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Quebec's National Assembly votes unanimously to support drag queens

Martine Biron, Minister of International Relations and Francophonie and Minister responsible for the Status of Women.

Blog by Augustin Hamilton (Quebec Life Coalition) - Photo: La Presse

To what do we owe this unanimous motion recently voted in the Salon Bleu in defense of the so-called "drag queens"? This message full of emotion (but little reason...), launched at the initiative of Québec solidaire, proclaims: "the National Assembly stresses that drag queens should not, under any circumstances, face violent insults, intolerance and hatred for their participation in the reading of children's stories".

What appalling threats were the poor drag queens subjected to? According to La Presse, which reported the facts (or at least part of them...), a demonstration took place in front of the building where a reading by a "drag queen" known as Barbada was to be held for children, leading the City of Saint-Catherine in Montérégie to move the event. A sign held up by one of the protesters read: "drag queens do not belong in our schools" and "they belong in 18+ places".

It takes a little (or even a lot...) of imagination, with a good pinch of emotion (in the right direction, if you can), to see hatred for "Barbada" — if that's the worst "intolerance", "violent insult" or "hatred" the man has faced.

On the other hand, it is certainly intolerable that a man disguised as a caricature of a woman comes to read dubious stories to children with the aim of deconstructing the "social norm" in them. It is already strange, to say the least, that an individual wants to perform in an immoderate assortment, it is certainly not healthy that he transmits this fad to the younger generations.

Nevertheless, concurrently with the parliamentary unanimity, Éric Duhaime, leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (but not deputy), has launched a petition that goes somewhat against the performances of "drag queens" among children.

In passing, the article in La Presse points out that "Quebec differs from Tennessee's policies in its relationship with drag queens" because that state now bans their display in places where minors may be present. Ugly, isn't it?

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  • published this page in News 2023-04-19 13:28:04 -0400