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A Christian Century Initiative

The other day I received an email blast from People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier, who wrote at length on how the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) didn’t have the courage to speak about the impact the 500,000 yearly immigrants have on the country’s infrastructure, housing, education and healthcare. The CPC, Bernier claimed, has to keep its mouth shut about the dire impact of immigration, lest it get demonized by the Liberals as “racist” during the next election and thereby lose its chance at governing the nation.

What Bernier himself failed to mention were the reasons why Canada needs immigration so badly: at 1.3 babies per woman (the lowest fertility rate in our history), Canada no longer has the number of workers it needs to pay for the services required by an aging population. Furthermore, immigration is only a bandage-like solution: though it does add to the pool of workers, it doesn’t really lower the average age of the host country, immigrants normally arriving with their aging parents and other adult family members. On top of that, immigrants are normally at first less productive than native-born Canadians, since they typically need many years to learn the language, customs, and skills required to work productively. Finally, we haven't even mentioned the morally questionable practise of first-world nations poaching the best and brightest from other countries, leaving the latter with only the poorest and least employable to run things at home.

What a country really needs then are babies, e.g. people who, once they grow up to be adults, are familiar with the country and are ready to contribute. So where are they? Here we have one piece of politically incorrect information that even the PPC dare not speak of too often, that is, that abortion kills about 100,000 babies per year, and, assuming that the socio-economic conditions have been roughly be the same in Canada since the end of the 2nd world war, contraception and sterilization every year prevents another 400,000 from being conceived. Adding these two numbers gives us 500,000 “disappeared” Canadians per year, almost exactly the number we “import” through immigration! In other words, without widespread abortion and contraception, Canada’s fertility rate would be around 3.5 children per woman, and Canada could easily reach 100 million people by 2100, without any immigration whatsoever.

The effects of abortion and contraception on our country are very real. These twin monsters are sapping the lifeblood of our country and leading to its dissolution. And here we turn to a second, unpopular truth about finding our way back to prosperity as a nation: financial incentives for families only have a very limited effect on the reproduction rates of nations who implement these types of policies. Throwing money at the problem is not the answer. Contraception use has to be curbed, and abortion outlawed as the murder it is. But for this to be implemented, Canada would have to return to its “first love”: it would have to be Christian again.

A Christian Century Initiative

Recently, Canadian high-level business owners, investors and non-profit managers have created a website and charity called the “Century Initiative”. In it, they promote mass immigration and some family-friendly policies as ways to increase the population of Canada to 100 million by 2100. These “elites” of Canadian business and philanthropy recognize that a country like Canada needs more people to both maintain its status internationally and its economic prosperity internally. What they do not, or will not recognize, however, is the fact that the secularist ideology promoted by the “progressive” left these last several decades has created the conditions that have led to our demographic winter. Isolated individuals living in a meaningless world of atoms bouncing around in a void will not commit to the sacrifices necessary to marry and found a family. They are more likely to adopt the maxim of the hedonists: “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” This secularist ideology poisons all our institutions, including our schools, which transform our youth into contracepting and aborting pleasure-seekers. 

We therefore emphatically need a “Christian Century” initiative, putting God at the centre of our lives and enjoining the rest of the country to do the same. At Quebec Life Coalition, we know that our proposed solution is not easy, but we know that it is the true solution. It’s more than about being against abortion (which, of course, one must be) but finding the things that are worth loving, at the source and summit of which is God. To lose sight of Him means to lose sight of the meaning of our lives, and to tumble into hedonism and sterility, the terrible effects of which we are grappling with today.

We are in the Advent season; we await the coming of Christ. Unfortunately, even today, there are powers at work who, like Herod, are seeking to reduce the number of humans in the world. They claim a depopulated world is a happier, more enlightened world. They lie; in reality, it's just the opposite.

At Quebec Life Coalition, we've been fighting since 1989 to counter these attacks on life. It's literally the fight of our lives. In combatting these evils, we announce that the only "real politics" that counts is not the anti-human dogma of the so-called elite of this world, but one conducted by God-fearing people who care about the common good.

Please give generously. We thank all who have given so far. But we have a long ways to go. Our goal for this campaign, which ends on 25 December, is $15,000.

For Life,

Georges Buscemi

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