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Walk Alongside With Jesus : 2nd Edition

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An exceptional man: Vietnamese man adopts unwanted children to save them from abortion

Here's a wonderful story of one man's response to the horror of abortion, writen by Jonathon van Maren (

Tong Phuoc Phuc is an exceptional man, with an exceptional way of dealing with the rampant abortion rate in Vietnam: He adopts the unwanted children. Over fifty of them so far, to be exact.

In Vietnam, abortion is common and practiced at nearly every hospital. Faced with often crippling poverty, women often choose abortion—over 114,000 of them every single year. Faced with the reality that many of these women do not know where to turn and a severe shortage of shelters for pregnant women, Phuc has opened the doors of his home to any mother who needs care and needs a place for her child to stay.

Eight years ago, Phuc promised God that if his wife survived a difficult labour giving birth to their son, he would find some way to help others. According to one article detailing his remarkable story, “As his wife lay recuperating after the difficult birth, he recalls seeing many pregnant women going into the delivery room but always leaving alone. ‘I was wondering, where are the babies?’ he says, cradling an infant in each arm. ‘Then I realized they had abortions.’”

He first began saving money from his wages as a construction contractor to buy a plot of land to bury the unwanted children, picking them up from hospitals and abortion clinics and giving them a proper burial. Everyone, even his wife questioned what he was doing—as of last year, there were “some 7,000 tiny plots dotting the shady hillside, many marked with bright red, pink and yellow artificial roses.”

Post-abortive women began to hear about Phuc’s actions, and came to his little cemetery to pray. When women considering abortions also came to him, he opened his doors and they began moving into his home.

One woman considering abortion talked to Phuc first, and then changed her mind. “She moved into the 904 square foot house soon after and remains there with seven other new or expectant mothers. They spend their days washing, feeding, burping, changing and playing with the babies…It’s a full-time operation that involves Phuc’s entire family. His older sister manages the chaos, mixing vats of strained potatoes and carrots and preparing formula for bottles, while shushing crying babies and chasing crawlers.”

Phuc’s work has begun to draw attention, and donations come in from as far away as the United States. The president of Vietnam has praised him for “caring for women and children scorned by society.” He does not, however, run an orphanage—his goal is to either reunite the babies with their mothers, or raise them as his own children. He has managed to reunite twenty-seven children with their mothers.

It might seem to many people that Phuc’s life is a hard one, but that is not the way he sees it: “I will continue this job until my last breath of life. I will encourage my children to take over to help other people who are underprivileged.”

Truly, this man’s life is a testimony to selflessness. His desire to help others no matter what the personal is an inspiration.

Doesn't he make you want to do likewise? For story and more pictures, click here.

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Grieving Reproductive Loss

Yesterday's Journal de Montréal ran a story about a Montreal hospital helping families grieve their perinatal losses.

Isabelle Maher writes that a committee at the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, mindful of the helplessness parents feel at the unforeseen death of their child, has set up the Angels' Craddle - "Le Berceau des anges," plot at Laval Cemetery for infants deceased during pregnancy, at birth, or shortly thereafter.

Though inauguration of the site was last week, it has been active for several months, interning thus far twenty or so infants.

One trusts that the Laval site will also comfort parents and individuals grieving other reproductive losses - abortion, adoption, sudden infant death syndrome, infertility, sterility, or life situations which precluded having children.

See related story in Lapresse.

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Campaign Life Coalition Letter - June 2012

 Here's CLC's June promotional letter. Not only does it provide a good review of the recent National March for Life in Ottawa, but also describes regional marches across the country as well as other pro-life initiatives such as the Crossroads Canada and the "New" Abortion Caravan. Enjoy.

June, 2012

The National March for Life flowed through the streets of Ottawa, noisily, joyfully and with chants and cheers, as I'd predicted. The streets were teaming with people who had decided they would march to bring truth back to the discussion, to the public square and to public office arund the country.

The crowd was numbered at 19,500 by CLC National President jim Hughes. However in a delightful twist of fate, the Globe and Mail reported us at 20,000. We'll take it! In fact, this year the overall media coverage of the March was more balanced than it had ever been.

