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QLC Newsletter - September 2013

Dear Friends of Life,

September 2013 is shaping up to be a busy month.

Bill 52, the charter of values, and our 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion will keep us busy battling the forces that seek to tear our society asunder.

The legislative initiative, Bill 52 – “An Act respecting end-of-life care,” was tabled this past June 12, 2013, in the National Assembly. This bill will permit the euthanizing of Quebecers under the auspices of “end of life health care.”

Ten Reasons to Oppose Bill 52

Many professional bodies have stated their opposition to euthanasia. The World Medical Association, the American Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association, as well as fifteen (15) states and international organizations, like the European Human Rights Commission, are all categorically against euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Why might that be?

Isabelle & Ward O’Connor of the palliative care group Albatros Mont- Laurier note ten reasons to oppose bill 52. These are the following:

  1. States should never have the right or the power to induce the death of their citizens: It is far too great and dangerous a power to concede to them;
  2. Provoking death dehumanizes care givers;
  3. Inducing death depersonalises patients, debasing them to the level of things, machines, or animals;
  4. Induced death fosters the mentality that “dignity depends on autonomy”;
  5. Manipulated, substituted, imposed, or presumed consent threatens the elderly, the sick, the physically or mentally handicapped and the otherwise weak and vulnerable;
  6. Induced death is the polar opposite of palliative care, and therefore at odds, and competing with, palliative care;
  7. Once the door is open to “medically assisted dying”, even ever so slightly, the categories of people who become candidates for euthanasia never cease to increase;
  8. Euthanasia is unnecessary, as the right to refuse treatment is now entrenched in legal precedent;
  9. It is preferable to invest in hope rather than in despair;
  10. Dangerous confusion still lingers on concerning what constitutes euthanasia and what does not.

As for the charter of values, which the provincial government seeks to formulate and implement, it aims at violating the right to wear religious symbols. Affecting persons working in the civil service, educational institutions, and health care settings, the legislation is misguided as it will undermine values that form the foundation of society – religious expression.

Finally, the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion is about to begin its tenth peaceful edition here in Montreal this September 25, 2013. The setting for this public gathering remains unchanged: the Morgentaler mill on Saint-Joseph Blvd, East. Join us in prayer and to express your opposition to how the lowliest of our society, the unborn child, is treated and how women are exploited by this so-called “right.”

On this latter matter, we need persons of strong faith willing to peacefully express themselves by their presence for one-hour blocks of time, in the spirit of Christ’s words to his apostles – “could you not watch one hour?” We can be reached by calling either (514) 344-2686 or (438) 930-8643.

Yours Respectfully,

Brian A. Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator



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