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We received a call from a Quebec gov't documentary maker

The other day we received a call from a researcher at Télé-Québec. This public channel is preparing a documentary on the effect in Quebec of the fall of Roe v. Wade, the recent US Supreme Court decision that allows each state to penalize - or not - abortion as it sees fit. I spoke to her on the phone for about an hour.

She declared herself to be 'pro-choice' (it's obvious that the overwhelming majority of full-time mass media workers in Quebec are pro-abortion). What's more, knowing the pro-abortion leanings of the Legault government and its Minister for the Status of Women, Martine Biron, who are seeking to make the so-called 'right' to abortion in Quebec 'immutable', I would be very surprised to see anything other than a simple exercise in pro-abortion propaganda when this documentary is released. However, I thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with this woman, because you never know whether a clear, reasoned statement, or simply our patience and willingness to listen to people whose opinions differ from our own, might open a breach in the heart of the person you're talking to. The documentary is planned to appear sometime in the fall of 2024.

If you're interested in seeing a pro-life take on the fall of Roe v Wade and the hope it unleashed in Canada, check out "Roe Canada", the film. You can also host a screening where you live.

Before moving on to this week's news (below), I'd like to share with you a photo of the demonstration in Montreal on 18 November against euthanasia for people suffering from mental illness. Organised by Dr Paul Saba, the demonstration featured a number of high-profile speakers, including Montreal bishop Christian Lépine (on the right in the photo) and renowned Montreal lawyer Julius Grey, who promised to sue the federal government if it persisted in opening the door to euthanasia for the mentally ill.

Yours for Life,

Georges Buscemi

Our featured articles of the week:

Canada's birth rate reaches lowest level in history
In October 2023, Statistics Canada published figures showing that Canada's fertility rate had fallen to 1.33 children per woman. This is the lowest rate ever recorded in Canadian history. The agency revealed that only 351,679 children were born in Canada in 2022.

Tammy Peterson recounts the role of the Rosary in her recovery: "I put all my worries aside".
"I put all my worries aside," revealed Tammy. "I just gave myself over to God and prayer that he would take me where he wanted me to go and take me through whatever he wanted me to go through. I decided it wasn't up to me any more."

Elon Musk's tweet on 'accidental pregnancies' sparks strong reactions from mums
Virginie wrote: "I was pregnant by accident, I didn't want to be, I looked for an abortion, I couldn't find one, I had the child and I wouldn't trade it for Elon's fortune today".

Highlighting stillborn babies: "He existed".
The Fondation Portraits d'étincelles is an organisation that offers free photography services for perinatal deaths in Quebec hospitals, thanks to the dedication of volunteer photographers and photo-editors. Its aim is to help parents mourn the death of a child who died in utero, during childbirth or in the year following birth.


March for Life Fundraising Campaign -- Our goal is $10,000 -- Thanks for helping us out!

$ 4,492 raised -- Our goal is $ 10,000. Thanks for donating to Quebec Life Coalition!

Emilie « Thank you for your ministry. My prayer is that it grows in the name of Jesus. It's beautiful to see people stand up for Life ! »


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