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15M$ lawsuit against the government and long-term care homes for abandoned seniors during pandemic

By Joanne of Arc for Quebec Life Coalition— Photo :

The CHSLD (long term care centers) and the government are being sued by the families of the abandoned seniors for $15M.

Finally, after two years and more of this drama that took place in the CHSLD due to the tyrannical sanitary measures imposed by the government, those responsible will have to answer in court. Groups such as Les Macarons de la dignité and our organization Quebec Life Campaign are working hard to reveal the truth about the hecatomb of 6700 victims who were abandoned during the pandemic between spring 2020 and 2021.

Yves Poirier of TVA nouvelles reports that "The lawsuit was filed in court last September, but it has now increased from $9M to $15M as two new families are claiming punitive damages."

A documentary was also produced on this subject by Sylvain Laforest which is titled "CHSLD - Je me souviens". It has been circulating on social networks since the end of September 2022. Could it have inspired more families to claim compensation? Would it have given the families of the victims the courage to honor their lives? The time has come for someone to be held accountable for all those neglected, abused and possibly euthanized lives.

Even if the amount of money claimed as a compensation for the events that took place is substantial, what does it represent in contrast to the lives of these victims that were lost forever? We cannot go back in time and change the course of events when the families in question will no longer have the opportunity to reunite and create new memories. From the interviews I have done on this subject, including the interview with Dr. Béliveau, I conclude that seniors were brutally abandoned during the pandemic, family ties were fractured, lives were prematurely ended and the catastrophe of what happened is irreversible.

Quebec Life Coalition is closely following the CHSLD file, because according to our research, we can observe that the panic that was caused during the pandemic was a manipulation of the number of deaths reported in CHSLDs in the spring of 2020. This increase in the death rate was necessary to justify and promote the injection of the vaccine. These people, without even knowing it, served as "marketing ambassadors" and paid the ultimate price for it: the price of their lives and their last moments with their families.

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