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The Obvious Solution to Abortion

There are a lot of problems in this world, God knows. Poverty, disease, natural calamities, all these things preoccupy and sadden people every day. Fortunately, these tragedies provoke a healthy indignation in almost every Canadian. That’s why there exist generous government programmes for the poor, a massive network of hospitals and charities for the sick, and a robust emergency infrastructure to respond to natural calamities. Yes, these tragedies exist, but so many are willing to step up and solve them, that we can take heart that we are doing our utmost to right what is wrong.

Then there’s abortion. We have in abortion the targeted killing—by dismemberment, poisoning or aspiration—of the most innocent and vulnerable human beings. In Canada alone, 100,000 abortions are committed each year, by the very “doctors” we subsidize to heal the sick. Why are the cries of indignation for these babies in the womb so few and far in between? Where does all the seeming generosity and care for the vulnerable and weak disappear when it comes to the unborn? Truly there is a mystery here, the mystery of evil in the world. (Today is the 7th day of our 2-week fundraiser; we have made some great progress, but are 8,605$ from our 15,000$ goal. If you want Quebec to be Pro-Life, please give today.)

Humans are made for God; each of us has a God-sized hole in our hearts that cannot be filled except by God. And when a secularist, rebellious society does everything to prevent people from finding God, from finding Christ, people become tortured by an insatiable hunger. They look to distractions of all kinds, they look to drugs, and they look to the cheapest drug of all, sex, to dull the pain of this hunger for God. For this drug to work, however, there must not be any “side effects”, in the form of an unwanted child, to the pleasure that sex provides. This is why abortion is so “important” in today’s godless society: it ensures an ample supply of a cheap, powerful drug in the form of free and consequence-free sex, to dull the pain of a life without God.

Our country therefore can be said not to run on oil, foreign or domestic, but on the blood of babies. Without the constant flow of this innocent blood, there would not be enough consequence-free sex to dull the consciences of the citizenry. If the supply of baby-free sex were cut off, there would be a revolt against the current social order and perhaps even a return to God. But the people in charge, disciples of Satan, the Prince of this world, do not want a return to Godly order. So, they make sure the killing of unborn children is legal and fully accessible.

But the blood of baby killing does not please God, it strikes at his very heart. He sent His own Son to end, on the cross, needless bloody sacrifices once and for all, and we are called to join Him in stopping today’s evil child holocaust. That is why Quebec Life Coalition exists: to call out the glaring problem: abortion, and to point to the glaringly obvious solution: God. For people will never give up abortion until they have something to fill the God-sized hole in their heart.

Please help us continue to point out the obvious, for the sake of the babies, their mothers, and the God-starved society that longs for Him but rejects Him at every turn.

Thanks for giving today.

God bless,

Georges Buscemi, President
Quebec Life Coalition / Campagne Québec-Vie

p.s. Quebec Life Coalition, also known as Campagne Québec-Vie, is virtually unique in Quebec and even in Canada in pointing out that the problem of abortion can only be solved by a return to God. Thanks for helping us continue this life-saving and soul-saving work.

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