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Quebec Life Coalition defends the human person from conception until natural death.



QLC December 2013 Newsletter

Blessed Advent greetings to you!

First I wish to thank you for your continued support of our ministry both spiritually and financially. It is a source of comfort to have you consistently respond to our appeals. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and my apologies if we have ever been unable to extend our appreciation to you more readily. Though we may not have responded to your letters or emails, we do read them all.

Also, you will notice with this mail-out that there are changes in our image, in our approach. We believe that this will make us more persuasive and more effective when it comes to winning hearts and minds to our cause of protecting innocent human life. I am pleased to present you these three changes that will permit the Quebec Life Coalition to radiate more brilliantly in Quebec with the light of truth.

First we have a new logo. It may look familiar to many of you. It is inspired from a photo, frequently known as the “precious feet,” that has resonated with many in the pro-life movement. This photo, seen here, is of the feet of a small unborn child at 10 weeks gestation.

Also, our new logo is reminiscent of a newborn child’s footprint, occasionally taken right after birth. These feet represent humanity in all its fragility, and the circle about it suggests a nest or protective barrier for this vulnerable life.

Our second change is our newly designed website – i.e., CQV.QC.CA.

You cannot fathom the dramatic growth of our web site since its inception. For example, in 2009, the site hosted on average a hundred visits a day for a total of two to three thousand per month. Today, through the first 28 days of November, it has been visited an amazing 54,000 times from around the world – i.e., an average of 1,900 per day! This means that our message is spreading across Canada and the world. (Our website has recently been redesigned - see picture, and will shortly reflect this change.)

Our third change is the most important one. We have a new slogan that reflects more clearly the totality of the human person to be loved and protected. We are advocating “Respect for the human person - body and soul - from conception to natural death.” Yes, it is both the body AND the soul that we are affirming in all and any moral or ethical reasoning. In fact, our new brochure (which we will publish shortly) describes the work of Quebec Life Coalition as follows:

Respect for the human person in its entirety, whether moral or ethical, is founded on respect for the Divine person, known under the name of “God.” For without God, our immortal soul and the associated free will that He gives us, the human person is reduced to but a pile of material to be appropriated and/or discarded at will. All, therefore, have a duty to deepen their knowledge of God, His commandments and His love-filled plan for life and the family.

So we are pointing out the root problem that without God, the human person becomes a mere “clump of cells,” which each may use for his or her own ends. On the other hand, if each person is of inestimable value, it can only be because he or she has been created and loved by God.

For Life,

Brian A. Jenkins, Outreach Coordinator

P. S. Please help spread the message of the “precious feet,” by using the complimentary return address stickers inscribed with our new logo.

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