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Joy and Hope

Merry Christmas !

We at the Quebec Life Coalition pray that God may grace you with the joy of newborn life and the hope that this entails throughout the year as well as in this season not only by the presence of Our Lord and Saviour but also among your immediate family and friends.

Over time we have learned not to overlook such graces as we have found that our present day society is hazardous to life.

And over the past year, we have been particularly blessed to foster life in varying ways:

  • The founding of a new center for pregnant women in difficulty: Center Saint-Enfant-Jésus; This center's mission is to spread the love of Christ in the lives of pregnant women in difficulty, by providing them with material and spiritual help, counselling and lodging;
  • Continuing to provide telephone and Internet support to close to 100 pregnant women in difficulty and post-abortive women and men in the province;
  • Uploading regularly informative accounts our new pro-life website which in 2016 received more than 350,000 visits and resulted in numerous exchanges;
  • Coordinating two 12 hours per day 40-day prayer vigils for the end of abortion - 40 Days for Life, in which many Montrealers have seen and interacted with those present;
  • Received many favourable comments regarding our circular "La pire injustice," a 16-page summary of arguments in favor of life and against abortion;
  • Brought out many among you to participate in the yearly National March for Life in Ottawa, and the October Life Chain.

All of these and more despite the fierce anti-life society we live in.

And what kind of anti-life society do we live in? Consider the events of the last week of November, 2016.

  • Tuesday, November 29. Health Minister Gaétan Barrette announced an amendment to his proposed health care legislation (bill 92) to include a 50-meter perimeter around abortion facilities preventing protestors, that is QLC, from entering. This legislation would affect not only the three abortion mills which currently have a Quebec Superior Court injunction against our presence but also all other such centres in the province will, as many as 71. The legislaltion would not only cover private abortion facilities but also hospitals and CLSCs.
  • Wednesday, November 30: in conjunction with Minister Barrette’s amendment, two French dailies featered prominantly photos of QLC activities. In the Le Devoir story “Québec souhaite éloigner les manifestants anti-avortement,” we find pictured prayer warriors Charlotte L. and Mary B., along with a QLC banner, at a “Defund Abortion” rally and in the LaPresse online edition, a photo of this author during a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion in Lahaie park is seen next to a story entitled “Québec établit un périmètre de ‘sécurité’ .”

(I find it comical that the editor of LaPresse chose to use quotations marks around the word security. Was he acknowledging the irony of legislation aimed at controlling those few who gather to recite a rosary, chant hymns, or engage in thoughtful exchanges with whoever wishes to stop and chat?)

  • A day later, two occurrances, one on televison and the other on radio, continued the anti-life apologetics. QLC President, Mr. Georges Buscemie debated a pro-abortion advocate on the Denis Lévesque Show, LCN network, and then on late-night radio, host Paul Arcand, FM 98,5, hosted the Morgentaler Facility director regarding Bill 92.

Regarding this latter exchange, the subject of our presence praying outside Ste-Justine Hospital came up. Regretably listeners were not told the reason why three of us, on two separate occasions, had showed up on the sidewalk outside this hospital whose sole purpose is supposedly the care of children: to protest the performance of late-term abortions at that facility as well as unclear fate that awaited infants born alive during some of these procedures.

This media bias all within a five day period show how the battle for life is fierce and how our Lord is using us at the Quebec Life Coalition to shake Quebec society of the effronts to life and the family that going on.

We thank you for your ongoing support of this vital work.

Working together, we will find joy and hope not only during this time of year but also for future generations.

Merry Christmas.

Yours for life,

Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition



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Saving A Little One

I have some very good news for you this month.

Thanks to your spiritual and financial support, we have recently been able to help a 22-year-old woman, who was seriously thinking of aborting at the 20th week of her pregnancy, to keep her child.

