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Quebec Life Coalition Conference -- May 15, 2011

The Quebec Life Coalition is pleased to announce its annual congress in Quebec City (at the Château Laurier) on Sunday, May 15, The International Day of the Family.

This year's theme is "Defending and Promoting the Family as The Sanctuary of Life:  A Paramount Issue for Quebec". The goal is to affirm the family as the source of life, the focus of a civil society, and the giver of freedom.  These contrast, respectively, with current societal trends of increased abortions and contraception, radical individualism, and greater governmental involvement.

In addition to the afternoon conferences, the congress includes an evening banquet to benefit the Marche chrétienne - The Christian March, also set for Quebec City, in early June - i.e., Saturday, June 4, 2011.

This year's congress format contains two simultaneous workshops with the first beginning at 1:15 PM (ending at 2:15 PM) and the second running from 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM.  The afternoon ends with a third workshop (from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM.




Cost :

Conferences and Benefit Dinner: 60$

Conferences only : 25$ -- 15$ for students 25 and under

Benefit Dinner only : 50$

A babysitting service will be provided from 1pm until 9:30pm

Tickets may be purchased either by phone - (514) 344-2686

or by ordered by email- [email protected]

Facebook page for the event >>

Confirmed Speakers (others are pending):

John-Henry Westen

Editor-in-Chief of LifeSiteNews, a non-profit internet service dedicated to issues of culture, life and family, John-Henry is recognized as an eminent figure of the pro-life movement, whose website is relied upon by numerous organizations and publications, educators, professionals and political, religious and life and family organization leaders and grassroots people from across North America and internationally.

Here in Quebec, his organization, along with the Quebec Life Coalition, is currently being sued by Father Raymond Gravel for defamation, for among other reasons having allegedly brought an end to his political career.  LifeSiteNews has also revealed potentially embarassing information concerning Development and Peace; according to LifeSite, the latter has financed and continues to finance abortion providers in developing nations.


Richard Décarie 

Richard Décarie has worked in the social movements for over twenty years, in both public and non-profit sectors.  His latest involvement concerns the restructuring of the food bank network in Quebec.  Five years ago, he co-founded the political action movement Action Conservatrice Traditionnelle (ACT).






Brigitte Bédard

Brigitte Bedard, married and mother mother of six, is an independent journalist and has until recently contributed regularly to the periodical Nouvel informateur catholique.  Her conversion to the Catholic faith in 2000 contrasts starkly with her hitherto feminist and atheistic stance.

More on Brigitte's conversion story >>





Solange Lefebvre-Pageau

Ms. Solange-Pageau is a mother and grand-mother, and directs the Center for Research and Education in Family Life (C.R.É.V.F.) In both Quebec and the African continent, she gives conferences, chairs workshops, and writes on topics of love, sexuality and the family.





Gilles Noël

Gilles Noël, a physics teacher in a Montreal CEGEP as well as other ones around the province, has in 2000 founded the faith based political party Parti démocratie chrétienne du Québec (PDCQ) which brings together numerous Christian interests.





Georges Buscemi

Georges Buscemi, President of the Quebec Life Coalition, is at the forefront of the pro-Life movement in Quebec for the past three years.  He has coordinated several 40 Days for Life prayer vigils, hosted international speakers, and participated in pan-canadian pro-life activities.






Anne-Marie Genest 

Anne-Marie Genest, 27, a native of Drummondville, is a student of intercultural anthropology and theology. Her interests touch upon the transmission of values, particularly religious and familial.

Her interests has spurred her on to become a candidate for the Christian Heritage Party.







Réal Gaudreault 

Mr. Gaudreault, married and father of two boys, is an evangelical pastor for the past twenty years.  He promotes conservative Christian values in both social and political settings.  Along with Mr. Decarie, he co-founded the ACT (Action conservatrice traditionnelle).




Schedule (subject to change) 

Afternoon Conferences (note: only one conference per series will be simultaneously translated into English)

First series (13h15 - 14h15) -- select one

Solange Lefebvre-Pageau (Salle Abraham-Martin): "Le lien entre la contraception et l'avortement : une question de mentalité". 

Gilles Noël avec Georges Buscemi (Salle Colline): "De l'avortement tardif au Québec à l'euthanasie précoce aux Pays-Bas : les fruits de 40 ans de politique anti-famille" (Fron Late-term abortion in Quebec to Early euthanasia in the Netherlands: the bitter fruit of 40 years of anti-family policies in the West.)--Simultaneous translation in English

Brigitte Bédard (Salle du Manège): "Vers un féminisme pro-famille : la mère et son enfant v. l'État et son client". 

Second series (14h45 - 15h45) -- select one

À confirmer (Salle Abraham-Martin)

Gilles Noël (Salle Colline): "Après l'effondrement de la famille, l'effondrement de la liberté : la DPJ au Québec".

Richard Décarie (Salle du Manège): "Si la famille est protégée, la liberté est assurée".--Simultaneous translation in English 

Special Workshop -- (16h00 - 17h00)

Spotlight on Development and Peace

John-Henry Westen and Georges Buscemi (Salle Abraham-Martin):  – Development & Peace is Supporting Agencies Promoting Abortion in Developing Nations : Evidence and Proposed Remedies. (In English and French with simultaneous translation)

Plenary Session -- Comment proposer et défendre la famille « sanctuaire » comme cellule de toute société viable (Proposing and Defending the Family Unit as Central to a Viable Society) (17h00 - 17h45)

Richard Décarie, Brigitte Bédard, Solange Lefebvre-Pageau, Gilles Noël

Moderator : Georges Buscemi

(French with simultaneous translation)

Benefit Banquet in support of the "Christian March" (Salle Abraham Martin)


19h00 -- Réal Gaudreault : A Christian March -- To get Quebec Christians to Walk the Walk ! (In French with simultaneous translation into English)


19h30 -- Anne-Marie Genest : A Christian in Politics -- Accomplishing one's Duty, For the Glory of God (In French with simultaneous translation into English)

20h00 -- John-Henry Westen : How a News Website Can Equip Christians to Teach the Full Gospel both Inside and Outside the Church:  The Case of Father Gravel and other Anecdotes (in Englsih with simultaneous translation)

21h00 -- End 

We would be extremely grateful if you forwarded the news about this conference to all your pro-life contacts.

Facebook page for the event >>

To purchase tickets, or for more information, don't hesitate to contact Quebec Life Coalition at (514) 344-2686 or [email protected]

Hope to see you in Quebec City on May 15 !

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