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Our Plan for 2012

Here at the Quebec Life Coalition - QLC, 2012 promises to be a busy year for all of us, full of events and activities promoting the cause of life in La Belle Province of Quebec.

Yes, that's right, for ALL of us, - those of us here in the office as well as those of you who support us through your time and prayers. Together we will be making our society, our cities a more humane place to live.

This goal will become more apparent as you read further about the series of events we are actively promoting. So sit back, remove your shoes and have a gander at what is in store and see how you can participate.


As disregard for the live of the unborn is the most in flagrant attack going-on in our society, our activities are biased in this respect.

For example, this month, we have begun to do direct intervention for the cause of the unborn. We have taken to the sidewalks outside a local abortion facility in an effort to stop the killing. Through our prayers and, whenever possible, peaceful intervention, we hope to offer a word of hope to and change the heart of the women who are thinking of aborting their infants.

This initiative is new with QLC, as we hope to build on the success that other communities have had in doing so.

As our familiar prayer site on St-Joseph Blvd. has a municipal ordinance preventing us from approaching any of the abortion facility's clients, we have relocated to one that does not have this interdiction.

More to follow.


A second activity, one also supportive of the weakest member of our society, will be our 40-day prayer vigils. As in 2011, the QLC is coordinating two public displays.

Of these, National campaign coordinator, David Bereit rightly calls these vigils successful as his figures attest:

  • 1633 individual campaigns have taken place in 422 cities across all 50 American states and 13 countries;
  • More than 500 000 people have joined together in an historic display of unity to pray and fast for an end to abortion;
  • More than 14 000 church congregations have participated in the 40 Days for Life campaigns;
  • More than 1800 news stories have been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio shows and TV programs;
  • Reports document 5045 lived spared from abortion – and those are jus the one we know about;
  • Thousands of women and men have been spared from the tragic effects of abortion, and many have stepped forward to begin post-abortion healing and recovery;
  • 61 abortion workers have quit their jobs and walked away from the abortion industry;
  • 19 abortion facilities have shut down following local 40 Days for Life campaigns outside their doors.

Here in Montreal, we are currently preparing for our seventh vigil. This will coincide, as in years past, with the Lenten period - beginning Ash Wednesday - February 22, and concluding Sunday, April 1. Our first planning is only a few weeks away.

A planning meeting is Wednesday, January 18. Check of website or call our office for more details.


These two examples dove tail well with an initiative begun in 2011 – The Help Line. This tool-free telephone number, suitable for both English and French-speaking Quebecers, provides confidential referral services to pregnant girls.  

Pregnant? Worried?

Call Toll Free:


By dialing one number, a woman undergoing a crisis in her pregnancy may receive valuable referral information. Questions about her health, governmental services, lodging, and other matters are answered by a caring, compassionate knowledgeable person.

Also, maybe the caller simply needs somebody to talk with or to be listened to. This too is available and is province-wide.

This QLC is the first pro-life francophone in all of North America providing this service.

MAY 2012

In May, our focus at the QLC turns to the annual National March for Life Ottawa, scheduled for Thursday, May 12.

Organizers began meeting as early as this past September to work out the details of the event. There are two components to it – one local and the other in Ottawa.

National March for Life Ottawa

On Thursday, we then all head off to Ottawa. As in years past, the QLC will charter a bus. Particulars for the departure remain to be determined. Safe to say, that we have pick-ups from two locations – downtown and Fairview Shopping centre.


May is also the month of our yearly congress. In years these have been daylong events set in Quebec City. Plenary sessions, guest speakers and closing banquet are typical features found.

Details will follow.


The first Saturday of June is the date for the second annual Walk with Christ. This ecumenical event attracted a thousand participants last year. QLC as last year are involved in the planning of this event. Last year we car pooled to the event; we will do likewise this year unless numbers warrant the need for chartering a bus.

The event is featured on Facebook as are updates. Search under "Marche Chrétienne".


Another one of our regular involvements is the annual Life Chain. The first Sunday of every year over 15 000 communities across North America gather in solidarity to pray for the unborn. For an hour or so, signs in hands, posted intermittently along busy thoroughfares, we prayerfully stand in vigil. 

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