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Update on HHS mandate: contraception is a lifestyle choice, not a health issue

Sandra Fluke, a student at Georgetown University, recently argued that even Catholic universities such as Georgetown should be forced to pay for student access to contraception.

To my own amazement, President Obama telephoned Sandra Fluke to personally thank her for voicing the “concerns of American women." Fluke told NBC news: “I think this is about women's health. That's what it's always been about for me and that's what it's about for the… the many, many Americans who are emailing me constantly telling me how important it is.”

But is contraception really about women’s health? Aside the 14% of women who use the pill for ‘medical reasons’ , the majority of American women use birth control pills because they want to engage in sexual relationships without bearing the consequences of their own fertility. It is a very selfish business. The Guttmacher Institute (research arm of Planned Parenthood) admits itself: “The typical U.S. woman wants only two children. To achieve this goal, she must use contraceptives for roughly three decades.” Here, we see once again, the extreme dissociation between sex and children. People are having more sex with more partners, and yet they want less children- a trend which defies the way we were created.

I invite you to watch this video by Bill O’Reilley titled “Do you want to pay for other people’s activities?” O’Reilley’s commentary boils down the HHS mandate issue to one very simple point: contraceptive use is not, in most cases, a health issue…so why should it be included in health coverage? The Obama administration and many people around the world defend abortion as a woman’s right, and birth control as a woman’s health issue- if we dig a little deeper we discover what these two really are: murder and dishonesty. A woman needs neither abortion nor contraception to live a healthy, happy, secure life- I and plenty of other women around the world are testaments to that fact.

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