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Quebec pro-lifers are on the map

Quebec pro-lifers are on the map ! 

(Quebec Life Chain locations)

Yesterday pro-lifers across North America held Life Chain demonstrations, where for one hour groups ranging from 5 to 50 prayed in a public place for an end to abortion while holding signs saying "Jesus forgives and heals", "Abortion Kills Children" and "Adoption: A loving option".

Hundreds of demonstrations were held all over Canada; and for the first time, Quebec held demonstrations outside of Quebec City and Montreal, spreading out in 11 locations: 3 in downtown Montreal, 2 in Sherbrooke, and one in each of the following locations: Pointe-Claire (West Island of Montreal), Quebec City, Lévis (south of Quebec City), Drummondville, Rawdon, and Sainte-Marcelyne-de-Kildare.

Life Chain in Rawdon, Qc

Pointe Claire, Qc

Lévis, Qc

Lévis, Qc

All in all, a great day for Life in Canada. And I'm glad to say that Quebec played its part, and we've only begun !

Our vital autumn 2023 fundraising campaign is now going strong. You know that we can only do our job with your support! 

Our target is $12,000. I hope you can help us reach it by the end of our campaign on 18 October.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi, President
Quebec Life Coalition / Campagne Québec-Vie

P.S. Please donate today, if you can. We greatly need your support to continue working in Quebec for faith, family and life, from conception to natural death.

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