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What a great conference

A few participants at our gathering in Montreal.

Just writing you a quick email before driving back three hours to my home near Quebec City.

Quebec Life Coalition just held today a conference in Montreal that was a great reminder of how important face to face events are. In a world where certain "powers that be" want to keep us in our own little pods and viewing their filtered news and biased media, organisations like ours have to make an extra effort in order to rehumanize society -- and that starts with face to face events like the one we held today.

I kicked off the event with a talk about our Mission at Campagne Québec-Vie, which is to protect unborn babies from abortion, vulnerable people from euthanasia, and the family from dissolution. We do this in many ways, and on many fronts. What underlies our approach is our love of Truth, and our fight against relativism, which is the belief that moral and other truths change from culture to culture and even from person to person.

My colleague Brian Jenkins, who runs the local 40 Days for Life vigil for the end of abortion and pregnancy help hotline (1-855-871-4442) told us about his beginnings in pro-life working in New York City and his work today in Montreal, keeping 365-days-a-year vigil outside abortion centers.

Finally, Arpad Nagy, our Political Operations director, spoke to us about the need for Christians and pro-lifers to go beyond simply voting and getting involved in a federal, provincial or even municipal political party. He recounted how a single member of the British Parliament, William Wilberforce, had worked over 27 years to table anti-slavery legislation until, finally, the slave-trade was abolished in the British Empire. We face a similarly "accepted" heinous practice with abortion and we need the same grit and perseverance today to abolish abortion.

The best, I would say, were the question periods, where the audience greatly enriched the afternoon with their astute observations. One declared, to the approval of the rest, that we definitely needed to do more of these gatherings, as they confirm that "we are not alone" in being pro-life and pro-family, and that there are others out there thinking and working for a better world. We need to connect and meet up more often!

This is why we are definitely going to continue with our tour of the province, to help pro-lifers get even more active and equipped to fight for faith, family and life, from conception to natural death.

If you agree that we should be doing more of these gatherings around the province, please, if you can, donate to give us the means to do so. Quebec, as you know, is a big province, and gas prices are still pretty high. Help us today to have the means of reaching out to people and equipping them to fight for Life where they live.

We have nine days left to collect the 10,790$ that remains to reach our goal for this Advent season. If you are one of the many who have already given recently, thank you! If you haven’t already, consider a donation today.

Thank you, and God bless,

Georges Buscemi

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