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Saint John the Baptist, the Fall of Roe, and the Fall of Rome

Today in Quebec is Saint John the Baptist Day. Over a century ago, in 1908, Pope Pius X had declared the saint Patron of all Franco-Canadians. Several decades later, the Quebec government would declare June 24 a holiday for all Quebecers.

Saint John the Baptist Day

We read in Luke 1:39–45 that John was sanctified in the womb when his mother, Elisabeth, was visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary, a relative, who carried in her womb Jesus Christ, God incarnate, as an unborn child.

John was known to live in complete poverty in the desert, to wear clothes made of camel hair and eat locusts and wild honey, enjoining his followers to “Make straight the way of the Lord”, that is, to prepare their hearts to the coming of a humble and meek Saviour. As the embodiment of the prophets of old and precursor to the Messiah, John had a special mission: he was to complete the preparation of Israel for the coming of its Christ (its “anointed”), the Son of God.

As it was for the people of Israel, in every soul today that accepts truth, there must be a “precursor” event, a “making straight”—a repentance—which allows that soul to accept the truth when it comes knocking.

At Quebec Life Coalition, we endeavour to carry out the work of Saint John the Baptist in Quebec today, enjoining Quebecers to repent of their sins against Life and Family and make room in their hardened hearts for God. Compared to our opponents, we too are extremely poor. Like John the Baptist, we preach with hoarse voices in a modern spiritual desert.

The Fall of Roe

June 24, 2023, is also the first-year anniversary of the fall of Roe v. Wade, a 1973 U.S. supreme court decision that had opened the gates to abortion in the world’s most influential country, costing over 60 million lives since, in the U.S. alone. With last year’s June 24th Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe, abortion would no longer be imposed on all 50 U.S. states: each state may henceforth legislate on abortion as it pleases. Many have nearly banned the deadly practice.

Though a great cry of victory and celebration could be heard on the pro-life side on the day of the fall of Roe, a media-amplified cry of rage was also heard. In Quebec, decision makers and cultural elites were already plotting on how to prevent the pro-life victory from spilling over into the resolutely “pro-choice” province. Recently, Martine Biron, minister in charge of women’s affairs, has pledged to do all in her power to “enshrine” “abortion rights” in Quebec.

The Fall of Rome

Each soul is made for God. Like a tree that would withdraw its roots from the moist soil, a soul that withdraws from the grace of God and curls up on itself, content with its own thoughts and fancies, will soon dry up. A society of such individuals cannot but become a spiritual and moral desert. As deep calls to deep (Psalm 42:7), emptiness calls forth more emptiness (Matthew 25:29), and our modern societies, by spurning repentance and denying room for God are only shutting themselves into an ironclad globalist system that will serve as a stepping stool for the anti-Christ. Denying Christ, they will have anti-Christ.

On this Saint John the Baptist Day, whatever the course our society takes, let us choose Life. Let us repent of our sins, make way for Christ, and enjoin others to do the same. For our true home is not the earthly Rome, but the Heavenly Jerusalem.

God bless,

Georges Buscemi, President
Quebec Life Coalition / Campagne Québec-Vie

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We must continue growing to form a loyal opposition to our often disloyal, bullying institutions and government. They need to be resisted. But this cannot happen without your help. To help us develop a pro-life opposition to stand up to the pro-abortion establishment, please give what you can today.

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    please read the message by archbishop carlo maria will prevail.