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Quebec Life Coalition defends the human person from conception until natural death.



Political Action

A politician’s purpose is not to be popular, loved or adulated, it is to lovingly serve his fellow citizens by using the power and influence at his disposal.

The politician, whether he be the head of a family, the president of a music club, the leader of a farm Co-op, the president of an electoral district association, by knowing God and doing His Will, spreads God’s truth, goodness, and beauty around him, using the means at his disposal.

If you feel called to some form of political service, fill the form below. One of my colleagues or myself will contact you as soon as we can, to discuss how you could serve your fellow citizen. We want to help you help Canada move forward, from a place where babies are slaughtered at an industrial rate, and the sick and vulnerable euthanatized, to a place where life is valued at every step.

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Georges Buscemi, President
Quebec Life Coalition / Campagne Québec-Vie

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