It all started when Sandra (all the names are fictional, except that of Brian Jenkins), the mother of the young woman (and therefore the grandmother of the unborn child), found our website Enceinte et Inquiète ( She immediately called Brian Jenkins, my colleague and organizer of the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil and director of the new center for pregnant women in difficulty that we set up (the center officially opened on October 22, 2016).

As a result of this call, Brian sent the following email to our closest collaborators:

September 14, 2016 - 15h47
Hello to all,
Sandra telephoned me last Monday morning desperate about her 22-year-old daughter Erika’s desire to have an abortion. The latter is a university student and more than 20 weeks pregnant. It seems that an appointment was made at the CLSC yesterday for this purpose.
The reason she wishes to abort seems to be that she thinks the pregnancy will hurt her dream of finishing her studies - she is in the 2nd year of a 4 year program.
Along with Paul and Myriam, we have started an exchange with this student. Myriam spoke to her for the first time last night and a second time was scheduled for noon today.
Myriam asked me about available resources - either financial or material. To this end, I appeal for your help if any of you many know, to whom Sandra and her daughter could get support.
Sandra told me that she is ready to play an important role in her grandchild's life.
That's it for now.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

(Photo of young couple, used with permission.)

After a few days of research with our acquaintances in the area where the young woman lives, Brian called Sandra, who gave him very bad news.

September 19, 2016 – 9h22

I just talked with the mother of the pregnant woman.
She says that her daughter is determined to abort. The procedure is scheduled for tomorrow at 11h45 in Quebec City, to conclude the following day [late abortions are over a day, given the size of the baby]. So they will leave their home at around 8am to get there on time.
I explained to her the support I’m prepared to give her daughter - financial support during pregnancy and later so she can spend time quality time with her little one. Seems like it's not enough.
The mother suggested I call her at noon.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

(Photo of actual child, used with permission)

We could not accept such a tragic opuitcome for child and family! So I sent an emailed friends for prayers. I also prayed with all my family that the child be saved and for his family to welcome him. So you can understand our joy when, a few hours later, we received the following email from Brian:

September 19, 2016 - 14h21
A little update.
Several calls were made over the last few hours - with the mother of the baby, her mother, father, and father a second time.
During this second call with the father, he informed me that after talking with Mom, they decided not to abort their little one.
Let us give thanks to God.
However, let us all bear our prayers. The mom has an appointment with a counselor at the end of the day and I'm supposed to talk to her afterwards.
Let’s pray Our Lord Jesus Christ that love may reign in our hearts so that we may all live according to His Divine Providence.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

I knew in my heart that the child was not yet safe. I wonderd: "Who is this counselor" ? The child is still in danger. We must continue to pray. And so we did, until we got the following email:

September 20, 2016 - 12h08
Everything seems to be settled for the better.

Mom decided to continue her pregnancy, after a 24 hours wavering, passionate.
We spoke twice this morning, the last day allowed by the hospital to do the abortion.
Mom is happy. Grandma is exstatic.
Maman appreciates our intervention and asks, in thanks for our efforts, if it can make better known our organism and the good that we do.
Let us praise Our Lord Jesus Christ for his blessings and for Life.
Thank you all for your participation and your prayers.I’ll keep you updated about this little one and his mother.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

This is what we can do together with God for the mothers and children of Quebec. Let us pray that together we can do more in the future. Thank you for your generosity.

Yours for life,

Georges Buscemi
Quebec Life Coalition


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Putting Faith First

What’s involved in starting a Women’s Pregnancy Centre?

Short answer: Faith

If this project develops, it must be blessed by Our Lord and we trust in His munificence. Fortunately, He seems to be blessing this work as seen in the actions of many.

Kitchenware5.JPGConsider the generosity of one Montérégie couple. At our August corn roast, they came with a gallon of paint. A few weeks later they delivered an unused still-in-the-box kitchen cupboard that their son no longer wanted. A week later the husband arrives with kitchenware, products the misses procured at a local thrift shop - a set of dishes and assorted pots and skillets. The photo shown here are these most recent gifts. Finally, they provide a financial gift to help defray the cost of curtaining our windows.

