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How to close the terrible Pandora's box of euthanasia

Do you remember when they justified the decriminalization of euthanasia by saying that it would only be for people "at the end of life" who were suffering excruciatingly and had no hope of getting out of it? Remember how pro-lifers were called alarmists -- even conspiracy theorists-- when we predicted that euthanasia would quickly become not only a banal "suicide on demand" service, but also that it would be "offered" to physically healthy yet depressed and vulnerable people, as well as children?

If you don't believe that we predicted all of this, even in 2010, long before the decriminalization of euthanasia in Quebec in 2014, followed by decriminalization in Canada as a whole in 2016, you can take a look at the brief we submitted in 2010 to the "Special Commission on Dying with Dignity" in Quebec (sorry, this one is en français only). You will see there that we have foreseen all the disasters which today fill the pages of our newspapers. Do we have a crystal ball? No, we have only a simple desire to know the truth and to tell it. It's very little, but today it's a lot.

What happens next? How do we put things in order, how do we shut this terrible Pandora's box which is the decriminalization of euthanasia (and abortion)?

Here too we have our diagnosis and the remedy: our society is dying of apostasy and must return to God. I explained it at length to the parliamentary committee on euthanasia in Ottawa. You can read my statement here. Will they listen, or harden their hearts again? History will tell us; but no matter what they do, we'll have done our duty!

For Life,

Georges Buscemi, President
Quebec Life Coalition / Campagne Québec-Vie

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Quebec College of Physicians criticized for justifying euthanasia of critically ill infants
Catherine Levesque published an article on October 11, 2022 in the National Post. She reports that the Quebec College of Physicians is being criticized by advocacy groups for proposing that euthanasia for critically ill newborns be made legal.

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