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Secular and religious unite against abortion

I have good news to share with you today. 

First of all, Campaign Life Coalition has launched a new website,, which provides scientific evidence that life begins at conception. The goal of this website is to help educate people on why human life should be protected from conception to natural death. Furthermore, the site also gives a description of motion M-312, a motion advanced by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth in order to re-examine section 223 of Canada’s Criminal Code, which states that a child is only human once he has completely left his mother’s womb.

I recommend the 5-minute video on the homepage. Though you may have already seen various videos of children’s development in-utero, I find this one is particularly well done and quite moving. You can also explore the website further (select “Take Action” option) to find out how to get involved and contact your MP to support motion M-312.

Secondly…another new website called is starting up April 3rd. The aim of this initiative is to inform women about the mental and physical dangers of abortion. The site is run by It is great to see that both secular and religious organizations unite in their aim to end abortion! will have a compilation of all abortion-related complaints to assist women in assessing the risks of having an abortion.

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40 Days for Life: International Women's Day

(218 Saved Babies and counting!!!)

Yesterday - day 17 at the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil, marked International Women's Day and our site in Lahaie park - corner St. Joseph E. and  St. Laurent blvds., "welcomed" two separate groups.

First twenty-five or so "pro-choice" students from Université du Québec a Montréal, banner and noise-makers in hand, showed up at around 11 a.m., parking themselves directly in front of our banner. They stayed nearly three hours, spending this time chanting and enjoying the support from pro-choice motorists. Before 2 p.m. they headed out, going to another demonstration in downtown Montreal. As they left, they swarmed our banner, plastering it with stickers. Fortunately there wasn't any damage.

A couple of hours later a mother, pushing her 18-month old, strolled by and stopped again in front of our banner, homemade pro-choice sign in hand. Caroline stayed for an hour and a half and was joined during this period by Charles, a sympathetic motorist returning from work who wished to stand in support of her cause. Also, shortly after the latter's arrival, another mother and child - this time a seven year-old, arrived, again in support and another mother.

Participants in both groups with whom I spoke confirmed a suspicion I have often had about pro-choicers. Absent from their rhetoric is any reference to and respect for the life in the mother's womb. Rather their arguments emphasize the rights of the mother and her quality of life.

By 4 p.m. the regular prayer hum of the location had returned and remained so until 7 p.m.

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Day 14: 184 Babies Saved

Yesterday I wrote that the 40 Days for Life Vigil site was drawing people from all around the Montreal area to come and give a prayerful presence against abortion. Likewise it is drawing persons opposed to this goal.

This past Thursday, a group of eight men and women in their early to mid twenties converged on the site at the corner of St. Joseph E. and St. Laurent blvds. With homemade signs stating "Pro-Choice", they milled about for about twenty minutes before heading off into warmer climes. During their stay, I was approached by one, a young woman, who wondered about the sign indicating the number of Saved Babies. I explained the source of the number - the national 40 Days for Life web site, and the reporting method - emails sent to the central office from the 256 or so current vigil locations from around the world (e.g., 10 in Canada, 9 Spain, 7 Australia).

After the conversation had ended, we went our separate ways. Shortly there after, I notice that the scarf that had been draped around this young woman had found a new location - spanning the homemade sign indicating the number of saved babies! Does hiding the truth lessen it in anyway?

The vigil runs through to and including Sunday April 1, daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Have you made plans to drop by? Love to see you there.

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Update on HHS mandate: contraception is a lifestyle choice, not a health issue

Sandra Fluke, a student at Georgetown University, recently argued that even Catholic universities such as Georgetown should be forced to pay for student access to contraception.

To my own amazement, President Obama telephoned Sandra Fluke to personally thank her for voicing the “concerns of American women." Fluke told NBC news: “I think this is about women's health. That's what it's always been about for me and that's what it's about for the… the many, many Americans who are emailing me constantly telling me how important it is.”

