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Photos of aborted babies: should they be used?

Isn't it interesting that so many pro-choicers feel threatened by images of aborted babies, when aborting babies it is the very 'right' they so fervently advocate? When people stand up for a cause, they should not be ashamed to show what it is they are fighting for. However, the opposite is true for abortion...if you show one image of an aborted child to a pro-choicer, they will likely be angry, hostile, or enraged. 

I admit I feel somewhat ambivalent about the use of abortion imagery. Pro-Life groups such as the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform (CCBR) are known for their use of photos of bloody, aborted fetuses on highways, sidewalks, and next to abortion clinics. Recently they have been sending postcards with images of aborted babies to residents in Canada (to see the content of the postcards please click here).

I have thought about this a lot and reason that if the pro-lifer is shocked, saddened, and disgusted by images of aborted fetuses, the pro-choicer might be even more so. Why? Because in the pro-choice mentality, the fetus is considered as something less-than human, just a "clump of cells," with no shape or form, no human features. Abortion is not presented as an act of killing (which it definetely, undoubtedly is)...rather, it is advertised as a clean, simple procedure. When you have been lied to, the shock of seeing the truth hurts even more. 

So now comes the big question: Should graphic images of aborted fetuses be used to spread awareness about the horrors of abortion? On the one hand, people may find that these images are disrespectful towards the child who was killed. There is also concern that these pictures create strong feelings of guilt, shock or sadness in post-abortive men and women. Finally, what happens if a child finds the postcard in the mailbox? Will that child be scarred for life?

The CCBR has taken into consideration all these concerns, but nonetheless believes that the pros of using abortion imagery outway the cons. Though I found myself disagreeing with them at first, I realize (after further research) that their postcards are actually incredibly well-made and are meant to get people thinking about abortion as a criminal wrong rather than a protected right. Though people may be insulted or have their feelings hurt initially, respecting the life of unborn children takes priority when it comes to the abortion debate. 

The truth is that we are all, knowingly or unknowingly, accomplices in this war against unborn children. Just like the abolitionists of slavery risked their lives and took a stance against the injustice of their day, we too must stand out and speak up. This pro-activism is absolutely necessary in defending life because we live in a climate of moral relativism...many people have never seen an image of an aborted fetus, yet adamantly defend unlimited access to abortion. So, after some re-thinking on this issue, I think it is right to say that the CCBR should be commended for their efforts in revealing the truth about abortion to the public through these images. War against the unborn is raging- are we going to sit idle and let these crimes against humanity continue, or are we going to "unmask" the choice of abortion?

Please note that I would be interested in hearing other people's ideas on this issue. Finally, let us remember that in converting people to the way of Life, prayer is of irreplaceable value. As Jesus said, “This kind (of unclean spirit) can come out only through prayer.” - Mark 9: 29 NRSV.  

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