These are not isolated actions:

  • Salvatore, a practicing engineer, drops by to discuss about renovating the bathroom. As he leaves he asks whether we would have use for an upright freezer.
  • A Laval couple offers to fashion the curtains for the location.
  • Stella works tirelessly to complete the painting of the remainder of the three-bedroom residence.

Providing a safe place to women who are experiencing pressures to abort their child is one way we at the Quebec Life Coalition are working to end abortion, an activity we first begun some 26 years ago.

Another approach, begun three years ago, is our outreach over the internet. The Enceinte et Inquiète website provides information including referral service, via a toll-free help phone line (1-855-871-4442) to women experiencing distress over their own or somebody else’s pregnancy. For instance this second week of September, I received a call from a woman distraught on account of her daughter’s wish to end the life of her 20+ week old unborn child.

The caller explained that her daughter is enrolled in a demanding university program, leaving the house early each morning and returning late at night. Also, weekends are busy working full-time to pay her various expenses. As this academic program and its fulfilment represent her daughter's dream, the pregnancy is considered a hindrance.

There are also financial worries for both now and after birth.

The woman I spoke with is in turmoil as she cares deeply for the life of the child, particularly so after having seen a photo taken during the ultrasound. She told me that she had even offered her daughter to care for the child for the entire duration of her studies. The daughter is beginning the second year of her four year university program.

The term “coalition” in Quebec Life Coalition is an apt term as we need everybody’s participation to promote a culture of life. After this phone call, I contacted one of our many volunteers to ask whether she would call this mother in an effort to save the life of her grandchild. To my joy she would and a phone call later I learned that she procurred the young woman’s phone number. A further phone call permitted my peer to speak to the pregnant mother, thereby sharing about her own difficult abortion experience, something which she regrets to this day, something she wishes this young woman not know. As a result this young student is rethinking her wish for an abortion.

Working together, in many and varied ways, we can achieve our goal of ending abortion.

Thank you and let us thank God His continual help.

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition

P.S. Your financial support is important to maintaining the mission of the Quebec Life CoalitionDefending the human person from conception to a natural death. Consider enrolling in our Mustard Seed program – a monthly donation program. For as little as $5 per month, you will be making a big statement. For details, contact Mr. Mario Richard, (514) 344-2686, during regular business hours.


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Saving One At a Time

How close are we to end abortion in Quebec, in Canada?

This is a sobering question, as are the following ones:

  • Have there been laws enacted criminalizing abortions with stiff penalties against those who perform these hideous crimes?
  • Are there more elected officials and members of our clergy denouncing the perils of abortion?
  • At the grassroots, how well attended are our various functions?
  • Has there been more turn-arounds when we are praying on the streets of Montreal?
  • Have we come to the aid of women experiencing distress in their pregnancy?
  • Where is God when his children are being barbarously killed and maimed?


Though the answers to these questions are cause for worry, there are hopeful signs around us.

Recently while walking through Lahaie Park, the site where the Quebec Life Coalition will begin shortly its 14th of its 16 prayer vigils for the end of abortion, across the street from the former site of the Morgentaler abortion mill, I saw how Our Lord is answering our prayers. Two young women were nursing their infants. If ever there was a bona fide sign of the culture of life, this is it.

Yes, we would like more affirmative actions to our prayers, to the above questions. Yet, until these happen, as these have occurred in other jurisdictions, we must not neglect the more subtle signs of a budding culture of life in our midst.

Here’s another sign. In the fall of 2014, after 20 years at the same location the Morgentaler facility moved. I’m no student of business administration, but it seems to me that relocating one’s commerce is a decision not taken lightly.

