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This fall will mark the beginning of my 15th year as President of Campagne Québec-Vie. Our Christian-inspired pro-life movement was founded in 1989 to reverse the trend in Quebec to deny, in the name of liberalism, the laws of God affecting human life and the family.

Liberalism is an ideology that disfigures and ultimately destroys true freedom. This false belief that the freedom to choose takes precedence over all other considerations has deep roots in our contemporary societies and the fight against this erroneous belief will be difficult and probably long term. The fight for freedom and against the disfigurement of it is above all a fight against sin because whoever “does what he wants” without regard to the laws of God, commits sin and becomes a slave to sin, and therefore a prisoner. True freedom is obtained by holiness, that is, the knowledge of God, the love of Him, and the loving obedience to His will, expressed by His laws.

Too many of our contemporaries think otherwise: they believe that freedom consists in choosing for themselves what is good or bad. They thus call themselves “authentic” and “sincere.” But sincerity, although necessary (because one who does good deeds while not believing in them would be a hypocrite), is not sufficient. Yes, you must do everything to understand why this or that thing is bad or good. But then you must do good, true good, to be good. And here lies the difficulty. It often happens that a person makes a mistake. That she “sincerely” chooses evil. This is a great mystery. In these cases, rightful authority, which is responsible for the common good and the lives of the innocent, must protect the weakest. This why it is not up to the woman to decide to have an abortion, because even if she sincerely believes that she has “a right” to abortion, by exercising this so-called “right,” she endangers the life of another – the unborn child – who has a real right to life. Authority must protect the little ones. It must prohibit abortion and other attacks on life and the family.

As I said, this fight against abortion and the other excesses of our era will probably be a long one, because the evil is not only rooted in the souls of individuals, but in the very structures of our “liberal” society, which reinforces the error of liberalism and “choice” at all costs by multiple means: legislation (gay marriage, euthanasia, abortion), media (biased news, trans propaganda, racy magazines, subversive shows, etc.), and education (via courses in ethics and religious culture impregnated with liberalism and religious indifferentism, and others in corrupted sex education, to name two.)

In the light of the above, it may come as no surprise to you that we at Campagne Québec-Vie feel powerless in the face of the magnitude of the task to be accomplished! It is the Church that has the mandate to raise man from sin and to structure societies so that they conform to the will of God, Campagne Québec-Vie constituting at most only a tiny organ within the Mystical Body of Christ. Also, we have recently been looking to increase our strike force in Quebec and in French Canada. This is why we have approached a Canadian pro-life group for logistical and financial assistance necessary for the continuation of our work over the long term.

Following talks that spanned several months, I am pleased to announce that Campagne Québec-Vie is now fully part of the great family of Campaign Life Coalition, the largest Canadian pro-life organization and the principal organizer of the National March for Life in Ottawa. (See the enclosed bulletin for a synopsis the March.) This partnership has already allowed us to add two new people to our team: a director of political operations in Quebec and a graphic designer / news reporter.

Over the coming months, we will continue to integrate our various activities and processes to work ever more effectively, in Quebec and in the rest of Canada, for a Culture of Life. Finally, this partnership will also allow us to extend our influence beyond Quebec to touch the hearts and consciences of Francophones outside Quebec - in Northern Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Alberta, and elsewhere.

On behalf of the entire Campagne Québec-Vie team, I would like to thank you for your support in this work, which will certainly not be lacking any time soon. We have nothing less to do than to show our contemporaries the way to true freedom, one that cares for both God and one’s neighbour, even when the latter lives in this or her mother’s womb.

Yours for Life,

Georges Buscemi
Campagne Québec-Vie

(Mr. Buscemi’s text was translated via Google translator and edited thereafter by Brian Jenkins.)

P.S. The activities that contributed to the great success of the National March for Life in Ottawa (see the newsletter for a short report) have almost dried up our monetary reserves. Your monetary help this month would be a big plus for us get through the summer which is normally a quieter time when it comes to giving; click here to make a gift. We thank you wholeheartedly!

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