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Les 40 jours pour la vie commence

40 Days for Life Campaign begins

TORONTO, Feb. 25 /CNW/ - 40 Days for Life is a period of prayer, fasting

and constant vigil organized by Campaign Life Coalition with the goal of

ending abortion. The campaign began in Texas in 2004 and the first Canadian

ventures took place last fall in Ottawa and Halifax. Here in Toronto this

year, it consists of 40 days from February 25 to April 5, 24/7, 960 hours

on-site prayer vigil at 960 Lawrence Avenue West, outside and across from one

of Toronto's abortuaries.

Many people are not aware that the medical facility located at suite 501,

960 Lawrence Avenue West is also an abortuary in operation since 1996. At this

location many innocent human beings, who are peacefully growing and developing

in their mother's wombs are violently killed by abortion. The slaughter has to


We believe our most powerful weapon is prayer and fasting. People

dedicate one-hour time periods at the site to witness and plead to heaven for

the tiny lost lives. We also remember the moms and dads whose lives are never

the same after their abortion experience.

Coordinator for the Toronto's 40 Days for Life campaign is Nicole


For further information: Nicole Campbell, Coordinator, 40 Days for Life

Campaign Toronto, Tel: (416) 204-9749, Fax: (416) 204-1027

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