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Motion C-312: Debate Postponed

Debate on Stephen Woodworth's motion, M-312, has been postponed from this Thursday until a later time, possibly this Fall.

CBC's Kady O'Malley reports that Mr. Woodworth traded spots in the queue with a fellow MP.

As of yesterday, M-312 was scheduled to come up for a final hour of debate on Thursday afternoon, with a vote to be held next Wednesday, but it appears that Woodworth did a last minute swap with Liberal MP Scott Brison, and is now 14th on the precedence list. With just 12 sitting days remaining before the House is scheduled to rise for the summer break, will almost certainly put his motion on ice until the fall.

Ms. O'Malley opines that the member of Parliament for Kitchener-Centre "hopes to spend the summer shoring up support for the motion, and combat the chilling effect of pressure reportedly being brought to bear against caucus colleagues sympathetic to his cause by no less powerful an adversary than the Prime Minister's Office."

The second of these comments refers to the lack of support Mr. Woodworth has received from the Prime Minister. The latter's whip, Mr. Gordon O'Connor, came out strong against M-312 during the first hour of debate this past Thursday, April 26, 2012.

Daniel Proussalidis, journalist with the Quebecor news giant, filing before the announcement of M-312's postponement, writes about the pressure Mr. Woodworth and like-minded tories may be under from the PMO.

In a release from Mr. Woodworth, he cites the ailing health of his mother, who hasn't eaten in five days, and his desire to be with her, as reason for postponing the second hour of debate.

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