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Quebec Life Coalition defends the human person from conception until natural death.



Fighting for Life

How would you feel if you were offered euthanasia, not once, but several times? It's a traumatic experience. This is the experience shared by Canadian Roger Foley. Hospitalised for 8 years because of his disability, he has no access to home care, but was insistently offered euthanasia:

“There’s a constant reminder of it, I would say it’s a harassment, and they don’t see it as coercion, they see it as informing, but it’s a real blurry area right now in Canada,” says Foley. “Words can’t describe how pillaged I feel and how scared I feel. The suicide prevention in this country for disabled and vulnerable people has been completely obliterated due to the assisted dying regime.”

Remember that the Trudeau government still wants to allow euthanasia only for people with mental illness. After all, it didn't repeal the law extending euthanasia to these cases, it simply postponed again its entry into force until 2027.

At the other end of the life spectrum, the Poles have their work cut out defending the unborn child from the attacks of the new Polish government, which is making it a point of honour to once again extend legal access to abortion, which had been restricted by Poland's Constitutional Court. Several Marches for Life were held in the country of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, during which pro-life Poles demonstrated their support for the unborn child.

40 Days for Life

On 25 September, the autumn 40 Days for Life will run until November 3rd. This event consists of one vigil of 12 hours (or more) per day over a period of 40 days devoted to silent protest and prayer for the unborn child and mothers, close to the places where babies are aborted.

We hope to be able to hold two vigils this year, one in Sherbrooke and the other in Montreal. For more information, contact Brian Jenkins at (438) 930-8643.

Life Chain

On Sunday, October 6th, 2024, the next Life Chain will take place, a local event that takes place simultaneously across Canada and the world, and consists of an hour of prayer on public ground with signs carrying pro-life messages. Last year we organised 11 chains in Quebec, and we're hoping to triple that number this year! For more information, contact Brian Jenkins at (438) 930-8643.

I would like to thank the generous donors who contributed to our summer fundraising campaign. Many thanks! We've raised $7,300 of the $10,000 we were aiming for: we're still $2,700 short. If you haven't yet had a chance to donate, I'd like to ask if you could help us make up the missing amount. We greatly appreciate any contribution.

Thank you again for your help in our mission to defend the unborn child.

Please also keep us in your prayers.

For Life,
Augustin Hamilton

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