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The dangers of the Culture and Citizenship course

The new Culture et citizenship course, which will replace the old ERC course at the start of the new school year, will include gender ideology in its (already harmful) sex education component.

In an interview with independent journalist Michel Lizotte, Jean-Léon Laffitte, President of the Association des parents catholiques du Québec (APCQ), explains the foundations of gender ideology, which claims that sex is "assigned" at birth and is a social construct.

Is gender theory scientifically based? Mr Laffitte tells us about the very recent Cass report produced in Great Britain, where thousands of people who have undergone "gender transition" now regret having undergone this irreversible procedure, which states that no conclusive study supports the claims of gender theory, namely that "treatments" such as puberty blockers, transsexual hormones or operations are beneficial to children suffering from gender dysphoria.

The suicide of young people who are not given transition is often used as an argument to force parents to approve the transition of their child with gender dysphoria. In response to this argument, Mr Laffitte mentions another study which shows that the suicide rate among young people is no higher if their mental health is looked after rather than if they are transitioned.

The British government, on the basis of the Cass report, is going back on its experience of gender ideology. But in Quebec, points out Mr Laffitte, we are not benefiting from the British experience and are persevering with the same mistake.

Is the government listening to worried parents? Mr Laffitte tells us no, at least not until last year's 1 Million March 4 Children, which mobilised parents across Canada to protest against the LGBT ideology, including gender ideology, being imposed on their children. Following this major event, the Quebec government set up a committee of wise men to receive testimonies and presentations from individuals and associations interested in the issue of education, including the APCQ and EPPNE. Mr. Laffitte seems confident that the committee will do an honest job, but he points out that the committee will not submit the results of its work to the government until December or January, when the QCC course will begin in August. What is the point of a consultation if you don't wait for the results before implementing the programme?

Life Chain

On Sunday 6 October 2024, the next Life Chain will take place, a local event that takes place simultaneously across Canada and the world, and consists of an hour of prayer in a public place with signs displaying pro-life messages. Last year, we organised 11 chains in Quebec, and we're hoping to triple that number this year!

Fundraising campaign

We're on the last day of our fundraising campaign, and we've still got half of it to go - $5,000 of the $10,000 we're aiming for! The 1st Quebec City March for Life, which was a great success, proved to be costly. It's thanks to your donations that we're able to organise such events, and that we'll be organising the next Quebec City March for Life.

It is also thanks to your financial support that we are able to keep you up to date with essential information such as this important video on the Culture and Citizenship course.

Through the donations you make to support us, our work to defend the family is in truth also your work, because without your help we wouldn't be able to do it. Thank you for giving generously from the bottom of your heart!

For Life,
Augustin Hamilton

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