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Prostitution legalized in Ontario…is Quebec next?

Last week, a government-sponsored commission recommended that assisted-suicide be legalized in Quebec for certain groups of people. As if that were not enough bad news, yesterday, an article in the National Post informed us that prostitution has been legalized in Ontario. The article states: “the Court of Appeal for Ontario swept aside some of the country’s anti-prostitution laws saying they place unconstitutional restrictions on prostitutes’ ability to protect themselves.”

Specifically, this decision implies that within a year, the Canadian Criminal Code will be amended to allow the existence and operation of brothel houses for prostitutes.

“The landmark decision means sex workers will be able to hire drivers, bodyguards and support staff and work indoors in organized brothels.” Nonetheless, exploitation by pimps and soliciting customers on the streets remains illegal.

This decision truly shocks me. There is no logic in claiming that we can protect prostitutes by legalizing brothel houses. This will only increase the number of prostitutes, underage sex workers, pornographic pimps and sadomasochistic activities in our society. It is terrifying to see the twisted mentality that pervades our country today. Prostitution is illegal and dangerous for everyone involved - it is not a personal choice - it is the result of an aura of oppression, misogyny, mental disorder, and abuse of the body. Though I can understand how the legalisation of brothel houses deceitfully resembles a solution on the surface, it really opens the doors to so many further problems.

First off, what kind of an image do we give off to other nations if we legalize prostitution houses? We are saying “This is fine. We support prostitution. We even defend it in our laws.” Second, how can our children be protected from the risk of prostitution if their own nation makes it legal to work in a prostitution home? Clearly, legalizing prostitution means that more future children will be dragged into a lifestyle choice that is degrading and sinful. Third, the allowing of brothel houses will encourage prostitution simply because it will be deemed socially acceptable and it will be more readily available to any member of the public. Finally, it saddens me to say this but it is true: prostitutes, pimps, and customers need serious mental help to receive healing for their unhealthy, harmful lifestyles. Not only does the rate of sexually transmitted disease increase with the number of partners, but countless cases of physical abuse and mental agony result from the crime of prostitution too.

Let us not forget that even if prostitution becomes legalized in Quebec, it will remain forever a crime against God. Prostitution harms yourself and your neighbor. It does not respect the dignity of the human body with which we are created. It turns the body into a slave of sexual pleasure. We are in great need of renewal- please pray for the conversion of hearts.

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