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Ending the Ultimate Injustice

Dear Friends of Life,

A recent experience makes me think that the end of abortion in Quebec is at hand.

At my parish I am one of several volunteers who do the weekly readings at mass. This means that over an eight to ten week period, my turn comes up two to three times.

To my shame, I have failed on too many occasions to fulfill this duty, and often without giving prior notice. So, as my next turn approached, I was filled with dread, dread of the recriminations from my peers and particularly from the person who arranges this schedule.

In light of my poor track record, is it any wonder that as I prepared to leave my house and head to church, I was conjuring up excuses not to go?

With increasing dread, I approached the church and entered, images of the prodigal son returning to his home coming to mind.

My first encounters with parishioners were nothing other than welcoming smiles and greetings.

Going further, I spotted the scheduler; my dread spiked. To my amazement and reminiscent of the father of the prodigal son, she approached me and warmly greeted me.

I was humbled. My fears and personal imaginings were unrealistic. During mass, tears came and went as I relived the acceptance shown to me by those within my faith community.

The reason why I believe that this experience speaks volumes about the fate of the unborn children threatened by abortion and the many wounded by this ultimate injustice is because of the readiness and universality of God’s mercy. Our churches are schools for teaching about this mercy and such on a worldwide basis to boot.


A friend recently told me that in addition to the over 25 000 surgical abortions performed yearly in our province, she believes that there is an equal number, if not more, of chemical abortions performed. Chemical abortions are those done on a fertilized ovum via the morning-after pill (aka Plan B), the contraceptive pill, by preventing the young embryo from nesting in the uterine wall, etc.

This number is gigantic and nothing less than humility particularly on behalf of all those working to end this grave injustice is needed.

God working within us in the measure with which we humble ourselves before our Father will produce the fruit of mercy. Miracles will occur. Lives will be saved on Earth and souls for Heaven.

My faith community showed me that a source of mercy is readily at hand and this because I was willing to travel the path of humility.

Our part is to act with humility.

Thank you for your on-going prayers and financial support.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Brian Jenkins

Outreach Coordinator

p.s. Particular thanks to the growing number of persons registering in our monthly giving program. By enrolling in Operation Mustard Seed, we at the Quebec Life Coalition receive a steady and assured source of income, funding the various projects you have become familiar with – our web site, participation in the National March for Life, our Encente et Inquiète Crisis Pregnancy phone line, the 40 Days for Life prayer vigils for the end of abortion, and more. For details call (514) 344-2686.


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