Is this move the result of our twice yearly, 40-day prayer vigils 12-hours per day, for 6 consecutive years, of the sidewalk counselling services we’ve offered on their doorsteps? Is our perseverance in defense of the unborn why they petitioned the Superior Court to order us away from their new site?

God alone knows the answers.

Yes, it would have been more gratifying had either the facility closed entirely or one of its abortionists quit the practice and publicly denounced the vile practice.

Yet, God’s ways are not our ways.

Ours are prayer in perseverance, having our petitions answered in subtle ways. Our Lord spoke of the effectiveness of prayer and fasting against the vilest spirits.

Yet a third sign came one morning when I received a call from a young woman needing to leave an abusive relationship. She dialed our toll free crisis pregnancy line (1-855-871-4442), and we were able to direct her to an agency that could provide for her safety.

Helping women living a crisis pregnancy is yet another way to end abortion. To this end, many of us are banding together to create a centre to welcome such women. Volunteers, clergy, and tradesmen are all lending a hand to spruce up a three-bedroom lodging which will offer a respite from the pressures they experience to abort their child.

In July, beds, dressers, a refrigerator and a stove, couches, etc., made their way into the centre. In the same month, three bedrooms were freshly painted – violet, green, and copper. Finally this second week of August, the floors were sanded and lacquered.

Nursing mothers, uprooting an abortion facility, supporting women in a crisis pregnancy are some of the signs Our Lord’s is among working at ending abortion.

Thank you for your on-going prayers and material support.


Brian A. Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator

p.s. Though we are always grateful to receive your donations, these days I could use the support of an extra pair of strong hands. We've been offered a freezer for the pregnancy centre and so some strong arms are needed to move it in. I could also use the help of someone able to repair a leaky shower and do other other bathroom repairs. Thanks.


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Painting Quebec Abortion-Free

As July begins, so does the second half of 2016. Before moving on, let me summarize some of our first half accomplishments, done with your support.

This summary demonstrates that, despite the obstacles which contemporary society hoists upon us, we can still defend the human person from conception to natural death!

Center for Crisis Pregnancy in Montreal

SEJ-Raoul.JPGThe pregnancy center is approaching readiness. Located within the boundaries of the Divine Infant Jesus Parish in Montreal, we have recently received an influx of furniture, thanks to three donors. This furniture will help fill the space which our plasterers and painters have worked hard to spruce up. Pictured here is the father of a child whom we have been graced to save during our prayer vigils outside the Morgentaler facility.

Apologetics Seminar
The existence of God, the immortal soul, free will, the foundations of morality, natural law, and the prohibition of killing by abortion or euthanasia are some of the many subjects that we must deal with head on, because the general public is woefully ignorant about these important issues. For this reason, at the beginning of the year I promised to develop a course - and we are on standby to present a first draft this coming autumn!

It is only through your donations that we can continue to work building a Culture of Life. Thank you for your contributions!

Christ the King Proposal
In April of this year, I wrote of a proposed change in our organization’s direction. Namely, to undergird the Quebec Life Coalition’s stated goal of defending life from conception to natural death with a particular theological foundation – namely, the social doctrine of the Kingship of Christ. During a recent meeting of our board of directors, we voted to study this proposal further before voting upon it, most likely in the early part of 2017. I invite you to be a part of these deliberations by sending us your questions and comments!

2016 Sex Education Curriculum – A Concerted Resistance
This past June 22nd, we participated in a meeting organized by two concerned parents for the purpose of combating the implementation in September 2016 of a new sexual education program, mandatory from kindergarten through to secondary 5, aimed at promoting sexual exploration and homosexual lifestyle. The Quebec Life Coalition intends to play an active part in this battle, as we well know attacks against traditional marriage and healthy sexuality have a nefarious effect on the respect of the unborn child, which people increasingly view as an obstacle to unlimited sexual gratification.

Will you provide us with the means to continue this resistance to the assaults on life in Quebec and the rest of Canada?

