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By Joanne of Arc for Quebec Life Coalition 

A young adults group from YTOL (Youth Teams of Our Lady) at March For Life in 2019 — Photo: YTOL Canada

This year will mark the 26th year that March For Life is being organized by Campaign Life Coalition in Canada during the month of May.  

Vice President of CLC, Matthew Wojciechowski released a special presentation joined by his team who are members of the organizing committee for the March which you can find on the March for Life website.  

Here at Quebec Life Coalition, we want to give you our top 10 reasons for attending the March for Life this coming May.  

1. You will be part of the largest yearly pro-life protest in Canada happening on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. March For Life will take place on Thursday, May 11th, 2023. As presented on their website, this year’s theme is : “STAND FIRM” which is elaborated through the following statement :  

“We stand firm for the pre-born, mothers in crisis pregnancies, those targeted due to disability, and the elderly in hospitals and care homes. We march in solidarity with the vulnerable and marginalized.”

2. You will get to experience that you are not alone in your fight for life. If you have ever felt alone in your convictions about life beginning at natural conception, the March For Life will prove you otherwise. You will get to march with thousands of other pro-life youth and families that stand firm in their fight for life.  

Young adults from the youth movement YTOL at the March in 2016 — Photo: YTOL Canada

3. You will be inspired by dynamic speakers that are part of the “Silent No More” awareness campaign who will share their powerful testimonies about abortion and why they regret it. Moreover, Isabel Brown from Turning Point USA will also share her story and encourage students to stand for life and make a difference in their homes, schools, and communities.  

4. By attending the pro-life summit you will strengthen your pro-life position. The day after the March you can attend a pro-life summit. According to Kim Headley from Campaign Life Coalition, “Approximately 500 students and young pro-lifers ages 13-29 will attend our six-hour structured summit intended to educate and inspire.” 

5. You could come home with new skills, experiences and friends. You will also get to meet different religious communities such as the Sisters of life or the Jesuits and fraternity groups like the SSPX or the FFSP.

6. Your participation will raise awareness amongst everyone around you about the lack of abortion law in Canada and the protection of life from natural conception to natural death.

7. You will be marching for more than the cause of the unborn. You will be marching for the protection of human rights, the protection of pro-life speech, the protection of pregnancy care centers that are under threat, the elderly in hospitals and those living with disability.

8. You will be marching to stand firm against MAID for those struggling with mental illness. Starting next year, as per the government's Bill C-39, patients with mental illness would be able to apply for "MAID" across Canada. Moreover, Bill 11 is scheduled to take place this year and would possibly allow patients with Alzheimer to apply for "MAID" in advance in the province of Quebec.

Thousands of pro-lifers of different age groups marching for the cause in Ottawa — Photo: YTOL Canada

9. You will be marching against infantice. The Quebec College of Physicians has proposed MAID for children under the age of one that are considered severely ill. This is an opportunity to defend their sanctity of life.

10. You will have the opportunity to pray and sing the Rosary in unity with thousands of other pro-lifers for the same cause. Also, the day prior to the March you can attend a candlelight prayer vigil. Maeve Roche from Campaign Life Coalition who is in charge of organizing the prayer vigil says the programming includes a line up of powerful testimonies, praise and worship, and guided prayer by a pastor or priest. 

Will you be coming to the March?! Connect with us in the comments below or leave your e-mail by signing up to our website for more information.There will be buses going from Montreal to Ottawa!

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    published this page in Joanne of Arc's blog 2023-02-17 18:00:16 -0500
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    commented 2023-02-23 11:24:59 -0500
    I am a long term care aid who has walked life with seniors and palliative people. Every day is filled with thanksgiving , hope and purpose. Shame on anyone who would dare advocate for killing my charges!!
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    commented 2023-05-18 19:07:19 -0400
    Shot out to all the folks who marched for this important cause. Hopefully we won’t have to march every year, but I’ll see you there for March for Life 2024.
    All the best,
    JD from Kelowna

    #marchforlife #canada