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Workshop on Post-Abortion Healing

A workshop on post-abortion healing will be offered this coming October, 2014, and registration for the twelve available spots is underway.

The faith-based association Centre Regina Pacis is coordinating a five-day retreat set to run from Sunday, October 5 through to Thursday, October 9, 2014.

The setting will be at the Marian shrine in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Qc - Notre-Dame-du-Cap.

The facilitator, Dr. Benedetta Foa, an Italian national, has led similar workshops in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovenia, and will be flown in for this event.

The registration fee for the workshop is $300. An additional $300 will cover lodging at the shrine, breakfast included. A cafeteria is available on site for the additional meals. (The registration charge for medical doctors is $400.)

To receive further information or to register, contact either:

The workshop will be in the language of the majority with translators provided for the others.

A registration form is available here.

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National March for Life - Ottawa

QLC April 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Life,

What kind of prayer warrior are you?

Pictured below are three important warriors participating on a daily basis in the prayer vigil for the end of abortion – the 40 Days for Life.

We see John, Charlotte (seated) and Sr. Leah. Each represents a different and essential component of the team praying outside the Morgentaler abortion mill on Saint-Joseph Blvd.

John shows up three times each day. First, he arrives at about 8:30 a.m. and immediately dons two signs about his neck and proceeds to pace along the sidewalk for up to forty-five minutes. He returns for a second 45 minute stroll in mid-afternoon and yet another just before closure at 7 p.m. He represents a first type of prayer warrior.

A second type is personified by Charlotte. Less peripatetic than John, she comes at the beginning of each day, seating herself, keeping a firm hand on the vigil banner and providing a joyful banter to one and all. She spends a few hours at the site before heading out, though when called upon, longer.

Yet, a third type of warrior is Sister Leah. Member of a local Franciscan community of sisters whose convent is nearby, she spends much of her time in the community’s chapel praying before the Blessed Sacrament. Like John, she enjoys her walks and so visits those of us at the vigil a couple of times each day, offering words of encouragement. She also provides me with a daily bowl of warm soup.

So, what kind of prayer warrior are you?

I suspect that you are your own personal and unique type.

We are unique one from the other. Every child knit in his mother’s womb represents something intrinsically new and never to be replicated. As this child grows and develops, such is done in a never seen way, before or ever after.

How this child matures in his or her relationship with God is unique as well. Whether a John, a Charlotte, or a Leah, we all will blossom at our rate as along as we remain open to God’s will for us on a daily basis.

I have seen as much during this and past vigils. Yesterday, for example, Qui’An came to join me at the vigil location, bringing along a devotion that I had never seen before – the chaplet of Saint Gertrude. For the next thirty minutes she coached me through its recitation. I considered this blessing.

I’ve been graced with the same from others. Here’s a sampling:

  • Margarida: Devotion to the Sorrows of Mary
  • Maria Pilar: Way of the Cross
  • Andre: Chaplet of the Precious Blood
  • Carole: Chaplet of Rosa Mystica The graces are flowing.

On a Thursday mid-afternoon, I was approached by a young woman. She told me that she had made the momentous decision to keep her baby. She was scheduled that afternoon to abort her eleven week old unborn child at the Morgentaler mill but instead had a change of heart. She got up, left,and crossed the street to tell me about her decision. May God be praised.

The results of our prayers are not always as tangible. Yet in faith we continue to ask God to heed us.

So, what kind of prayer warrior? Let me know.

Until then, thank you for your on-going support of our ministry, both in prayer and financially. It helps to promote values important for our society and to come to aid in a very concrete manner, outside an abortion mill in a very impious sector of Montreal.

Wishing one and all a Blessed Easter,

Brian A. Jenkins, Outreach Coordinator

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Young Pro-Lifer Graces Montreal

This past weekend, we in the Montreal pro-life movement received a very special grace; Ms. Lia Mills spent three days with us.

Seventeen year-old Ms. Mills gained international attention five years ago as a video of hers, taken by her mom and a friend, and placed on YouTube went viral. To date over 1.5 millions viewers have seen her pro-life six minute video.


We invited Ms. Mills as preparation for the upcoming 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion which begins on Ash Wednesday - March 5, 2014.