Culture of Life Website
Since 2015, our new website has been seen by well over 2.3 million visitors, in such varied locations as France, Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Morocco, and elsewhere in Africa. With the help of a team of translators, we have published close to 400 articles covering abortion, euthanasia, gender theory, homosexuality, and the scourge of pornography. Equally important are the personal testimonies of women who have opted for life, safeguarding the child within their womb. Without a doubt, these articles have had a positive impact worldwide in forming consciences, thanks in part to your support. (We are as always looking for volunteers to translate articles from English into French. Please contact us if this appeals to you.)

Finally, as it is summer time, we would ask you to consider making a special gift that would permit us in our ongoing battle to defend life against abortion and euthanasia,

To those of you who have already done so, we express our thanks.

In Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life,


Georges Buscemi
Quebec Life Coalition

Click on the image below to view the July edition of the Culture of Life newsletter.


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Ending the Ultimate Injustice

Dear Friends of Life,

A recent experience makes me think that the end of abortion in Quebec is at hand.

At my parish I am one of several volunteers who do the weekly readings at mass. This means that over an eight to ten week period, my turn comes up two to three times.

To my shame, I have failed on too many occasions to fulfill this duty, and often without giving prior notice. So, as my next turn approached, I was filled with dread, dread of the recriminations from my peers and particularly from the person who arranges this schedule.

In light of my poor track record, is it any wonder that as I prepared to leave my house and head to church, I was conjuring up excuses not to go?

With increasing dread, I approached the church and entered, images of the prodigal son returning to his home coming to mind.

My first encounters with parishioners were nothing other than welcoming smiles and greetings.

Going further, I spotted the scheduler; my dread spiked. To my amazement and reminiscent of the father of the prodigal son, she approached me and warmly greeted me.

I was humbled. My fears and personal imaginings were unrealistic. During mass, tears came and went as I relived the acceptance shown to me by those within my faith community.

The reason why I believe that this experience speaks volumes about the fate of the unborn children threatened by abortion and the many wounded by this ultimate injustice is because of the readiness and universality of God’s mercy. Our churches are schools for teaching about this mercy and such on a worldwide basis to boot.


A friend recently told me that in addition to the over 25 000 surgical abortions performed yearly in our province, she believes that there is an equal number, if not more, of chemical abortions performed. Chemical abortions are those done on a fertilized ovum via the morning-after pill (aka Plan B), the contraceptive pill, by preventing the young embryo from nesting in the uterine wall, etc.

This number is gigantic and nothing less than humility particularly on behalf of all those working to end this grave injustice is needed.

God working within us in the measure with which we humble ourselves before our Father will produce the fruit of mercy. Miracles will occur. Lives will be saved on Earth and souls for Heaven.

My faith community showed me that a source of mercy is readily at hand and this because I was willing to travel the path of humility.

Our part is to act with humility.

Thank you for your on-going prayers and financial support.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Brian Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator

p.s. Particular thanks to the growing number of persons registering in our monthly giving program. By enrolling in Operation Mustard Seed, we at the Quebec Life Coalition receive a steady and assured source of income, funding the various projects you have become familiar with – our web site, participation in the National March for Life, our Encente et Inquiète Crisis Pregnancy phone line, the 40 Days for Life prayer vigils for the end of abortion, and more. For details call (514) 344-2686.


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National March Draws Large Montreal Contingent

I’m back from having attended the 19th annual National March for Life in Ottawa this past Thursday, May 12, 2016, and what a blessing this experience was !

NM4L2016Sunrise2.JPGA favorable omen of what was to come occurred at the outset of the day. While heading over to the pickup site in Laval, I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise over the back river.

The blessings continued. For instance I learned that nearly 100 people boarded the two Montreal charters – 41 from Laval and close to capacity (56) aboard the downtown bus!

Yet another blessing was, despite the traffic snares and other imprévus, we arrived in Ottawa in time for the 10 AM mass at Saint Patrick Basilica.

