreal.

In 1635, outside Paris, France, a man of faith received a vision that God was calling him to found a missionary project in the heart of North America where the name of Jesus Christ could be shared to the indigenous peoples. He pursued this vision, experienced trials, and finally achieved its realization. This is a fine example for us, today.


Jérome Le Royer was born in 1597 in La Flèche, France. He received a religious education, married and raised five children. He had a particular devotion to Saint Joseph, patron of families, and performed works of mercy for the poor, the sick, and the unfortunate.

A devout man, he received inspirations from God. One (in 1630) was to found a community of women religious to care for the sick. Yet on sharing this with his spiritual director was told to forget this project, this “pious chimera.”

250x0-5_La_Dauversiere.jpgObedient, Le Royer persevered in faith when a second vision occurred, the founding a centre for evangelization on the island of Montreal. Perplexed, he prayed, sought advice, and again was frustrated, being told that this was an extravagant project, “humanly impossible.”

Obedient he dropped the project and continued in prayer when in February, 1635, during a business trip in Paris, Le Royer visited Notre-Dame church, where at the foot of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, he sees himself before the Holy Family and hears Jesus say to him; “Labour at my works, my grace is sufficient…” On learning this, his spiritual director relented and authorized him to proceed with his inspirations.

First came, in May, 1636, the founding of a community of Filles de Saint-Joseph, the forerunner to what became known as the Religieuses Hospitalières de Saint-Joseph, a group dedicated to run hospitals.

Next, with collaborators he began work on founding a community on the island of Montreal. First he bought the island (1640), second he formed a pious organization, Société des Messieurs et Dames de Notre-Dame de Montréal, to fund the project, and third, he recruited the first settlers - commander Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, colonists, artisans, and Jeanne Mance who was charged to found a hospital.

The first colonists arrived on May 17, 1642, founding the community of Ville Marie.

For us in the 21st century, these efforts do not go unnoticed. Faith and obedience to God produce fruit, even of the “humanly impossible” type.

At the Quebec Life Coalition, faith and obedience are no less important and reflected in our efforts to end abortion. As such, fruit has been produced.

  • We are blessed to be able to support women experiencing difficulties during their pregnancy.
  • We are blessed to be able to support women and men who have been ill-advised to abort their child.
  • And in 2016, we have been blessed to have founded a residential pregnancy centre for pregnant women in need.

Faith and obedience proves the maxim that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.

What moved the visionary that founded Montreal inspires and moves us at the Quebec Life Coalition.

So, as 2017 begins I invite you to join us at acheiving the “impossible” – ending abortion in Quebec!

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition 

p.s. As always your financial support helps to defray the our costs. Thanks.


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Joy and Hope

Merry Christmas !

We at the Quebec Life Coalition pray that God may grace you with the joy of newborn life and the hope that this entails throughout the year as well as in this season not only by the presence of Our Lord and Saviour but also among your immediate family and friends.

Over time we have learned not to overlook such graces as we have found that our present day society is hazardous to life.

And over the past year, we have been particularly blessed to foster life in varying ways:

  • The founding of a new center for pregnant women in difficulty: Center Saint-Enfant-Jésus; This center's mission is to spread the love of Christ in the lives of pregnant women in difficulty, by providing them with material and spiritual help, counselling and lodging;
  • Continuing to provide telephone and Internet support to close to 100 pregnant women in difficulty and post-abortive women and men in the province;
  • Uploading regularly informative accounts our new pro-life website which in 2016 received more than 350,000 visits and resulted in numerous exchanges;
  • Coordinating two 12 hours per day 40-day prayer vigils for the end of abortion - 40 Days for Life, in which many Montrealers have seen and interacted with those present;
  • Received many favourable comments regarding our circular "La pire injustice," a 16-page summary of arguments in favor of life and against abortion;
  • Brought out many among you to participate in the yearly National March for Life in Ottawa, and the October Life Chain.

All of these and more despite the fierce anti-life society we live in.

And what kind of anti-life society do we live in? Consider the events of the last week of November, 2016.

  • Tuesday, November 29. Health Minister Gaétan Barrette announced an amendment to his proposed health care legislation (bill 92) to include a 50-meter perimeter around abortion facilities preventing protestors, that is QLC, from entering. This legislation would affect not only the three abortion mills which currently have a Quebec Superior Court injunction against our presence but also all other such centres in the province will, as many as 71. The legislaltion would not only cover private abortion facilities but also hospitals and CLSCs.
  • Wednesday, November 30: in conjunction with Minister Barrette’s amendment, two French dailies featered prominantly photos of QLC activities. In the Le Devoir story “Québec souhaite éloigner les manifestants anti-avortement,” we find pictured prayer warriors Charlotte L. and Mary B., along with a QLC banner, at a “Defund Abortion” rally and in the LaPresse online edition, a photo of this author during a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion in Lahaie park is seen next to a story entitled “Québec établit un périmètre de ‘sécurité’ .”