But is contraception really about women’s health? Aside the 14% of women who use the pill for ‘medical reasons’ , the majority of American women use birth control pills because they want to engage in sexual relationships without bearing the consequences of their own fertility. It is a very selfish business. The Guttmacher Institute (research arm of Planned Parenthood) admits itself: “The typical U.S. woman wants only two children. To achieve this goal, she must use contraceptives for roughly three decades.” Here, we see once again, the extreme dissociation between sex and children. People are having more sex with more partners, and yet they want less children- a trend which defies the way we were created.

I invite you to watch this video by Bill O’Reilley titled “Do you want to pay for other people’s activities?” O’Reilley’s commentary boils down the HHS mandate issue to one very simple point: contraceptive use is not, in most cases, a health issue…so why should it be included in health coverage? The Obama administration and many people around the world defend abortion as a woman’s right, and birth control as a woman’s health issue- if we dig a little deeper we discover what these two really are: murder and dishonesty. A woman needs neither abortion nor contraception to live a healthy, happy, secure life- I and plenty of other women around the world are testaments to that fact.

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Photos of aborted babies: should they be used?

Isn't it interesting that so many pro-choicers feel threatened by images of aborted babies, when aborting babies it is the very 'right' they so fervently advocate? When people stand up for a cause, they should not be ashamed to show what it is they are fighting for. However, the opposite is true for abortion...if you show one image of an aborted child to a pro-choicer, they will likely be angry, hostile, or enraged. 

I admit I feel somewhat ambivalent about the use of abortion imagery. Pro-Life groups such as the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform (CCBR) are known for their use of photos of bloody, aborted fetuses on highways, sidewalks, and next to abortion clinics. Recently they have been sending postcards with images of aborted babies to residents in Canada (to see the content of the postcards please click here).

I have thought about this a lot and reason that if the pro-lifer is shocked, saddened, and disgusted by images of aborted fetuses, the pro-choicer might be even more so. Why? Because in the pro-choice mentality, the fetus is considered as something less-than human, just a "clump of cells," with no shape or form, no human features. Abortion is not presented as an act of killing (which it definetely, undoubtedly is)...rather, it is advertised as a clean, simple procedure. When you have been lied to, the shock of seeing the truth hurts even more. 

So now comes the big question: Should graphic images of aborted fetuses be used to spread awareness about the horrors of abortion? On the one hand, people may find that these images are disrespectful towards the child who was killed. There is also concern that these pictures create strong feelings of guilt, shock or sadness in post-abortive men and women. Finally, what happens if a child finds the postcard in the mailbox? Will that child be scarred for life?

The CCBR has taken into consideration all these concerns, but nonetheless believes that the pros of using abortion imagery outway the cons. Though I found myself disagreeing with them at first, I realize (after further research) that their postcards are actually incredibly well-made and are meant to get people thinking about abortion as a criminal wrong rather than a protected right. Though people may be insulted or have their feelings hurt initially, respecting the life of unborn children takes priority when it comes to the abortion debate. 

The truth is that we are all, knowingly or unknowingly, accomplices in this war against unborn children. Just like the abolitionists of slavery risked their lives and took a stance against the injustice of their day, we too must stand out and speak up. This pro-activism is absolutely necessary in defending life because we live in a climate of moral relativism...many people have never seen an image of an aborted fetus, yet adamantly defend unlimited access to abortion. So, after some re-thinking on this issue, I think it is right to say that the CCBR should be commended for their efforts in revealing the truth about abortion to the public through these images. War against the unborn is raging- are we going to sit idle and let these crimes against humanity continue, or are we going to "unmask" the choice of abortion?

Please note that I would be interested in hearing other people's ideas on this issue. Finally, let us remember that in converting people to the way of Life, prayer is of irreplaceable value. As Jesus said, “This kind (of unclean spirit) can come out only through prayer.” - Mark 9: 29 NRSV.  

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40 Days for Life: Day 13 - Weekend Roundup

(Day 13 - 148 Saved Babies)

While reading today's Office of Readings, I was carried back to this past weekend's experience at the 40 Days for LIfe vigil location.

