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QLC December 2013 Newsletter

Blessed Advent greetings to you!

First I wish to thank you for your continued support of our ministry both spiritually and financially. It is a source of comfort to have you consistently respond to our appeals. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and my apologies if we have ever been unable to extend our appreciation to you more readily. Though we may not have responded to your letters or emails, we do read them all.

Also, you will notice with this mail-out that there are changes in our image, in our approach. We believe that this will make us more persuasive and more effective when it comes to winning hearts and minds to our cause of protecting innocent human life. I am pleased to present you these three changes that will permit the Quebec Life Coalition to radiate more brilliantly in Quebec with the light of truth.

First we have a new logo. It may look familiar to many of you. It is inspired from a photo, frequently known as the “precious feet,” that has resonated with many in the pro-life movement. This photo, seen here, is of the feet of a small unborn child at 10 weeks gestation.

Also, our new logo is reminiscent of a newborn child’s footprint, occasionally taken right after birth. These feet represent humanity in all its fragility, and the circle about it suggests a nest or protective barrier for this vulnerable life.

Our second change is our newly designed website – i.e., CQV.QC.CA.

You cannot fathom the dramatic growth of our web site since its inception. For example, in 2009, the site hosted on average a hundred visits a day for a total of two to three thousand per month. Today, through the first 28 days of November, it has been visited an amazing 54,000 times from around the world – i.e., an average of 1,900 per day! This means that our message is spreading across Canada and the world. (Our website has recently been redesigned - see picture, and will shortly reflect this change.)

Our third change is the most important one. We have a new slogan that reflects more clearly the totality of the human person to be loved and protected. We are advocating “Respect for the human person - body and soul - from conception to natural death.” Yes, it is both the body AND the soul that we are affirming in all and any moral or ethical reasoning. In fact, our new brochure (which we will publish shortly) describes the work of Quebec Life Coalition as follows:

Respect for the human person in its entirety, whether moral or ethical, is founded on respect for the Divine person, known under the name of “God.” For without God, our immortal soul and the associated free will that He gives us, the human person is reduced to but a pile of material to be appropriated and/or discarded at will. All, therefore, have a duty to deepen their knowledge of God, His commandments and His love-filled plan for life and the family.

So we are pointing out the root problem that without God, the human person becomes a mere “clump of cells,” which each may use for his or her own ends. On the other hand, if each person is of inestimable value, it can only be because he or she has been created and loved by God.

For Life,

Brian A. Jenkins, Outreach Coordinator

P. S. Please help spread the message of the “precious feet,” by using the complimentary return address stickers inscribed with our new logo.

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Case Against Euthaniasia for Children In Belgium

Dr Paul Saba shares a personal story of diagnosed illness and a success against the odds.


This video provides a counter argument to those advocating the euthanising of children, as Belgium has enacted earlier today; click here for this story.

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Some Sense in Quebec

Many wonder whether common sense has left all senior officials in Quebec.

Fortunately, the head of a OB\gyn group has shown that some sense has not left Quebec.


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Euthanasia Put Elderly at Risk

Irene Ogrizek writes a sensitive and thorough blog on the topic of caring for an elderly parent within the context of a quebec society headed towards permitting the euthanising of our more weak members.

In "Euthanasia Puts the Elderly at Risk," Ms.Ogrizek relates her experiences and concerns for both herself and her elderly mother, a subject many of us can identify with.

For instance, in regards t the care of her mother, she relates how she witnessed over a one year period how medication was misadministered three times. Fortunately, she was able to observe such effects in her mom (she was drowsy and docile), seek out the nursing home's attendants for assistance, and rectify the situation.

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Complications: Abortion's Impact on women

An important reference book for persons working with pregnant and post-abortive women has recently been launched.

Complications: Abortion's Impact on Women was released this past Thursday, November 7, 2013, by the deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research.

The well written book comes with introduction, abstract, glossery of terms and index. Also, there are over forty pages of references listed.

Billed as the world's most comrehensive investigation of abortion and women's health, the book's 21 chapters are organized into four sections: The Big Picture,The Medical Impact,The Psychological, and Social Impact, and Women's Voices. Details regarding each chapter may be found here.

For a review of the book click here.

Obtain a copy by donating 35$ or more to Quebec Life Coalition >>

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Post-Abortion Recovery Ministry

A welcomed story for persons suffering the trauma of having had an abortion and their helpers appeared Wednesday on Lifesitenews' listing of stories.