(I find it comical that the editor of LaPresse chose to use quotations marks around the word security. Was he acknowledging the irony of legislation aimed at controlling those few who gather to recite a rosary, chant hymns, or engage in thoughtful exchanges with whoever wishes to stop and chat?)

  • A day later, two occurrances, one on televison and the other on radio, continued the anti-life apologetics. QLC President, Mr. Georges Buscemie debated a pro-abortion advocate on the Denis Lévesque Show, LCN network, and then on late-night radio, host Paul Arcand, FM 98,5, hosted the Morgentaler Facility director regarding Bill 92.

Regarding this latter exchange, the subject of our presence praying outside Ste-Justine Hospital came up. Regretably listeners were not told the reason why three of us, on two separate occasions, had showed up on the sidewalk outside this hospital whose sole purpose is supposedly the care of children: to protest the performance of late-term abortions at that facility as well as unclear fate that awaited infants born alive during some of these procedures.

This media bias all within a five day period show how the battle for life is fierce and how our Lord is using us at the Quebec Life Coalition to shake Quebec society of the effronts to life and the family that going on.

We thank you for your ongoing support of this vital work.

Working together, we will find joy and hope not only during this time of year but also for future generations.

Merry Christmas.

Yours for life,

Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition



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Saving A Little One

I have some very good news for you this month.

Thanks to your spiritual and financial support, we have recently been able to help a 22-year-old woman, who was seriously thinking of aborting at the 20th week of her pregnancy, to keep her child.

It all started when Sandra (all the names are fictional, except that of Brian Jenkins), the mother of the young woman (and therefore the grandmother of the unborn child), found our website Enceinte et Inquiète ( She immediately called Brian Jenkins, my colleague and organizer of the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil and director of the new center for pregnant women in difficulty that we set up (the center officially opened on October 22, 2016).

As a result of this call, Brian sent the following email to our closest collaborators:

September 14, 2016 - 15h47
Hello to all,
Sandra telephoned me last Monday morning desperate about her 22-year-old daughter Erika’s desire to have an abortion. The latter is a university student and more than 20 weeks pregnant. It seems that an appointment was made at the CLSC yesterday for this purpose.
The reason she wishes to abort seems to be that she thinks the pregnancy will hurt her dream of finishing her studies - she is in the 2nd year of a 4 year program.
Along with Paul and Myriam, we have started an exchange with this student. Myriam spoke to her for the first time last night and a second time was scheduled for noon today.
Myriam asked me about available resources - either financial or material. To this end, I appeal for your help if any of you many know, to whom Sandra and her daughter could get support.
Sandra told me that she is ready to play an important role in her grandchild's life.
That's it for now.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

(Photo of young couple, used with permission.)

After a few days of research with our acquaintances in the area where the young woman lives, Brian called Sandra, who gave him very bad news.

September 19, 2016 – 9h22

I just talked with the mother of the pregnant woman.
She says that her daughter is determined to abort. The procedure is scheduled for tomorrow at 11h45 in Quebec City, to conclude the following day [late abortions are over a day, given the size of the baby]. So they will leave their home at around 8am to get there on time.
I explained to her the support I’m prepared to give her daughter - financial support during pregnancy and later so she can spend time quality time with her little one. Seems like it's not enough.
The mother suggested I call her at noon.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

(Photo of actual child, used with permission)

We could not accept such a tragic opuitcome for child and family! So I sent an emailed friends for prayers. I also prayed with all my family that the child be saved and for his family to welcome him. So you can understand our joy when, a few hours later, we received the following email from Brian:

September 19, 2016 - 14h21
A little update.
Several calls were made over the last few hours - with the mother of the baby, her mother, father, and father a second time.
During this second call with the father, he informed me that after talking with Mom, they decided not to abort their little one.
Let us give thanks to God.
However, let us all bear our prayers. The mom has an appointment with a counselor at the end of the day and I'm supposed to talk to her afterwards.
Let’s pray Our Lord Jesus Christ that love may reign in our hearts so that we may all live according to His Divine Providence.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

I knew in my heart that the child was not yet safe. I wonderd: "Who is this counselor" ? The child is still in danger. We must continue to pray. And so we did, until we got the following email:

September 20, 2016 - 12h08
Everything seems to be settled for the better.

Mom decided to continue her pregnancy, after a 24 hours wavering, passionate.
We spoke twice this morning, the last day allowed by the hospital to do the abortion.
Mom is happy. Grandma is exstatic.
Maman appreciates our intervention and asks, in thanks for our efforts, if it can make better known our organism and the good that we do.
Let us praise Our Lord Jesus Christ for his blessings and for Life.
Thank you all for your participation and your prayers.I’ll keep you updated about this little one and his mother.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

This is what we can do together with God for the mothers and children of Quebec. Let us pray that together we can do more in the future. Thank you for your generosity.

Yours for life,

Georges Buscemi
Quebec Life Coalition


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