In the book of Exodus, the angel of the Lord protected the Hebrew people from Pharaoh's army by placing itself between the two camps. So, too the vigilers outside the Morgentaler abortion facility in Montreal were protected by the angel of the Lord from the local secular climate via the harsh weather conditions of this past weekend.

Saturday's strong winds and Sunday's cold temps dampened many spirits safe those of the prayers coming to stand and pray for life. Of these, many travelled from afar - Pincourt, Longueuil, and Laval, to spend several hours at the vigil location in Lahaie park.

Also, the site is drawing diverse prayer groups. On Saturday, six members of a Lasalle faith-based group came to spend the afternoon, with a pot of soup for all to partake in, while on Sunday members of St. Patrick's youth group were on hand. (At the kick-off, a Côte-des-Neiges couples group were on hand vowing to return.)

Finally, in addition to groups, the vigil is a magnet for individuals who otherwise do not see one another. For example, over the weekend, persons from different faith communities converged to pray and share fellowship.

The vigil runs through April 1, daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Same-sex marriage & abortion: this is what happens when society shoves children aside

Yesterday, Maryland became the eighth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley, who signed the bill, announced that "We are all one Maryland, and all of us at the end of the day want the same thing for our children." 

First of all, Governor O’Malley’s statement is not true, because we do not all want the same thing for our children. People of good will, generally-speaking, want what is best for their children…but some people deem it acceptable to kill their children in the womb (hello abortion) or even to euthanize their newborn baby after birth (see this previously posted article).

Secondly…how ironic that Governor O’Malley brings up the topic of children at a gay-marriage bill-signing celebration! The reality is, homosexuals cannot conceive. Abortion kills unwanted babies, while homosexuality eliminates the possibility of babies altogether.

Many may reply to this statement with the question, “Well, who cares anyways? Marriage shouldn’t just be about procreation.”

Well, there’s some truth to that…but nonetheless, marriage is mainly about procreation. Why? Marriage is the union of a man and a woman recognized by the state, whose children will be recognized by the state too (and for those of us who are religious, marriage is seen as a sacrament, blessed by the hands of God…but we’ll leave that topic for another day).

This is what my argument boils down to: Homosexual couples cannot naturally conceive a child. Their partnership is void of fertility. Then why are homosexuals so insistent on legalizing gay marriage? What benefits are they looking for in marriage?

Adam Kolasinski wrote an article presenting the secular case against gay marriage. He writes:

Advocates of gay marriage claim gay couples need marriage in order to have hospital visitation and inheritance rights, but they can easily obtain these rights by writing a living will and having each partner designate the other as trustee and heir. There is nothing stopping gay couples from signing a joint lease or owning a house jointly, as many single straight people do with roommates. The only benefits of marriage from which homosexual couples are restricted are those that are costly to the state and society.

Did you read that last sentence? It expresses the fact that marriage between homosexual couples is costly to the state and society. Over the past decades, we have seen the breakdown of the link between marriage and procreation in heterosexual relationships. The problem with homosexual marriage is that it will further widen the gap between marriage and children, leading to deeper societal issues.

It is my belief that dissociating marriage from the act of procreation builds an egocentric, selfish mentality of marital relationships. If marriage does not exist for the institution of family and building future generations, then why does it exist at all? Divorce, abuse, and declining birthrates all have negative impacts on economic and social development. Homosexual marriages will likely add to this confusion.

From the point of view of the child’s wellbeing, it has been shown that “children need both a male and female parent for proper development.” In other words, adoption or surrogate mothers would not be the way to go for homosexual couples because children develop better when they grow up with a biological mother and father.

Think about it: How many of you would be happy having had two mothers or two fathers instead of a mother and a father? I reckon most can testify that having a father and a mother provides the appropriate balance for a family. However, I want to emphasize that I do not think homosexuals are bad parents – rather, they simply cannot offer a parent unit that includes both a biological mother and father.

