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Parents' decision saves life of their child

I have some good news to share with you on two fronts. First, the Quebec Life Coalition has added a new staff person, a summer intern.

Genevieve de Vriendt, 16, a resident of the Quebec City area, joins our humble staff of six people.

In addition to clerical work, Ms. de Vriendt brings a bright light to our provincial capital long hidden in the shadows of the culture of death, particularly in the provincial legislature, where anti-life legislaltion and votes are typical.

Also, Ms. De Vriendt, a student intending to take a year-long sabbatical from her studies, will permit us through her to establish a foothold in the provincial capital area by staging different events there such as the life chain set for Sunday, October 5, 2021.

So, here is Ms. de Vriendt, pictured below, in her own words:

“Don't dare not to dare” said C.S. Lewis: The challenge of starting a Quebec Life Coalition branch in Quebec City seems colossal, but every little step taken to sanctify, help, and uplift the world - especially unborn children and their mothers - is a step of a noble and magnificent mission. Alone, we are incapable; together, we can end the lie, the error, the despair, the immorality, and above all, the infidelity to our God, to our King. In Quebec City, we are in a primitive state, but with your help, your support, your donations, and your prayers we can start building. Hopefully, one day we will be able to demonstrate, distribute flyers, recruit, gather supporters monthly, and spread the spirit of the Quebec Life Coalition to persons in Quebec City. Thank you!

Sherbrooke bound

In addition to Quebec City, the Quebec Life Coalition is also engaging in another large municipality.

The QLC’s twice-yearly prayer for the end of abortion is shifting its attention from the Montreal core to the city of Sherbrooke.

This eastern township community, a two-hour drive east of Montreal, has long been a venue of culture of life support.

Locals have over the years organized events on their own:

- Chartered buses to attend the yearly National March for Life in Ottawa.

- Held Lenten Vespers for Life evenings;

- Formed a team to host two Rachel’s Vineyard retreats. (Rachel’s Vineyard retreats are weekend long gatherings aimed at healing from the wounds of having participated in an abortion.)

Planning is underway to address the logistics of holding a 40-day vigil: 1 – promote prayer and fasting from September 22 to October 31, 2 - select the venue and form an outdoor public prayer presence near one of the community’s abortion facilities, and 3 - prepare a public outreach and education team.

Your prayers are needed for the success of each one of these three key areas.

Invoking God.

Both events, the hiring of an intern and the promoting of a prayer vigil in a new locale, are efforts, we pray, undergirded by God's will.

It is absolutely necessary to subordinate ourselves to His will… on a daily basis. Only thus can we bring about a culture of life.

May humility never be detached from our words and deeds.

We wish you all the same.

Yours in Christ Jesus

Brian Jenkins
Outreach Coordinator
Quebec Life Coalition

p.s. Your support of these and other initiatives helps build a culture of life in Quebec. If your financial position permits it, we would be grateful for your support; click here to make a donation. Thank you.

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