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Euthanasia: The Truth, The Facts, The Numbers

The following comes from the group Living with Dignity.

  • Modern medicine is able to relieve all physical pain.
  • "Medical aid in dying" is the injection of a poison that KILLS IMMEDIATELY.
  • "Medical aid in dying" is euthanasia, forbidden by the Criminal Code.
  • Bill 52 won't solve the lack of access to palliative care.
  • The provisions of Bill 52 aimed at legalizing euthanasia are unconstitutional.
  • Bill 52 will irreparably damage the health system.
  • Legalizing "medical aid in dying" is Criminal Law.
  • Only the Federal parliement can legalize euthanasia.
  • The oversight Commission's processes don't provide sufficient guarantees for the safety of patients.

To claim the contrary is to deceive the public and our legislators.

The Numbers

  • 88 % of palliative care physicians oppose Bill 52 52.1
  • 67 % of Quebecers don't understand what "medical aid in dying" is.2
  • 69 % of Quebecers don't have access to palliative care.3
  • 25 % of Quebecers don't have a family doctor.4
  • 34 % of Montrealers don't have a family doctor.5

Bill 52 is modelled closely on the Belgian euthanasia law.

Deaths in 2012


1 % 6 (1 432)7 deaths caused by euthanasia.


3 % 8 (4 188)9 deaths caused by euthanasia .


60,80010 deaths. There would have been between 608 and 1,824 deaths caused by euthanasia depending on whether one uses the Belgian or Dutch percentages.

Some worrysome statistics

  • 47 % Euthanasia cases in Flanders (Belgium) are not reported.11
  • 31 % Euthanasia cases in Flanders (Belgium) carried out without the patient's explicit agreement.12
  • 78 % Euthanasia cases in Belgium carried out without agreement weren't even discussed with the patient.13
  • 22 % Euthanasia cases in Belgium carried out by nurses (which is illegal).14
  • 23 % Lung transplants in Belgium come from donors killed by euthanasia.15
  • Deaf twins euthanized because they were going blind16 – Belgium.
  • Transsexual euthanized because the surgery was unsuccessful17 – Belgium.
  • Woman euthanized because she was depressed, her family not notified18 – Belgium.
  • Woman euthanized because she was anorexic 19 — Belgium.
  • Woman euthanized because she was going blind and couldn't handle not seeing dirt20 – Netherlands.

Euthanasia Worldwide

In 2013, the World Medical Association (WMA) publically stated its position against euthanasia21. WMA: 106 member states22, representing over 9 million physicians.

  • 196 countries in the world23. 3 countries where euthanasia is legal.
  • 99.6 % world population protected by law against euthanasia. 0.4 % world population not protected against euthanasia.24

According to the World Health Organisation, palliative care intends neither to hasten nor postpone death .25

Vote in February 2014

Ask your MNA to vote against Bill 52. Now. You can easily contribute to the prevention of this catastrophy: contact your MNA as soon as possible and inform them of these facts they probably don't know about. The final vote will take place in February 2014

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