Millie2.jpgPilgrims included Millie Coyne who is a regular attendee along with her husband Jack and friend Renée O’Dwyre. (Seen in the background is the television stage for the EWTN network which has broadcasted the March live in its entirety for the past 3 years from Parliament Hill.)

Below is a sample of the Montreal pilgrims posing after having attended the mass. Conspicuously dressed in his Knights of Columbus regale is Francesco Barbero who, flag in hand, would later that day lead the National March from the parliamentary grounds onto the streets of Ottawa.
Others pictured here include members of the Saint-Kevin Pro-Life prayer group and QLC General Manager Mario Richard and several of the regular office volunteers - Virginie, Ghisi, and Marc.

Our buses contained an diverse group of people coming from different municipalities - south shore Longueuil, east end Anjou and Rivière-des-Prairies, west island Kirkland, Pierrefonds, and Dorval, off-island Ile Perrot and Saint-Eustache. Husbands and wives, brothers, mothers and sons, a parish-based group, a community service group, and Knights of Columbus had all interrupted their busy schedules to travel to Ottawa and lend support to our cause.

Once in Ottawa, on Parliament Hill, we joined well over 22 000 others demanding rights for the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society. Politicians, religious leaders, youth (plenty of), and many young families swelled our numbers. Is it any wonder that this injustice will soon be corrected?

Sharing the Pro-Life Message – part 2

In the April newsletter I raised the question, “How do we share the pro-life message?”

As follow up question, consider: “How do we address irrational responses – understood as prejudice, passion, ignorance, misunderstanding, incomprehension or ideology?”

Apologist Peter Kreeft responds “We need not and should not employ any of these substitutes for reason in order to “make contact with” or “be relevant to” those who are doing so. We make contact and relevance not by changing rationality into irrationality but by changing irrationality into rationality. That is what education is.”

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator

P.S. Your on-going financial support helps to defray the expenses in organizing such events. Thank you.


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A Special Mass for the Family

MgrLepine.jpgMost Reverend Christian Lépine will celebrate a special Mass for families, on Friday, May 6, at 7:30 p.m, at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral.

In the wake of the publication of the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on love in the family, Amoris Laetitia, and as Quebec Family Week is about to begin, our Archbishop, Most Reverend Christian Lépine, will celebrate a special Mass for families, on Friday, May 6, at 7:30 p.m, at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral.

All families are welcome, as is anyone interested in the future of the family in our Church and in our society!

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Sharing The Message

Blessed Easter greetings to you and your loved ones.

Question: How do we go about sharing the pro-life message?
Answer: Trusting the Holy Spirit to lead us when and with whom.

Holidays are propitious times to share the message of life to family members and friends. Yet, as part of a family in which my siblings have had their own children and grandchildren are sprouting therefrom, our family gatherings have become memories and our household a stopover to visit the family matriarch.

Yet, the Holy Spirit continues to work unimpeded by circumstances to foster and promote life, as I recently experienced.

During one such stopover, my sister came into the kitchen as I was cleaning up after a late lunch. To my surprise she brought up the topic of the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion and in almost the same breath, labelled this activity as militant and extremist as the brutal events of the previous week in which 34 were killed and many, wounded in Brussels.

Stunned, bewildered, I managed to say that our aim is to promote the respect of life from conception to a natural death. This statement did not elicit any reply. Rather, I was then the recipient of a series of statements which, I don't doubt, many of you are familiar with in which nary we have a chance to respond: “A woman has a right to choose,” “all the women I have spoken with are of the same opinion on this issue,” etc.

The Death of Dialogue

This interaction made me wonder whether civil discourse on this issue is possible. Of course, it is. Witness the recently concluded 40-day prayer vigil, in which I and many who came to pray were blessed to share our message of life in a civil manner with genuinely interested persons, men and women, of all ages.

