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We have to crush this evil in our schools

Ed Fast, Member of Parliament for the British Columbia riding of Abbotsford in the Canadian House of Commons, today introduced a bill to prevent access to "medical aid in dying" (euthanasia) from being extended to minors and people suffering from mental illness. You can read more about this bill here. Let's hope that parliamentarians today will vote according to reason and not according to the prevailing false ideologies.

The recent march for the purity of childhood ("Million March for Children") was not the result of the arbitrary hatred of a few "backward" and "far-right" parents, but a legitimate movement in defence of children against the diabolical attacks of perverted people who have taken power in our schools and other institutions. The proof: Hundreds of young Canadian girls confused about their gender have had mastectomies, according to the available data. How is this possible except in a school and societal climate where delusional gender ideology reigns? We need to crush this evil in our schools and in our society. And make no mistake: our opponents are trying to introduce this delusional ideology into every institution, including the armed forces!

Finally, our work at Quebec Life Coalition continues: publication of news, plans for a booklet on feminine modesty, a presence in the Ottawa parliament, participation in the children's marches, 40 Days for Life in Sherbrooke, and all of this in the wake of our recent "Life Chain" demonstrations.

Yesterday we completed the first week of our autumn 2023 fundraising campaign. You know that we can only do our work with your loyal support! Please support us by sending us a donation.

Our goal is $12,000. About $ 2000 has been donated so far, and for that we are grateful. However, we remain $10,000 away from our goal. I hope you can help us reach it by the end of our campaign on October 18.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi

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