During her time here in Montreal she made three speaking engagements: Holy Name of Jesus church (Laval), Loyola High School (Montreal), and Montreal Cathedral Mary queen of the World.

At holy Name of Jesus, Pastor peter Sabbath invited the young woman from Ontario to address the congregation at the end of each of the weekend masses.

sevena young pro-life advocate

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QLC March 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Life,

Blessed Lenten greetings to you and your loved ones.

Prayer, fasting and almsgiving are integral elements to our Lenten observance. Dare I suggest two more: advocacy and education.

ADVOCACY - I wish to encourage you, during Lent, to acts of advocacy against an all too long provincial governmental practice of funding abortions In this mail out you will find three inserts aiding to this end.

First you will find a poster. This may be conspicuously placed so to inform your neighbours about this hideous policy.

Second, you will also find a defund abortion letter. Addressed to the provincial finance minister, we invite you to read, sign, and mail it to the Honourable Mr. Nicolas Marceau expressing your disagreement with governmental paid in full abortions.

Finally, also included herewith is a petition for you to invite friends, family, and like-minded persons to sign. Mailing this will also strengthen our position.

Remember, a unified voice has clout. No better example of this is the recent interruption of the euthanasia legislation, bill 52 – also known as Medical Aid In Dying. A vocal, unified front of physicians, non-professionals, disabled person groups, and others, both within and outside Québec, expressing disapproval for this piece of law-to-be thwarted its acceptance in the National Assembly.

(Another Lenten deed you may wish to get involved with is the April 10, 2014, day of protest. Whether meeting with your MNA on that date or gathering outside his or her local riding office, it is important to bring you our opposition to this unconscionable practice of funding abortions.

EDUCATION - In addition to advocacy, we also believe that education is fundamental to rid the blinders that are obscuring Quebecers about the harm of abortion.

To this end, we are making available a small yet powerful little booklet entitled “Sharing the Pro-Life Message.” Though published in the US and containing many facts and figures from south of the border, the booklet is helpful, nevertheless for us as it touches on generic information about the pro-life movement such as how to share the message, life in the womb, addressing pro-choice arguments, among others.

With a small financial gift, I would be delighted to mail one to you.

A second educational tool is our yearly congress.

In 2010, the Quebec City congress garnered much media attention and brought much attention to our work. Our invited guest then prelate of Quebec City, Mgr. Marc Ouellet, spoke powerfully about the sanctity of life in the womb and the inherent harm of abortion, irking the sensitivities of many within the culture of death, particularly the media.

Likewise our 2012 congress in Sherbrooke, Qc, did not go unnoticed either. Occurring during the “printemps érable” period, many disenfranchised college age youth attempted to disrupt the proceedings but were met with vigilante congress attendees, thwarting their plans.

This fall, as the leaves turn into their fabulous hues, we will meet once again and discuss how to bring colour back to the pallor that characterises much of Quebec culture. The theme remains to be determined, yet our speakers will undoubtedly discuss such topics as: abortion defunding, obstructing the euthanasia agenda, the education of our youth, among others.

There you have it: advocacy and education, two bulwarks that we at the Quebec Life Coalition foster in our efforts to maintain the values on which our province was founded and which today have been deemed “passé” by Quebec’s intelligentsia.

Thank you for your on-going support in these and other projects and have a blessed Lenten period.

For life,

Brian A. Jenkins, Outreach Coordinator

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Dear Minister, Stop Funding Abortions


Minister Nicolas Marceau

Minister of Finance, Province of Quebec

12, Saint-Louis Street, 1st Floor

Quebec, Qc G1R 5L3

Honourable Minister Marceau,

Kindly be informed that I oppose the funding of abortions by the RAMQ. As the latter is a promoter of health and life and as a pregnancy is not a disease, I refuse to be complicit in the death of innocent and defenseless human beings by the levying of my taxes.

Are you aware that Quebec taxpayers pay at least $ 26 million annually for surgical abortions? This is not an insignificant amount and it does not include the related costs due to complications such as perforations, uterine bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, sepsis, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide, infertility and breast cancer. All these indirect costs can easily drive up the annual charge resulting from abortions to hundreds of millions of dollars!

Further, for $ 26 million per year, Quebec could hire 121 family doctors or 360 nurses, thereby allay the severe lack of personnel in our health care system. Or again that money could provide therapy for the 328 autistic children per year or purchase 17 MRI units. In so doing, taxpayers' money would then indeed be used to address real health care ... instead of killing babies.

