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Three Resolutions

Blessed New Year greetings to you and your loved ones.

I trust that the currant social conditions have not overly disrupted your celebrations of Our Lord’s birth.

Also I hope that the yearly tradition of new year resolutions making did not pass you by!

Not I. I have come up with three. 1. Expanding Vigil365; 2. Producing a weekly “e-newsletter”; and 3. Registering as a candidate in the 2021 federal election.


Many of you are already familiar with Vigil365 – the daily pro-life presence in downtown Montreal, at the corner of Berri and St. Catherine Streets.

Typically, three of us, sometimes more, sometimes less, meet for between one and two hours each day, Monday through Sunday, usually in the morning as the local abortion facilities open for business at 8 am.

In 2021, I pledge to take this witnessing one step further. That is, I will add one full day of public witness to the existing schedule. In other words, between Monday and Friday, the coverage will increase for one of these days from the current length to that of regular 8-hour workday. Your prayers are requested in this task.


At the Quebec Life Coalition, we currently provide our English-speaking subscribers and other interested persons news of local events on a once-a-month basis.

Further, as English internet readers can access many groups actively fostering the culture of life, whether these be pregnancy support, post-abortion care, post-natal care, news gathering and dissemination, and spiritual support, we at the QLC have not gone into further depth in these areas.

Yet there's room for a weekly English news bulletin that targets the Quebec community, presenting life matters originating in or impacting the province of Quebec.

For instance, the Quebec National Assembly on three separate occasions over a ten-year span - May 20, 2010; April 26, 2012; and again on May 29, 2019, voted unanimously (117-0 in the third of these) a motion reaffirming that a woman can choose to end the life of her unborn child.

Also, the same assembly voted 121-0 on December 9, 2020, to ban reparation therapy, a therapeutic method aimed at helping persons persons struggling with either same sex attraction or gender confusion.

In 2021, I pledge to produce and email a weekly “e-newsletter” dealing with culture of life events affecting our province.


Prime Minister Mr. Trudeau and his minority Liberal party were elected in 2019 and are mandated to serve until 2023. Yet, we believe that a federal election may occur in 2021.

A minority status is precarious. If a piece of legislation does not get the minimum 170 votes to pass, the legislation fails and the governing party falls, resulting in the call for a national election.

As a federal budget, a contentious issue, is expected this spring, we believe that it may cause the government to fall.

We encourage you to step forward and become involved in the election process.

There are different ways to do so:

1. Join a political party in order to influence the party platform to become more favourable to life issues;

2. Join an Electoral District Association in order to get a particular candidate elected; or

3. Become a candidate, as I pledge to do.

Wishing you your own blessed resolutions in 2021, I remain

Sincerely Yours

Brian Jenkins

p.s. Your support, monetarily and in prayer, is the foundation of our projects. Thank you.


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