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Saving A Little One

I have some very good news for you this month.

Thanks to your spiritual and financial support, we have recently been able to help a 22-year-old woman, who was seriously thinking of aborting at the 20th week of her pregnancy, to keep her child.

It all started when Sandra (all the names are fictional, except that of Brian Jenkins), the mother of the young woman (and therefore the grandmother of the unborn child), found our website Enceinte et Inquiète ( She immediately called Brian Jenkins, my colleague and organizer of the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil and director of the new center for pregnant women in difficulty that we set up (the center officially opened on October 22, 2016).

As a result of this call, Brian sent the following email to our closest collaborators:

September 14, 2016 - 15h47
Hello to all,
Sandra telephoned me last Monday morning desperate about her 22-year-old daughter Erika’s desire to have an abortion. The latter is a university student and more than 20 weeks pregnant. It seems that an appointment was made at the CLSC yesterday for this purpose.
The reason she wishes to abort seems to be that she thinks the pregnancy will hurt her dream of finishing her studies - she is in the 2nd year of a 4 year program.
Along with Paul and Myriam, we have started an exchange with this student. Myriam spoke to her for the first time last night and a second time was scheduled for noon today.
Myriam asked me about available resources - either financial or material. To this end, I appeal for your help if any of you many know, to whom Sandra and her daughter could get support.
Sandra told me that she is ready to play an important role in her grandchild's life.
That's it for now.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

(Photo of young couple, used with permission.)

After a few days of research with our acquaintances in the area where the young woman lives, Brian called Sandra, who gave him very bad news.

September 19, 2016 – 9h22

I just talked with the mother of the pregnant woman.
She says that her daughter is determined to abort. The procedure is scheduled for tomorrow at 11h45 in Quebec City, to conclude the following day [late abortions are over a day, given the size of the baby]. So they will leave their home at around 8am to get there on time.
I explained to her the support I’m prepared to give her daughter - financial support during pregnancy and later so she can spend time quality time with her little one. Seems like it's not enough.
The mother suggested I call her at noon.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

(Photo of actual child, used with permission)

We could not accept such a tragic opuitcome for child and family! So I sent an emailed friends for prayers. I also prayed with all my family that the child be saved and for his family to welcome him. So you can understand our joy when, a few hours later, we received the following email from Brian:

September 19, 2016 - 14h21
A little update.
Several calls were made over the last few hours - with the mother of the baby, her mother, father, and father a second time.
During this second call with the father, he informed me that after talking with Mom, they decided not to abort their little one.
Let us give thanks to God.
However, let us all bear our prayers. The mom has an appointment with a counselor at the end of the day and I'm supposed to talk to her afterwards.
Let’s pray Our Lord Jesus Christ that love may reign in our hearts so that we may all live according to His Divine Providence.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

I knew in my heart that the child was not yet safe. I wonderd: "Who is this counselor" ? The child is still in danger. We must continue to pray. And so we did, until we got the following email:

September 20, 2016 - 12h08
Everything seems to be settled for the better.

Mom decided to continue her pregnancy, after a 24 hours wavering, passionate.
We spoke twice this morning, the last day allowed by the hospital to do the abortion.
Mom is happy. Grandma is exstatic.
Maman appreciates our intervention and asks, in thanks for our efforts, if it can make better known our organism and the good that we do.
Let us praise Our Lord Jesus Christ for his blessings and for Life.
Thank you all for your participation and your prayers.I’ll keep you updated about this little one and his mother.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, - Brian

This is what we can do together with God for the mothers and children of Quebec. Let us pray that together we can do more in the future. Thank you for your generosity.

Yours for life,

Georges Buscemi
Quebec Life Coalition


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