Stephen Woodworth was one of almost 20 MPs who appeared on the Hill and received a genuinely warm and enthusiastic welcome from the crowd. He was eloquent but it must be said that actions speak louder than words and his Motion has generated a discussion prolifers in our country are grateful for. Whatever support is lacking from his party is made up for by the strong support from all of us. The MPs spoke briefly but eloquently and we were grateful for their presence and supprt. The RCMP was concerned about security, given the student protests in Montreal and decided to block off 3/4 of one side of Parliament Hill, but frankly the optics were terrific. The tiny group that came to deliberately disrupt a peaceful rally were dwarfed by the amount of space they had been given. All my interactons with the RCMP were polite and professional and they seemed to want to protect the pro-lifers. Some were more gruff than others, but we know these events can erupt with the malfeasance of jsut a few.

The Rally and the March are not the beginning and end of course. The Youth Banquet had over 800 students and the Rose Dinner had over 300 adults. Our respective speakers, Rev. Patrick Mahoney and Steven Mosher were excellent and well received... The workshops that were attended the next day by hundreds and hundreds of students, equipped them for service or for activism in the pro-life movements. They were being instructed in ways they would not have received elsewhere, with holy boldness and love. It was very moving to withness the development of the next generations.

Around the country, 4000 pro-lifers participated in regional Marches. Though only 20 Islanders participated in the March in front of the provincial legislature in St. John's, Patrick Hanlon reported that the largest pro-life demonstration in Newfoundland takes place on Good Friday. This year 300 people took part in that just a few weeks before the March for Life. Furthermore, as Senator Norman Doyle (Conservative, Newfoundland and Labrador) noted on Parliament Hill, there was a large contingent of Newfoundlanders at the National March for Life in Ottawa (they could be seen waving their pronvical flag as they marched). In Halifax, the Nova Scotia March for Life drew about 75 people. Ellen Chesal, Executive Director of CLC Nova Scotia and Andre Turcot, State Pro-Life Director for the Knights of Columbus, addressed the crowd in front of the Province House. A candlelight vigil held the night before was attended by more than 20 people. In Prince Edward Island, at least 100 people took part in the March outside the legislature in Charlottetown.

David Abbott of the Knights of Columbus told the gathering it is a fallacy to believe that a nation can legally and wilfully destroy its own people without also destroying itself." The New Brunswick March for Life, organized by New Brunswick Right to Life took place at the legislature with more than 400 people in attendance. Several members from both the Conservative and Liberal parties attended the gathering. The Winnepeg March for Life was organized by CLC Manitoba, the Knights of Columbus and Life's Vision. Winnepeg Archbishop James Weisgerber told the 433 pro-life activists gathered at The Forks to defend life:"We have to defend life in all of the ways that we can." The crowd then walked to the legislature where they heard testimony from a member of Silent No More Awareness Campaign and were challenged to swell the numbers for next years' march. The Saskatchewan March for Life in Regina drew 500 people while the March in Saskatoon was attended by 220 people. Various Saskatchewan bishops, clergy and reperesentatives of several church groups, members of Silent No More Awareness Campaign and Rachel's Vineyard and other pro-life groups were present at the Marches. The Regina rally was also attended by several MLA's who lent their support to the cause. The Alberta March for Life took place in Edmonton on May 17, 2012. Julius Yankowsky, Executive director of CLC Alberta, estimated that there were over 400 peoole at the March which started at the Alberta legislature and processed 2 km to City Hall where more speakers addressed the crowd. Participants then walked back to the legislature for the closing ceremony. More than 1,800 people participated in the fifth annual British Columbia March for Life in Victoria. "Our intention here today is to peacefully and prayerfully bring attention to the victims of abortion in our province," said BC March for Life media spokesmwoman, Anastasia Pearse.

