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Resurrecting Quebec

Blessed Easter Greetings!

Lent is almost over, Easter is upon us. This is the time of the year when we celebrate the central event in human history, the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

But is it not hard to celebrate knowing the current state of affairs in Quebec? More than 30,000 abortions a year, hundreds, if not thousands, of euthanasia victims, broken families, children bereft of clear guidance exposed to twisted curricula such as the Ethics and Religious Culture course or the new “sex education” course which will be implemented this fall…

And what about the Faith in Quebec? This land formerly populated by believers and sanctified by the sacrifices of its saints is today like a devastated vineyard. The percentage of those regularly attending Sunday mass has dropped to below 5%.

So is Easter but a secret kept in the depths of our heart, giving us hope that at the end of our earthly life, we will see the Promised Land?

No, I believe that Easter is more than that, that God wishes to be even more generous with us.

I believe that together as a movement we are called to do something beautiful in the name of God. I think he wants us to act on his behalf, to resurrect Quebec.

God knows that our movement, Quebec Life Coalition, is humble in size. In fact he likes that way. He wants us to be “pathetic” in the eyes of the world, so that his work through us will be all the more miraculous. He expects us to be completely docile in his hands, ready to do His will in all things.

He expects us to focus on Him alone, depending on Him alone, so as to operate a sign that “will scatter the proud of heart” and “cast down the mighty from their thrones” (Luke 1: 51).

God abhors abortion, this murder of unborn children. He hates this neutral and faithless school system that undermines the souls of students and deprives them of clear guidance. He hates euthanasia, that is, suicide encouraged by the state. And he is sad to see a people wither due to a lack of faith.

Yet he’s waiting for us—he’s waiting for our movement! He wants us to do what we can, in all humility and realism.

  • He wants to see us alone in the wind and rain during the 40 days for life, our twice-yearly prayer vigils near abortion facilities.
  • He wants us to give Christian and pro-life apologetics courses to a handful of people at a time.
  • He wants us to publish news updates on our Web site ( regularly reaching nearly 30,000 internet users a month, albeit only a tiny fraction of what the mainstream media are reaching.
  • He wants us to march in Ottawa against abortion under the sometimes hostile gaze of downtown workers and the contemptuous mass media.
  • Finally, he wants us to care for needy pregnant women who seek our help, either through our toll-free phone line or via our pregnancy care centre.

God is waiting for us! He wants to make Easter not only a feast of his Resurrection, but also a feast of the resurrection of a people that many think is decimated, depressed, moribund and without a future.

Is not our movement called “Quebec Life?” Do we not want Quebec to be reborn, to have life, both material and spiritual, in abundance?

Not for one moment do I doubt that God loves the people of Quebec. Yet, he awaits the humble and complete submission of our movement to his project. Remember the parable of the mustard seed?

As we approach Easter, I thank you for your generosity towards our movement. Pray that the Quebec Life Coalition will always align itself with the divine will, so that faith, family and life will flourish in Quebec.


Georges Buscemi, 



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