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The Abortion Wars

These days it is hard not to notice the “Abortion Wars” going on south of the border.

The media is awash with the battles raging over the fate of the unborn child throughout the American union.  Just yesterday, I read that the Vermont governor had signed a bill legalizing abortion up to birth and the Maine governor, a bill permitting nurses to kill babies in abortions.

A polarization is occurring as states position themselves either defending the unborn child or legislating for greater access to abortion.

Even more disturbing is that certain states are moving towards infanticide, refusing to protect children that are born alive, after having survived a failed abortion.

All these maneuverings seem to be a preamble to a Supreme Court challenge of the law permitting abortion across the nation – a.k.a., Roe versus Wade. As chief justices retire and are replaced, it seems inevitable R v. W will be overturned thereby permitting states to regulate abortion. States then can outlaw the practice entirely or permit it at all times, for any reason.

An Overview: Alabama versus New York

Typical of the Abortion Wars are the Alabama and New York state legislatures; they are poles apart.

In Alabama, with the approval of their governor, lawmakers have enacted the most stringent piece of legislation – no abortion under any circumstance even under rape and incest.

New York, this past January, legislated abortion for any reason, at any time. Further, the law permits infants born alive after a botched abortion to be killed – a.k.a., infanticide.

The killing of the defenseless newborn has irked many, as it should. When the governor of Virginia condoned the use of infanticide, he was immediately rebuked by Virginians

A Legislative War

A quick survey of the 50 states indicate that since the beginning of 2019, only 14 of the fifty American states have not legislated or proposed bills favoring or opposing abortion.

In the same camp as Alabama, we find Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alaska, Minnesota, Georgia, and the list goes on. Many of these have introduced a heartbeat legislation, which prevents abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

At the other end of the debate, legislatures of the same ilk as New York include Nevada, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Massachusetts, among others.

In addition to heartbeat legislation, the bills touch on a variety of issues affecting the unborn such as:

  • Whether dismemberment abortions be permitted;
  • Whether children born alive after a failed abortion should be protected;
  • Whether unborn children with Down Children be permitted to be born;
  • Whether taxpayer money be used to pay for abortion and given to Planned Parenthood and other institutions that perform abortions;
  • Whether to permit non-doctors to perform abortions;

The most likely scenario to occur is a challenge all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Prognostics for Quebec, for Canada

It’s inevitable that the rumblings south of us will spill over and impact us.

It already has to some extent. Over the past month, I have been interviewed by the French CBC and TVA as well as the Journal de Montreal for my views regarding events in the U.S.

At the Quebec Life Coalition we continue to confront the culture of death by affirming our faith, the family, and life. Thank you for your continued support, in prayer and financially.

Yours in Christ Jesus

Brian Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator

Quebec Life Coalition


P.S. Your financial support is always a welcomed sign of your support and encouragement of our work.

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