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Newsletter for August 2012: Are Quebecers Heading to the Ballot Boxes?

Dear friends of life,

As you read this newsletter, Premier Jean Charest has most likely called an election, an election to be held in early September, 2012 : so, we find ourselves in election mode!

Under such circumstances, the question arises: what is our role - either at the Quebec Life Coalition or individually, at this time ?

Your role is to inform us as to the positions taken by your local candidates on the issues that matter to us, and then pass this information on to us - (514) 344-2686, so that we may then disseminate these views as widely as possible, thereby informing the largest number of persons of what the candidates are saying.

What should we be asking our candidates? Here are the four main questions.

  1. Are you in favour of or apposed to the public funding of abortion in Québec ? We support every candidate who opposes such financing . (Currently in Quebec, abortion may be procurred at any moment during the pregnancy and for any reason or no reason at all, fully payable by our tax dollars – a travesty to say the least !)
  2. Are you in favour of or or opposed to the legalization of euthanasia in Québec ? (The Quebec attorney general is currently searching for ways to circumvent the Canadian Criminel Code in order to permit euthanasia in Québec. We support every candidate who defends those citizens vulnerable to this euthanasia legislation, who are opposed to the legalization of murder "with compassion".
  3. Do you believe that it is the right and duty of the parents - and not the state - to provide moral and spiritual education to their children and that the parents have the right to delegate this responsibility to a school whose orientation matches their own ? (Once this right is recognized, gone is the obligation to follow the ECR course and dubious sex education courses.)
  4. Do you believe that parents should be able to care for their children at home, that is to say, to directly receive the funds currently allocated by the government for placing children in public daycare?

Thank you for asking these questions to the candidates within your riding and then relaying their answers to us so that we may inform all of our members and our thousand of Internet readers - i.e., Facebook and on our website.

Finally, your last duty is to vote for the candidate who follows closely your pro-life and pro-family convictions. If and only if your evaluation of the candidates is inconclusive, then you should choose the best party (contact us for more info on this). Let's all set aside partisan affiliation, and focus on the most pressing issues, those noted above, that transcend the usual divisions. Wishing one and all the best election!

Georges Buscemi, President

(Translated by Brian Jenkins)

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