Finally, let us not forget that homosexual marriage could infringe upon our religious rights in much the same way as the current HHS mandate on contraception in the United States has. Here in Québec, the ERC course has wrought an atmosphere of moral relativism and religious indifference. Presenting homosexuality as a ‘personal choice’ and ethically neutral arrangement clashes with fundamental Christian teaching; it also prevents parents from overseeing their own children’s education. The state could take it a step even further and maybe, one day, force churches to offer homosexual marriage. Though this statement sounds outlandish, it is possible.

Currently it seems there are ten countries that have legalized same-sex marriage (Canada included). Please spread awareness of the dangers of homosexual marriage on the institute of family, child-rearing, religious freedom, and social stability. Help us build a culture of life!

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40 Days for Life: Day 10 - 121 Saved Babies

Yesterday I learned that we had breached the three figure threshold (101) and today the count stands at 121 saved babies.

Thank you every body. Your prayers are making the difference.

Here in Montreal, we are not aware of any turn arounds. Yet, we stand strong at the corner of St. Joseph and St. Laurent Blvds, advocating for a culture of life.

Via our banner, prayers, and outreach, we are hoping to bring God's message of love to many who have lost the joy of living.

Even in yesterday's snowstorm, our message was getting out. A few among us engaged the pedestrians of the Main, many of whom were vehemently opposed to our presence in such a public venue. We can only pray that God touches their hearts, permitting them to turn and walk with Him in the fulness of life.

Union de prière!

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National March for Life: May 10th, 2012

Please mark your calendars for the National March for Life in Ottawa, coming up May 10th, 2012!

The March for Life is a wonderful occasion to stand up and be pro-active in your defense for human life. For those that have not attended before, the event begins with a mass at 10am in English or French.

At noon, everyone gathers on Parliament Hill and at 1:30pm we will begin the March through downtown Ottawa. This year there will also be testimonies from post-abortive woman (Silent No More Awareness Campaign). For more information and to see the promotional video please click here.

Please tell your friends and family about this important event, we need your support and look forward to seeing you there! Also, for Montréal residents, keep an eye out as we will be welcoming Father Boquet, president of Human Life International, to speak at events in Montreal in the days preceding the March for Life. More info on these exciting events will follow. 

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SHOCK: Ethicists now claim newborns can be killed too

Shocking news: Alberto Giubilin, a philosopher from the University of Milan, and Francesca Minerva, an ethicist from the University of Melbourne, claim that the killing of newborns may be justifiable on the grounds that the newborn is only a ‘potential person’ and may disrupt the lives of his parents. 

Whoa...Hold on! Does anyone really take these ethicists seriously? I sincerely hope not, because that confirms that we are really going crazy. How can anyone claim that the newborn is not a person? This idea not only is wrong and defies all philosophical and scientific reasoning- it is an incredibly dangerous idea, capable of annihilating all unwanted children and justifying infanticide based on social or economic reasons. Such proposals profoundly threaten the safety of our world and put in jeopardy all human lives.

Upon reading such an outrageous article, it is necessary that we emphasize again our stance that from conception, a new human life begins. Life from conception is the only justifiable position; every other position arbitrarily invents the point where human life begins in order to suit personal, egotistical desires.

Giubilin and Minerva believe that “killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be. Such circumstances include cases where the newborn has the potential to have an (at least) acceptable life, but the well-being of the family is at risk.” --This is ludicrous. Now we are discussing making homicide acceptable under certain circumstances…isn’t homicide a crime? I am sure that the abortion movement caused just as much shock when it began…and now look where we are: legal abortions almost everywhere. Please, please, let us make sure that such “after-birth abortions” (i.e., INFANTICIDE) do not ever become legal, under any circumstances.

I fear for our future and really hope the Pro-Life movement gains strength over the next years. We need to face the horrors of abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide with faith and courage. We need to help people understand the extreme dangers of the gradual manipulation and distortion of the definition of human life.

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