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Why Quebec again?

Once again - and this is to my great shame and pain - Quebec is initiating the next step in Canada's race to the abyss. It was Dr. Louis Roy, representing the Quebec College of Physicians before the House of Commons Special Joint Committee on "Medical Assistance in Dying", who recently proposed the euthanasia of infants with "severe malformations" and "severe and serious syndromes" for whom their "prospect of survival is virtually nil, so to speak". You can read the rest of this sordid story here.

First, I urge you to sign our petition against the euthanasia of infants and to have it signed around you. The situation is serious: the holocaust of unborn children not having quenched the bloodlust of the evil spirit that animates our contemporary societies, we have "out of compassion" moved on to the elderly, the sick and now to newborns, who will now be able to benefit from "special help", from "health care", which consists in injecting a human with a deadly poison. We are now to kill born children!

Why Quebec again?

Why do some Quebecers seem to take pride in being at the sharp edge of this "progressive" spear that is piercing the politic body of the country and killing it? Because this is not the first time that someone from here has set up iniquitous laws for the whole country.

In fact, in the last 60 years, Quebec has often been the origin of the culture of Death in Canada: it has been the launching pad for both abortion (the supreme court decisions involving Henry Morgentaler, Chantal Daigle) and euthanasia (Quebec National Assembly in 2014) as well as for the rejection of religion in the public square (the so-called “Quiet Revolution” of the early sixties and, more recently, bill 21 which forbids government-funded workers from expressing their religious beliefs at the workplace, including classrooms and daycares).

The country will never be pro-life so long as Quebec, probably the single most “progressive” (read: pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, anti-family, anti-God) jurisdiction in North America, continues to lead the rest of Canada into the abyss.

However ably pro-lifers in English Canada forge a strong chain of pro-life provinces across the country, that chain will only be as strong as its weakest link. And so long as Quebec remains a most weak link, shot through with the rust of moral and spiritual decadence, pro-lifers in other provinces will work in vain.

This is not to say that Quebec is responsible for all the ills in Canada. Far from it. But in Quebec we do have a special responsibility to the rest of the country. We must do more and better in Quebec if we are ever to hope to reach our goal of making Canada pro-life.

As the proud President of Quebec Life Coalition, I solemnly pledge to do better for Quebec and for Canada. This year we have hired two more people, our reporter Joanna and our political operations director Arpad, with the help of our loyal partners Campaign Life Coalition. With your generous help, we will continue to strengthen our pro-life and pro-God presence in Quebec, for where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more!

For Life,

Georges Buscemi, President
Quebec Life Coalition / Campagne Québec-Vie


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