So I ask you to stop funding abortions with public money.

Also, with this letter, I wish to inform you that I heartily associate myself with the campaign against the public funding of abortion launched this February 17 in Montreal (You can find all the details on this campaign WWW.CQV.QC.CA ).

Thank you for your attention,


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QLC February 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Life,

I trust this letter finds you and your loved ones well.

At this time of year, we are moving along with various projects – welcoming guest speakers to Montreal, coordinating the 40 days prayer vigil for the end of abortion, planning the Triduum for Life including the day trip to the National March for Life in Ottawa, and more. See this month’s bulletin and subsequent ones as well as our web site for on-going details.

There is also an all new initiative, one closely aligned with our organization’s political aim, one which has taken root elsewhere across the country -  the defunding of abortions from our provincial financed health care system.

Yes, abortion on demand is covered by our tax dollars.

  • FACT: Quebec taxpayers fund at least $26 million every year for the killing of children in the womb.
  • FACT: There is a shortage of family doctors and nurses, and funding for elder care and for treating autistic children sorely lacking.
  • FACT: Abortion is an elective procedure that is not medically necessary.
  • FACT: Over 96% of abortions are performed for convenience, as a back-up birth control method.

$26 million is a conservative figure. This past December the deVerber Institute in Toronto published a scientifically rigorous examination of the impact of abortion on women’s health. Its findings show how abortion adversely impacts physical health, both immediate and long term, contributes to intimate partner violence, and more.

$26 million is a conservative figure, representing only the direct costs. The TRUE cost rises significantly when accounting for the indirect charges due to abortion’s complications. These latter, as per the deVerber study, include breast cancer, infertility, autoimmune disease, mental health, and more.

So, figuring in both the direct and indirect costs, the TRUE price tag of abortion from these complications easily drains our health care system of upwards to $100 million annually!

Are you ok with that?

Also, the business school at the Université de Montréal came out with its annual evaluation of Québec’s productivity and prosperity and the conclusions were not good. The bottom line stated that we are living well above our means. Many of us believed as much, yet to have the prestigious École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal corroborate our intuition is affirming.

Is it not time for Quebec legislators to treat our money with respect!

To use our funds for Health Care and not some medically unnecessary procedure - i.e., abortion?

The cash windfall from defunding abortion can either be used to spruce up our ailing health care system. For $26 million per year, Quebec could hire 138 family doctors or 360 nurses to help alleviate the shortage crisis. Or purchase 17 life-saving MRI machines every year. Or provide crucial therapy to 328 autistic children each year. All theese uses of taxpayer dollars would present genuine health care… rather than killing babies.

It’s one thing for an individual to make a personal choice to kill a baby in the womb. It’s quite another to expect the rest of us to pay for it.

So we urge everybody to join us on Monday, February 17, 2014, outside the CLSC des Faubourgs, 1250 Sanguinet Street, (between ste. Catherine and René-Levesque), site of late-term abortions in Québec, at 11 a.m. to inaugurate this defund campaign.

For life,

Brian A. Jenkins, Outreach Coordinator

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Archbishop Calls for a Day of Prayer

Tuesday, February 11, 2014: Day of Prayer and Fasting

Montreal Archbishop Christian Lepine is calling all faithful to a day of prayer and fasting to commemorate the World Day for the Sick.

The day also holds special significance, said the archbishop in an open letter, as the Quebec legislature reconvenes tomorrow and will be voting shortly on legislation which will permit physicians ot euthanize their patients.

The archbishop concluded his letter by inviting all persons to come to the Cathedral tomorrow evening for a Eucharistic celebration. The purpose of the celebration is to "celebrate in solidarity with those who are sick and suffering."

The following video is the archbishop's invitation to participate tomorrow:


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Euthanasia: The Truth, The Facts, The Numbers

The following comes from the group Living with Dignity.