Across the country the Spirit is moving and so are the young adults. Crossroads Canada, a non-profit pro-life organization, dedicated to the renewal of the Culture of Life, has begun its journey. The students left Vancouver B.C. heading to Ottawa. They will be walking for a total of 12 weeks, in shifts day and night, Monday through Friday, all the while, praying for the unborn. On weekends the Crossroads Walkers will be staying at host homes and giving presentations to Churches. Look for them in your area. (Their blog will keep you informed about their travel.

Meanwhile a different approach starts on May 29th, with the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform leaving Vancouver in the "New" Abortion Caravan. For those of you who don't remember, in 1970 a group of radical pro-abortion feminists gathered outside the Vancouver Art Gallery to start a cross-counry trek to Ottawa to have abortion laws repealed and have abortion on demand. 42 years later, the New Abortion Caravan seeks to boldly show the death and destruction that has been caused by the "choice" of abortion. A picture paints a thousand words; a CCRB picture, a thousand souls.


Johanne Brownrigg

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Cornwall March for Life - June 24

Yesterday, I was delighted, and surprised, to be asked if I was organizing a trip to the Cornwall March for Life, set for Sunday, June 24.

I presumed that the caller knew I had just organised trips to both the National March for Life (in Ottawa on May 10) and the Marche Chrétienne (June 2 in Quebec City) and that it was only logical that I do the same in support of a sister organization so close to home. (Cornwall is an hour and half southwest of Montreal along the 401.)

I responded that I would be delighted to do so. Therefore...

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

You are coordially invited to join me, and two others, Sunday, June 24, in support of the cause of life in Cornwall, ON.

As the walk begins at 1 p.m., we will leave Montreal at about 11 a.m., from a location yet to be assigned.

The walk is about 1.5 km. It will followed Pro-Life Cornwall's Annual General Meeting. Guest Ms. Anastasia Bowles of Life Canada will be on hand to address the assembly.

Give me a call (514-344-2686) and I will see if numbers warrant the need for chartering a bus. Else, we will car pool it, as we did to Quebec City.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the annual Saint-Jean Baptiste Day than giving it a pro-life spin.

For more information about the day or pro-life events in Cornwall, click Pro-Life Cornwall .

Again travelling the 110 km to Cornwall would take us about an hour and half.

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Motion C-312: Debate Postponed

Debate on Stephen Woodworth's motion, M-312, has been postponed from this Thursday until a later time, possibly this Fall.

CBC's Kady O'Malley reports that Mr. Woodworth traded spots in the queue with a fellow MP.

As of yesterday, M-312 was scheduled to come up for a final hour of debate on Thursday afternoon, with a vote to be held next Wednesday, but it appears that Woodworth did a last minute swap with Liberal MP Scott Brison, and is now 14th on the precedence list. With just 12 sitting days remaining before the House is scheduled to rise for the summer break, will almost certainly put his motion on ice until the fall.

Ms. O'Malley opines that the member of Parliament for Kitchener-Centre "hopes to spend the summer shoring up support for the motion, and combat the chilling effect of pressure reportedly being brought to bear against caucus colleagues sympathetic to his cause by no less powerful an adversary than the Prime Minister's Office."

The second of these comments refers to the lack of support Mr. Woodworth has received from the Prime Minister. The latter's whip, Mr. Gordon O'Connor, came out strong against M-312 during the first hour of debate this past Thursday, April 26, 2012.

Daniel Proussalidis, journalist with the Quebecor news giant, filing before the announcement of M-312's postponement, writes about the pressure Mr. Woodworth and like-minded tories may be under from the PMO.

In a release from Mr. Woodworth, he cites the ailing health of his mother, who hasn't eaten in five days, and his desire to be with her, as reason for postponing the second hour of debate.

See related stories - here and here.

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Walk Alongside With Jesus : 2nd Edition

This past Saturday, June 2, under cloudy skies, I was one among ten Montrealers who travelled to Quebec City in order to participate in the second annual Marche Chrétienne - Walk Alongside with Jesus.

We met at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral in downtown Montreal, and after the 7:30 a.m. mass, filled two cars and drove three hours to the provincial capital.

The rendez-vous location in Quebec City was appropriately The Plains of Abraham.  It was here back on September 13, 1759, that the Battle of Quebec took place, pitting French forces against the English.

