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Quebec Life Coalition defends the human person from conception until natural death.



Christmas 2015 Fundraiser

Our Christmas fundraising campaign begins today. Our goal is 5000$. I know we can do it.

I ask a few moments of your time to explain why you should consider giving a special gift to Quebec Life Coalition this Christmas.

Quebec Life Coalition works day-in day-out, to make abortion and other attacks on human dignity unthinkable. We do it because God calls us to do it, full stop. We have accomplished much with your help, and plan to do more next year. But more on that in a moment. For now, let me tell you what we did together this year:

This year we ... 

  • Helped more than 80 pregnant women in need find housing, food, baby items, babysitting services, etc. through our toll-free hotline (1-855-996-2686);
  • have begun work on converting part of a parish rectory into a pregnancy care centre (a very promising project, the fruit of our prayers and our patient work of the past years - we certainly will keep you posted on this in the future!);
  • led two 40 Days for Life prayer vigils where, with the help of volunteers, we held vigil for 12 hours a day, for a period of 40 days, in front of abortion mills in the city of Montreal;
  • fought court injunctions brought against us, in order to maintain for all Quebecers their right to pray outside abortion facilities - the legal process is still pending;
  • maintained a French-language pro-life news website ( which so far in 2015 has been visited by more than 2 million people (that's a lot when you consider the relative size of the francophone market in comparison to the anglophone);
  • participated in the Synod on the Family of October in Rome along with an international team of seasoned pro-lifers, to try to have a positive influence on the deliberations of the Synod fathers;
  • promoted in Quebec the National March for Life in Ottawa, including arranging transportation by charter bus from Quebec and Montreal;
  • promoted pro-life candidates during the federal election;
  • organized various events, such as LifeChain and abortion Defunding events;
  • worked on the establishment of a post-abortion healing ministry in Montreal;
  • intervened in the major media about abortion, euthanasia, sex education in school, etc.;
  • participated in planning, strategy and networking meetings with pro-lifers from English Canada and other parts of the world.

All this would have been impossible without your regular and generous financial aid. Could you take a moment to give today? >>

As for next year, we plan on building on this year's achievements by :

  • Further developping the pregnancy care centre that is currently in the planning stages;
  • Developping a center for post-abortion mourning and therapy;
  • Introducing provincial legislation that will make it mandatory that women be told of the health risks of abortion before the procedure, which will hopefully reduce the number of abortions in this province;
  • Work towards establishing a real pro-life provincial party, so that pro-lifers have a place to put their provincial vote come 2018 -- also working with the CHP or others to make more pro-life candidates available in Quebec during federal elections;
  • continuing to promote the national March for Life in Quebec, by organising more buses to the March.

We thank you for your support - and we hope, especially with the holiday season, that you'll be able to show us strong support with a special year-end gift.

Give now to Quebec Life Coalition >>

georges-buscemi-rome-cercle.JPGChristmas is nothing without Jesus, born in a manger to save us. Similarly, Christmas is not the same without children. But every year in Quebec, 30,000 children are deprived of their chance to celebrate Christmas, their lives having been brutally cut short by abortion.

Thank you for continuing to give us the means to defend these children and so to bring the joy and hope of Christmas in the homes of this province.

Donate today to Quebec Life Coalition >>

God bless you !


Georges Buscemi, president, Quebec Life Coalition / Campagne Québec-Vie

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