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March for Life Fundraising Campaign -- Our goal is $10,000 -- Thanks for helping us out!

$ 4,327 raised -- Our goal is $ 10,000. Thanks for donating to Quebec Life Coalition!

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Meaningful pro-life action in Quebec

I want to share with you a message my colleague Jack Fonseca from Campaign Life Coalition sent me the other day, about advancing a Culture of Life in Canada. In this particular email message, Jack wrote about one of the main political parties in our country, the Conservative Party of Canada. He believed that we should be doing our utmost to make that party “more pro-life” by participating in the party's biennial general meetings or conventions, and I agree. Here’s a part of his message:

"The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) is where Campaign Life Coalition, together with pro-lifers across Canada, has made progress in advancing pro-life policies over the years, by participating in biennial policy conventions.

This work has been slow, required patience and much tenacity. But it has paid off in terms of inching the party ever closer to becoming pro-life. For example…

• In 2021, the party’s most recent National Policy Convention which was held virtually because of lockdowns, the pro-life movement succeeded in passing a pro-adoption policy which committed to supporting, “a National Adoption Strategy including an awareness campaign to promote domestic adoption.”
• At the 2018 National Policy Convention held in Halifax, we helped pass a policy resolution to support legislation to guarantee neonatal care for babies who are born alive, such as those who survive botched abortions.
• In the 2016 National Policy Convention in Vancouver, we helped pass a policy resolution which condemned sex-selective abortions. Still today, this is the official policy of the CPC.
• Also at the 2016 Convention, our pro-life delegates helped to enshrine a pro-life statement into the party’s official constitution document, as a core principle of the CPC. It affirms: “A belief in the value and dignity of all human life”.”

Jack goes on to give important news: The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) will be holding its next National Policy convention in Quebec City, on September 7th through the 9th, 2023. That’s right in Quebec Life Coalition’s backyard! 

You must be aware, whether you’re a fan of the CPC or not, that the leftist, pro-abortion and pro-LGBT “red Tory” elements of the Conservative Party are absolutely licking their chops at the idea that a CPC policy convention will be held in such a “progressive” place as Quebec, where abortion is hardly an issue and LGBT “values” reign. Anyone interested in the future of the CPC and by extension, Canada (since the CPC regularly alternates with the Liberals for power) has an interest in making sure pro-life voices are heard at that convention!

Out of love for the unborn, for families and for God, we at Quebec Life Coalition will be doing everything we can to make sure that those supporters of ours who feel called to join the CPC do so, right now, if they haven’t already. They should also seek a position on their local riding or Electoral District Association (EDA) board. 

Also, in the coming months, we will be working to finding pro-life people to become delegates to this important September 2023 convention:

1. We will recruit to populate CPC riding associations (EDAs) with pro-lifers, or identify current EDA members who are pro-life. 

2. Provide these recruits with good policy suggestions, which they can promote at the EDA level. 

3. Get some of these recruits to become delegates to the 2023 CPC convention in Quebec City

4. Of these pro-life EDA recruits, some will be solicited and trained to run for National Council of the Conservative Party, a very important organ of the Conservative Party.

5. At the convention itself, we will have booths and a possibly even a suite to coordinate pro-life activities and voting. 

This important work, however, can’t be done without every single donor helping us with what they can. Yes, we are planning almost a year in advance, because this kind of work requires patient and long-term work. But none of it is possible without the donations that keep our printers printing, our computers humming and our workers paid. 

We have two weeks left to collect the 12,880 or so that remains to reach our 15,000 goal for this Advent season. If you are one of the many who have already given recently, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity is part of what fuels us, every day. If you haven’t already, consider a donation today. Help us here in Quebec prepare pro-lifers to participate in a meaningful way in the political process, to bring about in Quebec, and in all of Canada, a Culture of Life.

Thank you, and God bless,
Georges Buscemi

P.S. If you are in the Montreal area on Saturday, December 10, we invite you to a Quebec Life Coalition conference entitled: For Love of Neighbor: The Mission of Quebec Life Coalition. I will be there, along with my colleagues Arpad (Director of Political Operations) and Brian (40 Days for Life Vigil). Come meet us!

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March for Life Fundraising Campaign -- Our goal is $10,000 -- Thanks for helping us out!

$ 4,327 raised -- Our goal is $ 10,000. Thanks for donating to Quebec Life Coalition!

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