On this Saturday, three centuries later, a different battle was being fought. We came to defend the Christian roots of our society from the forces of laicisation.

On so we gather with the Cross as our standard.

The difference with ages ago is that music and speeches replaced the retorts of canons and muskets.

At about 2:15 p.m. the crowd assembled behind the twelve-foot high cross that would lead our way out onto Grande Allée avenue, towards the provincial legislative building.

At about 2:30 p.m., the 650 or so people who had braved this day began the walk. Along the way, I spoke with peoples from different parts of the province - Gatineau, Victoriaville, Laval, Trois-Rivières, la Beauce, ...

Throughout the walk the skies remained overcast, yet no rain fell. Below, we are on Grande Allée avenue, looking towards the Plains of Abraham, about mid-way along the 1.6 km trek.

We walked five to six abreast, speaking among ourselves or greeting on-lookers.

Arriving at the provincial legislative building, the skies finally opened. Despite this, music was played and speeches given. Finally, the proceedings ended at around 4:30 p.m., when our group retired to a comfortable restaurant before returning to Montreal.

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Motion C-312: Urgent Action Alert

I received the following came in earlier today.

 Immediate Action Needed 

Dear Brian,

This Thursday, June 7th, the 2nd hour of debate on Motion 312 will be occuring in Parliament.

Please take 5 minutes right now and call your MP to stress the importance of this motion.

There is no time to send letters. Please call them directly!

But what if I'm not into politics?

Don't worry. You don't have to have political savy to express the importance of voting in favour of this motion. It's as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Introduce yourself as a member of their riding.

2. Ask your MP if they plans to vote in favor of this critical motion (Motion 312)

3. Ensure you stress that as a constituent in their riding, you expect that your voice will be heard through their vote.

A little background:

Mr. Stephen Woodworth, (the MP bringing this motion to Parliament) is simply requesting a special committee to look at the 400-year-old law that currently defines a human life (a life worthy of rights) to begin at the moment of complete birth. Voting against this motion is denying a fundament aspects of democracy - debate.

Please don't wait to call. Our MP's MUST know we care!

Thanks for your time and dedication to this cause.


Stephanie Fennelly

Executive Director Alberta Pro-Life


(The exercise took me ten minutes, tops. First, the provided link brought to a site that, by entering my postal code, allowed me identify my MP - the Honourable Stephane Dion.

Next, on this page, I noted the phone numbers and email addresses for both the riding and parliamentary offices.

Then, I phoned both numbers, expressing my views in each instance to an office aide as per the below instructions.

Finally, further to the suggestion of one of the aides with whom I spoke, I emailed Mr. Dion my views. Your turn!)

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Violence Against Life

Over the past two days, I have been stunned at just how violent those who oppose our pro-life message can get.

First, yesterday I came across a story set in Vancouver. A group travelling across the country promoting an anti-abortion theme kicked off their ride on Tuesday past at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

They were not alone. They faced violence, verbal assault, and public indecency from pro-abortion protesters.

Read the full story and watch a video clip of the violent proceedings here ; learn more about the cross-country caravan here.

In today's news comes a second story of pro-abortion extremism.

Something of a miracle has occurred at the University of Sydney, Australia's oldest university. This past Friday, June 1, in a 6-5 vote the Student Union approved the establishing of a prolife club, the only such club in all of Australia.

Reaction to this decison has been tempestuous. Pro-abortion students are moving to have the board rescind its decison, chatise the union members who voted in favour of the club-status, and change the union's constitution forbidding pro-life groups on campus.

Fortunately a word of reason was heard by the USU Board Director Mina Nada argued: “A diverse union is a healthy union. My fellow directors, I implore you to make a decision which honours the Union’s 138 year old traditions of free expression, free thought and open inquiry. Traditions of which we today are guardians.”

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Kindly note:

due to low numbers

there will not be any charter bus

for tomorrow's Christian Walk - a.k.a., "Marche Chrétienne,"

in Quebec City. ***

We regret any inconvenience this may cause to you plans.

Thank you.

For additional information, call (514) 344-2686.

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