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Violence Against Life

Over the past two days, I have been stunned at just how violent those who oppose our pro-life message can get.

First, yesterday I came across a story set in Vancouver. A group travelling across the country promoting an anti-abortion theme kicked off their ride on Tuesday past at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

They were not alone. They faced violence, verbal assault, and public indecency from pro-abortion protesters.

Read the full story and watch a video clip of the violent proceedings here ; learn more about the cross-country caravan here.

In today's news comes a second story of pro-abortion extremism.

Something of a miracle has occurred at the University of Sydney, Australia's oldest university. This past Friday, June 1, in a 6-5 vote the Student Union approved the establishing of a prolife club, the only such club in all of Australia.

Reaction to this decison has been tempestuous. Pro-abortion students are moving to have the board rescind its decison, chatise the union members who voted in favour of the club-status, and change the union's constitution forbidding pro-life groups on campus.

Fortunately a word of reason was heard by the USU Board Director Mina Nada argued: “A diverse union is a healthy union. My fellow directors, I implore you to make a decision which honours the Union’s 138 year old traditions of free expression, free thought and open inquiry. Traditions of which we today are guardians.”

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