"U.S. Bishops Approve First National Hire Dedicated for Post-Abortion Recovery" ran the headline. Funded by a fraternal organization, the american bishops approved this past Tuesday at its annual General Assembly to support a ministry providing "prayer, support, and healing for those suffering from abortion."

The article notes that an significant increase in the demand at the diocesan level for such a ministry.

Offering links to relevant scientific studies, the story notes the harmful effects of abortion.

Numerous studies show that abortion can lead to a wide variety of negative emotional, spiritual and physical effects, including heightened risk of alcoholism, thoughts or commissions of suicide, breast cancer, and even death in future pregnancies.

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Late-Term Abortions and Its Harm

The Journal de Montreal, this past Monday and Tuesday, ran several articles concerning late-term abortions. Journalist Heloise Archambault covered the topic from several angles.

Yet, two important ones were left out. First there was no reference to fetal pain. South of the border we are witnessing, both federally and state-wise, legislation aimed at preventing late-term abortions because scientific studies are showing that the unborn child is capable of feeling pain as early as 20-weeks. Click here for further details.

(Click here to view an article entitled "12 Reasons Why We Need a Law Ending Painful Late Abortions.")

Second, one article in the Montreal daily's cluster treated at length the stress and the violence to which late-term abortionists are subject to. Yet the article did not report that major anti-abortion groups - Priests for Life and Campaign Life Coalition, condemn any and all uses of violence.

On this point, having participated and led several "40 Days for Life" prayer vigils for the end of abortion here in Montreal, I have witnessed both verbal and physical abuse by persons intolerant of our public display.

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QLC Newsletter - November 2013

Dear friends of life,

I trust you have had time to catch your breath!

I have and so am writing to thank you for your support during this past 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion!

From everybody here at the Quebec Life Coalition, a very sincere thank you for participating in this prayer vigil.

You experienced a lot. First, the weather was capricious. For the first four weeks, all was balmy, idyllic in many respects. Yet week five presented an entirely different face - steady rain and strong winds. In particular, the Thursday was a combination of the two while the Friday, no rain but VERY strong winds. Thanks to the herculean efforts and cunning of many, our banner was kept from soaring away and its message prevailed – “Pray for the End of Abortion.”

Also your psychological mettle was tested in a couple of ways. First, on the eve of the vigil we were surprised to find the vigil location entirely inaccessible - a six-foot high fence stretched around its perimeter. The municipality had decided to begin park renovations that very day! Yet Divine Providence provided a new location, one which I think afforded new graces.

The second test came about from this new location. Not only were we closer to the pedestrian and other traffic (facilitating exchanges) but also to the clientele of the abortion mill. Many of you shared with me your malaise about seeing the girls enter and leave the mill, particularly the latter. Some of these young women showed obvious after effects as they walked away.

A case in point was Jessica, a young woman in her early twenties and 17-weeks pregnant, keen on carrying through with her abortion.

Was God’s hand working to save mother and child? Through various circumstances, I thought so as she met with us not once but four times prior to her abortion! We had ample opportunity to share the pro-life message as well as offer support – legal, material ... Yet, she was unswayed by our efforts to convince her to carry her unborn child for the full term.

Even the day of the abortion, accompanied by her mother, she came by our site and then accompanied two of us to a coffee shop. Our last minute plea of support fell on deaf ears.

She even dropped by after her procedure. At this time, I was struck by the change I saw in her temperament. Her initial simple disposition was usurped by an impatient, unsettled one. Please keep her in your prayers as she deals with her post-abortion turmoil.

This event contrasts quite distinctly with a similar scenario that occurred the previous fall. At this time, Floriane left the abortion mill and crossed the street to seek our help. It was a blessing befriending her and the child’s father. Our actions were rewarded this past March 18 as she gave birth to little Lucas, seen here with one of our prayer volunteers.

Those of you who've walked and prayed along Saint Joseph Blvd., and those of you who participated in your own ways elsewhere, have gained some powerful experiences over the past seven weeks. Hours of praying, fasting, counselling, and discussing with persons opposed to the pro-life message have all contributed to an faith enriching experience.

So, thank you for without you, there would be no 40 Days for Life.

For life,

Brian A. Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator

Quebec Life Coalition

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40 Days for Life: Kick Off Event tomorrow

Tomorrow evening we at the Quebec Life Coalition will kick-off our tenth prayer vigil for the end of abortion and you are welcomed to join us.