Yes, we also met many who expressed themselves in the manner similar to my sister or worst – i.e., impetuously expressing their opinions without any desire to listen to another view, whether similar or not.

Why is this?

Author, philosopher Peter Kreeft offers insight in his dialogue “Between Heaven and Hell,” involving C.S. Lewis, John F. Kennedy and Aldous Huxley. Lewis at one point responds to a statement by Kennedy to the effect that people are more content living with lies because the truth would be too painful to admit and, so, we do not always want it.

Angelica_on_Truth.jpgAnother advocate of truth is Mother Angelica who died this past Easter Sunday. The foundress of the Eternal Word Television Network is known for not mincing her words. One quote appears in the photo and another states: “If you’re not a thorn in somebody’s side, you aren’t doing Christianity right.”

May our reward in this life be that we follow in Our Lord’s footsteps, and his alone.

I wish to thank you for your on-going support in promoting a culture of life. It is truly a privilege to share the pro-life message, by dialogue and other means that we at the Quebec Life Coalition are doing.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition

P.S. Our court challenge to affirm our right to pray outside abortion facilities continues. As a result, expenses are incurred and so your support in paying our legal fees would be most helpful. Thank you.


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Impacting Montreal and Beyond

Blessed Easter greetings to you and your loved ones.

I have some exciting news. Your support of our work is impacting the Quebec legislative process! More about this below.

As we begin the Easter season, the Quebec Life Coalition has been preparing for this special time of year as we have been doing since 2009, bringing the message of life to the streets of Montreal.


Our 40-day prayer vigils for the end of abortion have defined us not only to Montrealers but also to all Quebecers, and its impact is felt throughout the province in several tangible ways.

First, the vigil draws people from not only the Montreal area but also province-wide. NDG, Laval, south shore Longueil, RDP, ville d’Anjou, and LaSalle, and further afoot, participants from as distant places as Ile Perrot, Granby, Ottawa, Quebec City, and even as far as Franquelin; you may need to Google this, have also come.

Second, the spiritual impact of our prayers also extends beyond the borders of Montreal. The weekend of March 5 & 6, our pregnant help service received an unprecedented 6 inquiries, one of which coming from our provincial capital.

A third way our prayers have had an impact is seen in the opposition we are getting. On February 23, 2016, Parti Quebecois MNA Carole Poirier, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, deposited a private member’s bill aimed at establishing a buffer zone around the 47 abortion facilities in the province. She states that doing so will eliminate the problem of accessibility and security which now plague such centres.

What problem of accessibility and security?

Over the past 25 years, there has been NOT one incident of violence at a Quebec abortion facility.

Yet, Mme Poirier is of the opinion that our precious legislative process should be used to curb a non-existent problem.

Bill 595, or the anti-Brian bill as a friend of mine has called it, aims to restrict the work that we at the Quebec Life Coalition have been doing to help women and men.

We have gone to abortion facilities in the Montreal to peacefully offer alternatives and comfort to women and men thinking of aborting their children. We have also gone to abortion facilities to also offer post-abortion comfort to these as they deal with the aftermath of their ill-fated decision.

Bill 595 will only exacerbate the harm done to women and men on a daily basis by eliminating an important source of truth – the services we at the Quebec Life Coalition are offering.

Action Item

So, please contact Minister Lise Thériault, the minister responsible for the Status of Women, to ask her to oppose bill 595. Her contact information is as follows:

  • Postal address: 205-7077, Beaubien Street East, Anjou H1M 2Y2
  • Office numbers: (514) 493-9630; FAX (514) 493-9633
  • Email address: [email protected]

So, let us not remain silent in denouncing this grave injustice to members of our society and the misuse of public time and funds.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator

P.S. The National March for Life is set for Thursday, May 12, and as in years past we will be chartering buses for many to attend. Please consider joining us or else supporting this project with a generous gift so as to have your voice and others heard by our elected officials in Ottawa.


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