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Putting Faith First

What’s involved in starting a Women’s Pregnancy Centre?

Short answer: Faith

If this project develops, it must be blessed by Our Lord and we trust in His munificence. Fortunately, He seems to be blessing this work as seen in the actions of many.

Kitchenware5.JPGConsider the generosity of one Montérégie couple. At our August corn roast, they came with a gallon of paint. A few weeks later they delivered an unused still-in-the-box kitchen cupboard that their son no longer wanted. A week later the husband arrives with kitchenware, products the misses procured at a local thrift shop - a set of dishes and assorted pots and skillets. The photo shown here are these most recent gifts. Finally, they provide a financial gift to help defray the cost of curtaining our windows.

These are not isolated actions:

  • Salvatore, a practicing engineer, drops by to discuss about renovating the bathroom. As he leaves he asks whether we would have use for an upright freezer.
  • A Laval couple offers to fashion the curtains for the location.
  • Stella works tirelessly to complete the painting of the remainder of the three-bedroom residence.

Providing a safe place to women who are experiencing pressures to abort their child is one way we at the Quebec Life Coalition are working to end abortion, an activity we first begun some 26 years ago.

Another approach, begun three years ago, is our outreach over the internet. The Enceinte et Inquiète website provides information including referral service, via a toll-free help phone line (1-855-871-4442) to women experiencing distress over their own or somebody else’s pregnancy. For instance this second week of September, I received a call from a woman distraught on account of her daughter’s wish to end the life of her 20+ week old unborn child.

The caller explained that her daughter is enrolled in a demanding university program, leaving the house early each morning and returning late at night. Also, weekends are busy working full-time to pay her various expenses. As this academic program and its fulfilment represent her daughter's dream, the pregnancy is considered a hindrance.

There are also financial worries for both now and after birth.

The woman I spoke with is in turmoil as she cares deeply for the life of the child, particularly so after having seen a photo taken during the ultrasound. She told me that she had even offered her daughter to care for the child for the entire duration of her studies. The daughter is beginning the second year of her four year university program.

The term “coalition” in Quebec Life Coalition is an apt term as we need everybody’s participation to promote a culture of life. After this phone call, I contacted one of our many volunteers to ask whether she would call this mother in an effort to save the life of her grandchild. To my joy she would and a phone call later I learned that she procurred the young woman’s phone number. A further phone call permitted my peer to speak to the pregnant mother, thereby sharing about her own difficult abortion experience, something which she regrets to this day, something she wishes this young woman not know. As a result this young student is rethinking her wish for an abortion.

Working together, in many and varied ways, we can achieve our goal of ending abortion.

Thank you and let us thank God His continual help.

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition

P.S. Your financial support is important to maintaining the mission of the Quebec Life CoalitionDefending the human person from conception to a natural death. Consider enrolling in our Mustard Seed program – a monthly donation program. For as little as $5 per month, you will be making a big statement. For details, contact Mr. Mario Richard, (514) 344-2686, during regular business hours.


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