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Writing to you from Budapest, Hungary

I am currently writing to you from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. This coming Sunday, I will have the privilege to go to Paris to represent the Canadian Pro-Life movement at the 2024 Paris March for Life. Like at our Canadian National March for life, thousands of pro-lifers will gather for a beautiful public rally in defence of the lives of pre-born children! I will also have the privilege of inviting francophones from other countries to our first ever Quebec march for life happening in Quebec City on Saturday, June 1st!

During my time at the March for Life in Paris, I will have the opportunity to strengthen our ties to pro-life groups from many francophone countries. In these modern times, our ideological opposition has been very good in building a worldwide network that promotes abortion, euthanasia, LGBT and other anti-family and anti-faith ideas. We must do our own networking, but for good, not for evil.

I am also spending some time in Hungary. Hungary has of late brought forward some of the best life, family and faith policies in the world! I will spend several days networking with pro-life politicians and individuals here in Hungary. We hear a lot of talk about Hungary, both in pro-life and in conventional news, and I would like to explore what life is really like on the ground. Of particular interest to me is Hungary’s family policies. Hungary has been able, through sound fiscal and social policy, to slow the plummeting of the marriage rate and birth rate that has been plaguing most western countries.

Not unlike what we are facing in Quebec, Hungary has faced important questions related to identity, immigration, Christianity, and the survival of our subsequent generations, and Hungary has provided a way forward. I intend to explore the things that Hungary does well, things that perhaps could be implemented in Canada and in Quebec, in order to encourage changes that will better respect all life as well as honour our Lord Jesus Christ.  

We need your support so that we can continue in this important work—both in finances as well as in prayer. Our ideological opposition is very well financed, but we have recourse to people of good will, people who are also interceding to the Lord for the continuation of our mission. If you have not had the chance to contribute financially to our work recently, I invite you to do so today. Help us start this new year strong! If you have not included QLC to your regular prayer intentions, please do so as well!

I want to give a special thanks to my relatives in Hungary, as well some of our other pro-life collaborators in Canada and abroad who are helping with my lodging when I am working away from home. This helps enormously at keeping our costs low and in maximizing what we can accomplish with your donations.

Arpad Nagy

P.S. I had the privilege or attending church yesterday in the historic Hermina Chapel in Budapest. Here is a photo:

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