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QLC Newsletter - June 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Friends of Life,

I need your help.

The French daily La Presse reported this past Thursday, June 6, 2013, that the Provincial government would be tabling, the very next day, legislation permitting the practice of euthanasia in our province.

This isn’t anything unexpected. Under the previous government, a liberal one, we witnessed two signs that our government was moving in this direction – the recommendations of the select committee Dying with Dignity which endorsed the deadly procedure and the report of the Ménard committee on the legal implementation of the select committee’s recommendations which outlined how to circumvent federal jurisdiction.

Friday came and went without any new legislation. Yet because the parliamentary session ends this Friday and breaks for the summer, we expect that the legislation will be tabled in a few days.

We need to act. Would you to call or email your member of the National Assembly in order to tell him or her about your opposition to permitting ‘medical aid in dying’ legislation – a.k.a., euthanasia and assisted suicide.

To find out who your elected official is, you need only enter your postal code in the appropriate box at the Assemblée nationale page.

Else, at this same web address, we can enter other search parameters which will permit you to find out who your elected representative is.

Finally, you can get the same information by calling:

1-866 Députés (1 866 337-8837)

It is important to act, preferably by phone, if not, by email, or both. We need to tell our elected officials that we will not stand for this contradiction to health care.

Creeping euthanasia

Some say euthanasia is already present in Quebec. I have heard tales of unscrupulous health care professionals, cowering under the title of multi-disciplinary committees to avoid taking personal responsibility, who have disregarded their Hippocratic Oath to ensure the health and safety of their patients. I have heard of at least 2 cases.

Teresa has experienced how the health care network has failed her, her parents, and her family. The death of her parents was the result of either a series of unfortunate inept decisions by the people intended to care for their well-being or worse - a deliberate and coordinated plan to play god with the more vulnerable of our society – our elderly.

The case of inept individuals include: an overzealous and territorial CLSC social worker, a pastor more respectful of governmental guidelines than pastor-parishioner care, a family doctor also cowering to CSSS pressures rather than caring for the patient, and a medical researcher and administrator more interested in medicating their research subjects rather than respecting their Hippocratic Oath.

In a second instance, Pierrette wrote to me about the death of her mother. Her experience with a provincially-run long term health care facility has left bitter feelings. She concludes that “euthanasia is a money portfolio in that inheritors and the government both stand to gain.”

She described the deterioration in the care given to her mom at the nursing home – beginning with the disappearance of personal and family heirlooms– as well as arbitrary rules preventing Pierrette to inquire about personal matters related to her mother.

Yet there is hope: Many physicians have not been silent about the pending dangers. Over 500 have signed a manifesto pledging total refusal of euthanasia. And this past May 18, 2013, the Springtime March attracted 1700 persons to Quebec City to voice their disapproval with the government’s orientation. Now, in light of the legislation, the same organizers of the May 18 event are planning a further civic action. Details are be forthcoming.

In the meantime, please contact your local MNA to voice your disapproval with the direction of our provincial legislation.

Yours Respectfully,

Brian A. Jenkins

P.S. Thank you for your ongoing support, both spiritual and financial!

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Dear Brian,

I wish to protect the elderly and the vulnerable from assisted suicide and euthanasia. Here's my donation to allow QLC to continue its important work.

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