The evening begins at 7 p.m. at Saint-Enfant-Jésus Church (5039, Saint Dominique Street) where prayers will be recited - first, a rosary and then a Eucharistic celebration.

The church is located along the eastern edge of Lahaie Park, where for the next forty days, we will meet and offer prayers of reparation for our culture which clings to its desire to abort the weakest members of our society - the unborn child.

Prayers will also be offered for the young couples who are struggling with the decison to keep or abort their child, as well as for those who have already made the tragic and irreversible decision.

Finally, we will not neglect to pray for the conversion of the abortionists and other facility workers who mistakenly perform this procedure.

Forty Days for Life first began in Texas back in 2004. Since 2007 it assumed its twice annual version and in 2009 it began here in Montreal, organised by the Quebec Life Coaliton's President Mr. Georges Buscemi.

This Fall, Montreal is one of 305 cities worldwide hosting a 40-day prayer vigil 15 of which are occuring on Canadian soil. Altogether ten separate countries are hosting this event.

Here in Montreal, this is our tenth vigil, all of which have been done across the street from the Morgentaler abortion mill.

Paramount to our vigil is the maintaining a prayerful presence. To this end a code of conduct is given below to help to this end.

Code of Conduct

  • I will show compassion and reflect Christ’s love to all.
  • I understand that acting in a violent or harmful manner immediately and completely disassociates me from this vigil.
  • I will not obstruct the driveways or sidewalk while standing in the public right of way.
  • I will not block the abortion facility's entrance nor the path of anyone, including passersby, on the sidewalk; I will remain on the north side of Saint-Joseph Blvd.
  • I will not litter on the public right of way.
  • I will closely attend to any children I bring to the prayer vigil.
  • I will not threaten, physically contact, nor verbally abuse anyone.
  • I will not vandalize private property.
  • I will cooperate with local city authorities.
  • I will not picket nor carry any signs, pictures, displays, nor wear clothing bearing any words or images, without the consent of the organizers.
  • I will maintain a spirit of prayer and refrain from judgments, debates and quarrels.
  • I will refrain from unnecessary discussion with the public and with the other prayers.
  • I will maintain a physical distance from others at the site whose tactics would be considered contrary to these guidelines.


Although our purpose is to pray, we are not adverse to talk with persons not associated with the vigil who approach us to ask questions or make comments. The following may help in these exchanges:

How to Share the Pro-Life Message

What is the pro-life message?

At its most basic level, the pro-life message is this:

An unborn child is a human person

whose life has value and deserves to be protected by our society.

But we also have an important message to share about how abortion harms women – and men – and about how committed the pro-life movement is to helping women face untimely pregnancies and choose life for their babies.

Ultimately, our message is a message of hope. We believe that, working together, we can transform our society into a place in which no mother will ever resort to abortion, where every child, regardless of the circumstances of his or her conception, will be welcomed and loved.

10 Guidelines for sharing the pro-life message

1. Listen – and pay attention;

2. Take time to think – and pray;

3. Always be respectful;

4. Seek common ground;

5. Make it personal;

6. Give the benefit of the doubt, and never take offense;

7. Don’t interrupt others’ conversations;

8. Pick your battles and keep it simple;

9. Admit when you lack information; and

10. Always leave the door open.

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Jérome Lejeune Exhibit: McGill U

Last night, I attended a special exhibit in Redpath Hall at McGill University and the place was packed.


The draw on this evening was the work of the French geneticist Jérome Lejeune (1926-1994).

Lejeune, the father of modern genetics, is known for his discovery of the genetic anomaly that is the root cause of Trisomy 21. Yet, the exhibit - which consists of a series of seven-foot high panels and presented by resourceful hostesses, presents not only his scientific accomplishments but also his humanitarian qualities.


The latter cannot be sufficiently emphasized. Upon discovering the genetic marker for trisomy, he became more than a physician to persons with this condition and their families. He also became a supporter of their very livelihood, as many of his peers wished to use his discoveries to practice eugenic beliefs, aborting the unborn who had tested positive with trisomy.

In an outspokenness speech about the ethical role of the scientist given in 1969, he was immediately shunned by his peers. At the end of his talk, he was greeted with dead silence, something unheard of in scientific circles. Further the silence and aloofness perdured for the rest of his life, as he was denied research grants and research students stayed away for a reference letter from Dr. Lejeune had little value.

His solace became his family and his patients.

The exhibit runs through Monday.

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