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10 good reasons to participate in the March for Life 2023

This week, I invite you to read the article “10 good reasons to participate in the March for Life 2023”; the National March for Life, an annual event in Ottawa for the protection of unborn children, will be held this year on Thursday, May 11. You can now consult the schedule of events that will take place throughout the week, as well as their precise location, by following this link,or by consulting the March for Life websiteThe March is held on a Thursday (so that we can be present during parliamentary proceedings), so plan ahead!

You may have heard the news that in Quebec there is a desire to extend euthanasia to people with Alzheimer's and neuromotor deficiencies. Let us not be fooled by this step-by-step tactic: we are coming to a regime of euthanasia on demand, as abortion is today. And more: forced euthanasia is on the horizon, with a researcher from Yale University suggesting that euthanasia should be forced on Japanese elders to help this country get through its demographic winter (too few children! ). Let us continue to denounce euthanasia as contrary to human dignity and the will of God: it is the only way to counteract these harmful tendencies in our largely dechristianized cultures.

However, let us be grateful for the efforts of Conservative Party MPs to stem this pro-death tsunami represented by the decriminalization of euthanasia. Ed Fast, for his part, is trying to reverse attempts to allow the euthanasia of people with mental disorders, and Leslyn Lewis made an impassioned speech in favor of compassion and not death for those suffering.

Finally, there is the good news that a baby has been saved from abortion thanks to a newly installed "Safe Haven" baby box in Kentucky. Something very curious, but very telling: the newspapers in Quebec announce this news as bad (French only link), because the reversal of Roe v. Wade, which allowed various states, including Kentucky, to legislate against abortion, now "forces" some women to "abandon" their children--- instead of putting them to death...

Also, don't forget: The 40 Days for Life have begunHere are the details for Montreal.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi

P.S. The CLC and the Interim 2023 summer internship programme for pro-life students is now accepting candidates. These are paid internships in which students will learn about the philosophy of the pro-life movement, practical apologetics, various modes of action, from administrative tasks, to writing articles, to design or management of social networks, to participation in concrete events.

For more details, click here.

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