  • Modern medicine is able to relieve all physical pain.
  • "Medical aid in dying" is the injection of a poison that KILLS IMMEDIATELY.
  • "Medical aid in dying" is euthanasia, forbidden by the Criminal Code.
  • Bill 52 won't solve the lack of access to palliative care.
  • The provisions of Bill 52 aimed at legalizing euthanasia are unconstitutional.
  • Bill 52 will irreparably damage the health system.
  • Legalizing "medical aid in dying" is Criminal Law.
  • Only the Federal parliement can legalize euthanasia.
  • The oversight Commission's processes don't provide sufficient guarantees for the safety of patients.

To claim the contrary is to deceive the public and our legislators.

The Numbers

  • 88 % of palliative care physicians oppose Bill 52 52.1
  • 67 % of Quebecers don't understand what "medical aid in dying" is.2
  • 69 % of Quebecers don't have access to palliative care.3
  • 25 % of Quebecers don't have a family doctor.4
  • 34 % of Montrealers don't have a family doctor.5

Bill 52 is modelled closely on the Belgian euthanasia law.

Deaths in 2012


1 % 6 (1 432)7 deaths caused by euthanasia.


3 % 8 (4 188)9 deaths caused by euthanasia .


60,80010 deaths. There would have been between 608 and 1,824 deaths caused by euthanasia depending on whether one uses the Belgian or Dutch percentages.

Some worrysome statistics

  • 47 % Euthanasia cases in Flanders (Belgium) are not reported.11
  • 31 % Euthanasia cases in Flanders (Belgium) carried out without the patient's explicit agreement.12
  • 78 % Euthanasia cases in Belgium carried out without agreement weren't even discussed with the patient.13
  • 22 % Euthanasia cases in Belgium carried out by nurses (which is illegal).14
  • 23 % Lung transplants in Belgium come from donors killed by euthanasia.15
  • Deaf twins euthanized because they were going blind16 – Belgium.
  • Transsexual euthanized because the surgery was unsuccessful17 – Belgium.
  • Woman euthanized because she was depressed, her family not notified18 – Belgium.
  • Woman euthanized because she was anorexic 19 — Belgium.
  • Woman euthanized because she was going blind and couldn't handle not seeing dirt20 – Netherlands.

Euthanasia Worldwide

In 2013, the World Medical Association (WMA) publically stated its position against euthanasia21. WMA: 106 member states22, representing over 9 million physicians.

  • 196 countries in the world23. 3 countries where euthanasia is legal.
  • 99.6 % world population protected by law against euthanasia. 0.4 % world population not protected against euthanasia.24

According to the World Health Organisation, palliative care intends neither to hasten nor postpone death .25

Vote in February 2014

Ask your MNA to vote against Bill 52. Now. You can easily contribute to the prevention of this catastrophy: contact your MNA as soon as possible and inform them of these facts they probably don't know about. The final vote will take place in February 2014

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Bill 52: Implications for the Practice of Medicine in Quebec

Bill 52 – "an Act respecting end of life care," is set to be considered by the National Assembly when it returns for its February sitting. The Bill tries to legalize “medical aid in dying” and “palliative sedation” so that doctors will be able to end human life. This legislation has set off a round of public discussion on the question: Is it ever justified to take a human life?

You are welcomed to listen to various panelists on the implications of bill 52 for the practice of medecine in Quebec, on Tuesday, February 4, 2014, from 7 - 8:30 p.m.

  • Location: Martin Amphitheater, Room 504
  • 5th floor, McIntyre Medical Building, McGill University
  • 3655 promenade Sir William Osler, Montreal, H3G 1Y6

Keynote presentation: The Proposals of Bill 52 and the Experience of Other Jurisdictions - Mtre Robert Reynolds

Mtre. Reynolds has practiced law in Quebec since 1969 and has pleaded cases at all levels of court up to the Supreme Court of Canada. He was involved with the recent LeBlanc case. He is currently the President of the Christian Legal Fellowship for Canada.


Dr. Liette Pilon, "What will be the effect on medical practice?"

          Dr. Pilon is a general practitioner who practices medicine in Montreal.  

Larry Worthen, "Protection of patients and dissenting health care professionals"

Mr. Worthen is a lawyer and adult educator who has had a career in management in government. He is the Executive Director of the Christian Medical and Dental Society.


Jonathan Morasse

Mr. Morasse is a second year medical student at McGill.

All are welcome. Everyone will be affected by this legislation, either as a health care professional or as an eventual patient who will someday confront end of life issues. A public discussion will be held after the presentation.

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